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Valheim Hits Over 3 Million Sales And Gets New Mods

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Iron Gate Studio has shaken the landscape of the survival game genre with Valheim getting record sales plus the fact that the game’s nearly hitting the 500,000 mark of concurrent players on the Steam Charts as of this writing.

Nexus mods also released its first mod called Valheim Plus that lets you adjust some settings in the game which also includes advanced building options. We’ll take a quick look at this mod plus other mods that the community has created to enhance our gaming experience.

Valheim Plus Caters To Advanced Building and Editing

We’ve seen the community contribute a lot of mods which include mostly quality of life improvements but Valheim Plus currently stands out from the rest.

This mod lets you tweak a lot of settings like stamina and food regeneration, carry weight, item weight reduction as well as modifying maximum item stack size to name a few. You can also tweak the number of maximum players on a server overriding the 10 player limit.

But the main selling point of this mod is it’s advanced building features where you can modify the item position and rotation with the assigned hotkeys. If you want to save time in creating your dream Viking longhouse, this mod will make building easier for you.

Other Valheim Mods Worth Getting

Probably one of the frustrations that you can have while playing this survival game is the itch to keep your things organized so a lot of mods were also created to address these issues. Here are some that we spotted that we think can help you improve your quality of life.

  • Craft and Build From Containers: This is very useful if you have a lot of gathered raw materials stored in your chests.

This mod erases the need for you to take out the items from your chests and just build directly from your workbench. Just make sure that the chests are close to your workbench and craft away.

  • Quick Stack: If you’re that kind of player who loves to efficiently organize, this hotkey add-on looks more powerful than you think. Currently, the game has a “Take All” button where you can get whatever’s inside a chest and put it in your inventory.

This mod basically lets you have some sort of “Store Stacks” shortcut in game with a push of a button. You can also Alt+Click on some items in your inventory to exclude from the automatic stacking giving you more control over your inventory.

If you’re looking for more mods to further improve your gaming experience with Valheim, you can take a look at this list. Or if you respect the game at its current state, you can wait for the devs to officially release their patches for the next couple of days.


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