UVMask UV-C Face Mask


The UVMask’s O-Shape Over-Head Silicone Straps make wearing the mask exceptionally comfortable even for those long 16-hours days. This makes it perfect for people who are required to have a mask on for extended periods of time, such as nurses and teachers.


While surgical cloth and N95 masks are effective enough in their own right, they’re still unable to defend you against smaller pathogens and tend to warm up your face and make it difficult to talk through. The UVMask is the first face mask to utilize bleeding-edge active UV-C light technology that’s completely safe and eliminates any pathogens that come your way. 

It doesn’t stop there, either. The UVMask sports an airtight fit thanks to its skin-friendly inner silicone mask and it boasts positive airflow on account of the built-in mechanical fans and side vents that’ll keep your face cool even in tropical places. You won’t need to worry about running out of charge since the UVMask works for up to 8 continuous hours on a full battery and you can charge it while you’re using it at your desk in the office.


Measured from the top of the arch of the nose to the chin.

  • Type S: 12 cm/4.72 inches or less
  • Type X: more than 12 cm /4.72 inches


  • Airtight seal
  • PM 0.3-Micron particle filtration efficacy
  • Pathogen inactivation
  • Comfortable and easy to breathe
  • Convection fan & positive pressure
  • Doesn’t fog up glasses
  • 100% safe and ozone free
  • 8-hour battery life with 90-minute charge time through fast chargers
  • IP54 water-resistant and workout-proof
  • Talk normally and sound natural


  • Premium velcro straps
  • Front shells
  • Hard case


1x UVMask + 1x UVMask Lite

$149 USD (57% OFF)

Indiegogo Special: 1x UVMask

$119 USD (52% OFF)

Couple’s Pack: 2x UVMask

$219 USD (56% OFF)

Small Family: 3x UVMask

$299 USD (59% OFF)

Large Family: 4x UVMask

$379 USD (61% OFF)

Friends and Family: 6x UVMask

$549 USD (63% OFF)

Office Pack: 10x UVMask

$890 USD (64% OFF)

Large Office: 20x UVMask

$1,780 USD (64% OFF)



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