Vehicle Tech & Gadgets That Help Keep You Safe On The Road

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Driving is one of the coolest experiences of life, but it also comes with its share of danger.  There are thousands of traffic accidents every year, and it’s important that you have the latest and greatest technology to keep you safe.  

You need the peace of mind, knowing that you and your passengers are in the safest position possible should you experience a car accident.  Take a few moments now to check out some of the coolest technology and fancy gadgets aimed towards enhancing your safety while on the road.  

Autonomous driving enhancements 

The autonomous features on the latest automobile releases are something out of a 1980’s sci-fi flick.  New vehicles can come equipped with features like autonomous cruise control, lane keep functions, autonomous parking, and more.  

When your vehicle is smart enough to handle so many different aspects of driving all on its own, the safety of removing human error from the equation is present.  When you purchase that fancy new sports car you’ve always wanted, make sure it has all the best safety features to go along with the ride.  

Teen driving safety settings 

Teaching your teenager to drive is a scary situation.  Allowing them to take the car without you being present is terrifying.  The good news is that technology has your back on this one.  

Today’s vehicles are often equipped with the option for teen driving safety settings that will make it much easier for your teen to follow the rules and pay attention while behind the wheel.  

Teen driving settings are capable of controlling the max speed of the vehicle, the volume of the stereo, and present a GPS location of where the vehicle is at all times.  

Tire pressure monitoring system/pump

Tires can be an annoying part of vehicle maintenance.  You can present a much safer, more well-equipped situation with the tools of today’s technology on hand.  

The Helteko Portable air compressor pump will help you maintain the desired pressure in your tires at all times without having to waste your quarters on an old rickety machine.  

Most of today’s newest vehicles are standardly equipped with an air pressure monitoring system.  Pay attention to what your vehicle is telling you, and you’ll have a more delightful time while out on the road.  

Electronic stability control 

Electronic stability control is a safety tech for your vehicle that works hard to keep your car from slipping and sliding all over the roads.  ECS helps you maintain control of your vehicle, even in the harshest of weather conditions.  Electronic stability control is extremely useful in helping to prevent rollovers and collisions on the roadways.  


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