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Virtual KnockOut: A Shadow Boxing Game To Keep You Fit

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It is now possible to train your boxing skills without a trainer with the Virtual KnockOut app. This Kickstarter also features Bluetooth wrist sensors to track your hand movements seamlessly.

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If you’re looking for an affordable option to the popular Ring Fit Adventure which requires a Nintendo Switch to make it playable and might cost you almost $400, this might be worth picking up.

Train and Play In Your Phone Or TV

You can play Virtual KnockOut on your TV with the included universal high-speed HDMI cable and wrist sensors or straight to your phone if you’re practicing your finger reflexes.

Right now, those who will back the project will receive the app via a QR code once they receive the sensors as per their reply to a user in a Facebook post. But they will also deploy this app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store soon.

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Virtual KnockOut Gameplay Mechanics

The game gives you the option to select any of the three difficulties: Beginner, Amateur, and Advanced. Your reflexes are greatly tested with this simple as they to hit the targets given by your game’s virtual trainer, there are visual cues for you to dodge other targets.

The goal of Virtual KnockOut is to score as many points as you can at a specific time limit and there is also a scoring system in place:

  • Hitting the center of the target will give you maximum points
  • Mistiming punches will give you fewer points
  • Lose points if you forget to duck

There is also a global leaderboard built in the app to show off your high scores and unleash your competitiveness to become a better boxer and inspire you in your fitness journey.

The included 9-axis sensors also weigh less than a pound and you can safely wrap around your wrists over your boxing gloves. It can also run on standard batteries that can give you over 100 hours of playtime.

As of this writing, they have secured more than 50% of their target funding of $25,000 and the project team just announced that they are waiving subscription fees for all Kickstarter backers. They will also reassess if they will retain the free app scheme after the campaign ends once more users jump on board.

Get your boxing Bluetooth motion controllers plus a lifetime membership for Virtual KnockOut over at Kickstarter at an early bird special price of only $149 and fight your way to greatness.


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