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WearMe: A 4-in-1 Fitness Companion That Fits In Your Pocket

Tracking your fitness the smartest way possible. 🎽🏃‍♂️
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An EKG monitor, fitness tracker, IR Thermometer, and Stethoscope, the WearMe looks like a promising piece of tech from LASARRUS Clinic and Research.

With this Kickstarter project being funded in less than 24 hours, the team has released their stretch goals with the teleservice and Run Speed Racer game as the major milestones if the project gets over $400,000 worth of funding.

WearMe Gives More Features Over The Competition

No need to buy a lot of fitness gadgets to satisfy your goals as we’ll be taking a deeper look at what’s in store in this revolutionary personal health and wellness tracker.

The WearMe sensor can check your vitals, listen to your heart and lungs, track your temperature and also monitor your posture. They even have a customized shirt for you to use during your intense workout sessions.

While popular fitness trackers such as the Fitbit give you activity and temperature tracking as well as heart monitoring, WearMe also does this but adds lung monitoring plus breathing assessment to check if you’re ready to do a workout.

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The WearMe App Gives Your Body A Full Analysis

Being the first-ever multi-modal sensing solution, this fitness gadget can easily be placed in your pocket. The companion app also gives you a lot of features including your own 3D avatar.

The WearMe sensor can track your body posture and temperature as well as monitoring your vitals while giving you awareness if you’re exercising with the correct form through the avatar.

It also has its own encrypted wireless body mesh network, so you won’t be needing a Wi-Fi connection.

The app has been designed to keep fitness buffs engaged and motivated in their workouts. Aside from viewing your body mesh data and tracking your exercises, you can even connect with your personal trainer, physician, or physical therapist.

Currently, the WearMe sensor is at a Super Early Bird price of only $119 while the Sensor and Shirt combo is priced at $199 and expect these fitness gadgets to be shipped this coming September 2021 on Kickstarter.



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