Uses of Learning and Development Assessment Tools in Organisations

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It’s no secret that having motivated employees provides many benefits to a business. However, motivating employees and keeping them motivated can be a complicated process. Generally, employers will do their best to build a framework that encourages positivity across the business. One aspect where employers should focus on is employee learning and development programs. If employees feel as if they are experiencing professional development, then they are more likely to be motivated. But how do businesses plan, schedule and manage professional development? Many businesses opt to use learning and development assessment tools to support their program.

They should use the following steps to implement programs to the candidates.

Identifying The Needs Of The Users

Firstly examine the skills gaps of the candidates in the organisation, so that they can program a training course that effectively develops the lacking skills.

They should ask three questions and find solutions to these answers.

1.  Why is the training being provided?

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team members?

3. What are the different learning styles of the employees?

Asking these three questions and applying the answers will add a lot of value to the program. Getting the preparation stage correct will save lots of time and provide a much better training experience overall.

Guage employee proficiency

Identifying the proficiency level of the employees enables an organisation to deliver tailored learning material at the level of the group or the individual. There is no point in delivering material that is beyond the skill of a team member. If the material is not targetted at proficiency levels then the skills gaps will not be closed.

Evaluating the effectiveness of training

Effective training requires a constant assessment of the training being conducted. Assessing how the group as a whole is finding the experience, as well as how each individuals’ experience. If the training is not being critically assessed then it’s easy for there results to be undesirable.

To help mitigate against this the evaluation can be broken down into four stages:


What is the initial reaction of the trainees with regards to the instructor, content and presentation?  Capturing this information immediately after a session provided a unique evaluation perspective.


Conducting pre and post-training assessments of the trainees’ subject knowledge enable the organisation to understand the effectiveness of the program. Conducting the post-training assessment 3 months after it is delivered will demonstrate how much of the information was retained over time.


Assessing the trainee’s behaviour changes over time provides another window of opportunity to assess the success of the training. The best way to capture this information is to ask the colleagues of each individual.


The final step is conducting a thorough review of the improvements in employee competency and how this relates to achieving the objectives of the organisation.

360 Degree Assessment

Using the Mettle 360 View

This tool is used for providing appraisal to the candidate based upon his performance in the job. The 360-degree tool is user friendly and it also removes the operational hassles. It contains different features such as dashboards, and reports to provide actionable information. They provide comprehensive feedback reports and can also generate group reports. Thankfully, the learning and development assessment tools is built to respond to screen sizes, which provides a much better user experience.

Harrison’s Engagement Survey

Harrison Assessments are online profiling tools that are used for recruitment purposes and also for career and team development. Harrison’s Engagement Survey, for example, identifies employee expectations, and engagement supporting behaviors. Due to this, you can collect data, and based on leading indicators of employee expectations, plan strategies that will motivate employees at the individual, group, and organization levels.

Customised Surveys

The customisable survey contains competency reports which detail the ability level of trainees. They contain multiple different question types which are derived from an exhaustive library. There is a personalised dashboard the allows the user to display the information that is useful to them. The personalised dashboard is used to record the feedback of the employees along with the tasks that they have completed and the status of the current task. They can even give feedback to the employees through the mobile device.

The auto-save responsive features are meant for the participants to provide feedback to the employees. The learning and development assessment tools measure the effectiveness of training based upon four levels.

They first view the reaction of the employees during the training session. They access the way the candidate reacted to the training. So, they communicate with the trainer or instructor immediately after the training program and ask for feedback.


So, effiCENTRE is a tool that evaluates the behaviour of the candidate and it employs multiple tools with Mettl’s ACDC. So, it helps in meeting the organizational needs. The ACDC tool tests the personality of the candidate through group discussion, case study, role-play and interview. The Blended tools measure cognitive ability, situational adjustment ability, and using some case study stimulators. The VAC measures the candidate’s personality by using online tools such as personality profile, cognitive testability, inbox prioritization, etc.

The learning agility is used to create an agile workforce and increase the productivity of the organization. They can explore the learning agility of the candidate and to hire a steady workforce. They can build effective Land D programs to boost the ROI and identify the learning methods of the candidates. Every candidate has a different method of learning. They can also identify the potential of the candidate and their ability to undertake risks.


So there you have it. A quick guide to help you deliver effective training to meet the goals of your organisation. In order to achieve your goals, the training you deliver must be assessed and constantly evaluated.


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