What Essentials Are Required To Set Up A New Office?

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Nowadays, work from home is encouraged but it does not mean that the significance of offices has reduced. So if you are willing to open an office, it would be best to have the essentials. The equipment, furniture and accessories bought for office use will then become part of the company’s assets’

It would be best to prioritise a list of office equipment/accessories, along with considering the quality standards and durability of each item. This article will provide you with the information needed to ensure you have all your office essentials.

Computer Hardware, Software & Accessories

For starters, every employee in the office needs their own computer to work from. Whether this is a laptop or desktop is up to you. For more mobile employees, a laptop makes sense, whereas a desktop makes sense for solely office workers. Another factor to consider is that desktop computers are more cost-efficient, leaving you more room in the budget to get a higher quality monitor with a large screen. This also means other accessories such as ergonomic mouses or wrist rests can be considered, along with higher quality keyboards to reduce the strain from typing.

A printer is the most common but important item for your office, so it would be wise to buy one of the best brands, such as Lanier office printers. Essentials of an office also include scanners and subscriptions to Microsoft Office, as their products are universal.

Furniture & Equipment

This is an important element you should consider when setting up a new office. Ergonomic chairs and desks are all the rage now, ensuring that your employees can work comfortably and thus longer. The added benefit for employees is less back and neck pain, boosting morale. You must make sure that the table is spacious enough to adjust the monitor, keyboard, mouse and personal items to each employee’s preference.

An important area to consider aesthetically, is the set up of your client meeting room. This room will act as a representation of your brand, so choose wisely. In a meeting room, having TV’s and interactive whiteboards can also help to make the room functional for presentations.

General Office Supplies

There are multiple items that would be needed in the office on a daily basis. It is recommended to arrange stock for more than a month in order to avoid a shortage.

Make sure that you have enough stock of stationery. It is a hassle if minor stationery items are not available in the office. Depending on your industry, stationery items may include pens, scissors, pencils, highlighters, paperclips, notepads and post-it notes.

In order to avoid any inconveniences when printing it would be best to buy printing paper and cartridges in bulk.

Entertainment & Amenities

Employees are not machines and they need activities for refreshment. In order to improve office life for your employees, bring in some entertaining and refreshing items. Common desirable items include game consoles, TV, microwave, toaster, coffee-maker, and a chill out area with comfortable furniture, such as a sofa.


Along with essentials needed in an office, you must also invest in the interior of the office by adding lively greenery, maximising lightning, invigorating scents and motivational messages. If your office is for temporary use, then you should not consider everything mentioned above.


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