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VFZ Curved Light Bar: For a Better Work Environment

The VFZ Curved Light Bar was built with both curved and flat screens in mind, offering the perfect lighting solution no matter your display type. It’s not just the trajectory of the lighting either, as this light bar also comes with different colour temperatures that can improve the experience of different activities
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VFZ Curved Light Bar Summary


The VFZ Curved Light Bar is one of the best monitor-based lighting solutions out there, catering to both curved and flat monitors and screens of different sizes. It’s precise, soft on the eyes, easy to use, and can draw power straight from your PC. Adding different colour temperatures was also a fantastic touch, giving you more lighting options that suit different activities.



  • Multiple colour temperatures is a great addition
  • Works with both curved and flat screens as well as a variety of thicknesses
  • Charging straight from your PC


  • A bit more expensive than other monitor light bars

Getting the lighting just right in your workspace can be a tall order, especially if you do most of your work at night. Switching on the room lights can be a bit much and using a desk lamp never really gives you the precise illumination you’re looking for. The VFZ Curved Light Bar aims to alleviate your workspace lighting woes with its unique design, ease of use, and optimal light source.

But monitor light bars aren’t exactly new technology and tons of products in the past have promised the perfect lighting solution for your work desk only to deliver disappointing results. In this VFZ Curved Light Bar review, we’re itching to find out if this really is the monitor light we’ve all been clamouring for.

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Wide Monitor Compatibility

Whether you’re rocking a curved or flat monitor, the VFZ is capable of adapting to your screen type to give your work desk the perfect illumination trajectory and brightness.

Innovative Base Design

The VFZ Curved Light Bar’s patented double shaft base design allows it to latch on to a wide range of monitor styles. As long as your monitor is between 5 and 50 mm thick, you’ll be able to slap on this nifty doohickey in just a few seconds. As a huge plus, the way the VFZ’s holder is designed ensures that your monitor webcam is never blocked in case it has one.

Precise Illumination

Since the VFZ’s light source is asymmetrical, it doesn’t shine directly on your eyes or your monitor. Instead, it specifically illuminates your workspace as intended, allowing you to do your work without getting distracted.

Adjustable Colour Temperatures

This light bar can be adjusted to three different colour temperatures depending on your preference. The “Warm Light” setting is 2700k and perfect for watching movies and tv shows. The “Day Light” colour temperature sits at 4000k and serves as a general setting that works well with most environments. Finally, there’s the “White Light” setting at 5000k that’s more geared towards studying or work.

One-Touch Brightness Adjustment

Through the light bar’s touch button, you can adjust the device’s light intensity with a single touch, long-pressing till you get the perfect degree of brightness that you’re looking for. Once you feel like you’ve reached the right brightness level, just let go of the button to hold it at that intensity.

USB Charging

You won’t have to find an extra outlet slot just to juice up your light bar, since the VFZ charges via a USB Type-C cable that you can stick right into your computer.

VFZ Curved Light Bar


Dimensions 380 x 120 x 83 mm
Weight 362 g ± 5 g
Number of Lamp Beads 80
Light Emitting hod Reflective
Voltage 5V
Power 4.5W
Material AL + ABS
Colour Rendering Index Ra95
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As its name suggests, the VFZ Curved Light Bar has a bent shape when it comes to the light source, allowing it to properly accommodate both flat and curved monitors. Its holder unfurls into a sort of “<” shape with stoppers on the front which lets it latch onto the top edge of your monitor.

The way the holder swings open means that it can fit virtually any kind of monitor as long as it’s between 5 and 50mm thick. The VFZ sports a gunmetal-esque finish that’s easy on the eyes and its overall design is sleek and low-profile enough to fit nicely with the majority of monitors.

How does it work?

The VFZ Curved Light Bar is simple enough to use. You start off by unfolding the base of the device and placing it on top of your monitor so that the hind legs are firmly touching the back of the screen. If the light bar is out of charge, make sure you connect it to your computer via a USB-C cable.

You’ll find two buttons along the top of the VFZ, the right one will cycle through its three different colour temperature modes, while long-pressing the left button will increase or decrease the light’s brightness until you release it. Nice and easy, just like how light bars should be.

VFX Light


Whether you’re having a hard time finding a good light bar for your curved display or are just in the market for a good monitor-based lighting solution for your workspace, the VFZ Curved Light Bar is the guy for the job. Not only does it fit pretty much any monitor on the market, but its distinct lighting style ensures that it illuminates exactly what you need it to, instead of causing unwanted glare on your screen or shining light in your eyes.

Its different colour temperature modes make it ideal for more than just work and its one-touch brightness adjustment lets you get the perfect brightness in seconds. It’s a bit pricier than other monitor light bars on the market, but the VFZ Curved Light Bar is well worth the added coin.

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