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Valheim In Early Access Dominates The Steam Charts This Month

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The world of indie games is thriving once again as game developer Iron Gate AB together with publisher Coffee Stain put Valheim out in Steam Early Access this month. About a week has passed in its February 2 release date and it has been receiving a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In terms of how dedicated they are to give the gamers the full experience, they’ve already laid out the roadmap upon its debut so fans are very much hyped on what to expect from this game moving forward.

It’s too early to say if this game can be one of those underrated indie games like Hades, but 2021 still has a long way. Here’s a quick overview on why you should consider supporting the devs.

Live Your Dream As A Viking

A quick first impression of playing this game gets you in the pressures of surviving the random generated worlds of Valheim. An RPG, roguelike, survival, action and adventure rolled into one, this game has so much potential. 

Heavily inspired by Norse mythology, start off your adventure as a lonely viking or team up with your friends of up to 10 players on your own multiplayer server and try to please the gods by fighting the strongest creatures that you will face. Or try to survive as long as you can in your world where you can hunt animals and gather resources to create your own village.

A Game That Only Takes Up Less Than 1GB With AAA Content

There are a lot of elements in this game that are inspired by Terraria, Minecraft, and even Runescape if you played it in the early 90’s to 2000’s era. This game can even cater to machines running a minimum of an NVIDIA GTX 500 series graphics card and 4GB RAM.

What’s even more impressive about this game is that the first release only takes up less than 1GB in your hard drive and yet it’s giving you AAA worth of content for its $20 price tag. If this game interests you, feel free to pick it up over at Steam.


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