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Valve VR Headset Could be In the Works as Found in Patent

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Article Summary
  • Valve could be releasing a VR headset as revealed by patent.
  • Patent filed describes a “Head Mounted Display.”
  • Patent filing should still be taken with caution regarding whether Valve will really develop a new VR headset.

As more and more companies are gearing towards the metaverse by focusing their efforts on VR and AR tech, it seems like Valve deosn’t intend to fall behind. Patents reveal that Valve could be planning on its very own VR headset.

Although there are already some major players within the VR headset field, this doesn’t really mean that the space is full. In fact, more and more companies are still developing their own wearables especially for the metaverse.

The metaverse might still be a long way from reality but companies are already investing quite a lot of resources and effort into becoming a part of it. Even companies like Apple, which hasn’t spoken much about the metaverse, is filing patents for tech that could be used with its upcoming Apple AR devices.

Valve Patents Point Towards Potential VR Headset

Valve just submitted a patent in the US revealing blueprints of what looks like a virtual reality headset. The headset is reportedly similar to the Quest 2 and the Meta Quest, which are two of the biggest players in the VR headset field.

The patent was submitted back in December of last year and took until June 16 fo this year until it was published. The 53-page document even includes an abstract that describes the physical product as well as images of the components of the headset.

Although the product did not have an official name, it was referred to as a “Head Mounted Display.” The abstract gave many descriptions as to how the headset will look lke along with a few of its functions.

Patents are a good way to look for potentially useful upcoming products but they aren’t always 100% accurate. Some companies, like Apple, file for patents all the time but rarely end up using all of the patents filed.

Patent Filing Still Not a 100% Guarantee for the New Product

Although Valve filed a patent, it remains to be seen whether the company will really be using the patent and develop its own VR headset. Although it already had a headset in the past, Valve could be looking for a new addition that is not just more reliable but also more advanced.

This isn’t the first time Valve has entered the VR space. Back in 2019, the company released the Index, which is its most recent VR device.

Although the Valve Index looked interesting, it wasn’t able to gain as much commercial success as its competitors. Although VR might be fun to have, a lot of users complain about the lack of content for the VR technology.

As of press time, there remains limited games that are exclusive to VR and only a handful of applications that can be used on the headset. Aside from hardware, more companies are trying to develop the right software for VR and AR moving forward.


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