What Do Successful Candidates Say About Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 Exam?

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When you are looking for the study materials to use during your preparation, you may want to search for the opinions of other candidates on the test you need to take. Thus, if you want to nail the Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 exam, you may want to know its key details, some tips, and information that you can get only after clearing this qualifying test. So, let’s look at what the individuals who passed this certification exam with flying colors have to say about it after dealing with all the needed procedures.

Is it difficult?

In general, it all depends on the level of preparedness of a particular individual. Every candidate who gets the passing score gives his or her opinion on the difficulty of the test. Some say that it is the same as any other Microsoft associate-level exam, while others think that it is difficult enough not to clear it without proper preparation. Therefore, it is important to prepare wisely and spend enough time studying in order to increase your chances of passing.

How to prepare?

Preparation is one of the vital phases of the whole certification process that you need to follow. That is why every potential candidate for this exam searches for the best training materials. Some of them ask for their peers to help find these resources or look for some recommendations on the forums. All in all, it is recommended to use the tools that you are sure in. This means that you can go for the options provided by the official website or opt for the materials presented on the third-party sources you know. The successful applicants are also recommended to use several training options to gain success in mastering the exam topics and gaining all the necessary skills.

Which materials to use?

All in all, there is a wide range of prep options that you can find: from training courses and study guides to exam dumps and practice tests. If you like to learn new skills with the help of a teacher, you can go for the courses, which are available online or in a classroom at one of the training centers. If you prefer reading books alone over learning in a group, you can find the official study guide and master the topics with its help. Each candidate follows his/her own learning style and goes for different resources. Therefore, you can look for some tools on the Microsoft website, third-party training platforms, and forums and choose the best option for you.


Completing the certification test with a high result and getting the pass mark is what every potential candidate wants when he or she prepares for the exam and take it. No one wants to prepare for several months for nothing and don’t obtain the certificate at the end of their hard work. Therefore, it is understandable that the individuals may search for any information that can help them during their endeavor. So, visit the official website, look for the details on other platforms if you need, and gather all the information you need to ultimately succeed.


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