What Is a Solar Water Heater?

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Innovations in solar energy open up a lot of possibilities for its usage. You can use sunlight to get electricity to power a building using solar panels.

This method allows you to save up on electric bill payments. It gives you a chance to get incentives or even go off-the-grid.

Did you know solar energy also works well with water heating systems? It’s where a solar water heater comes into the picture.

However, you might be wondering what a solar water heater is and how it works.

In this guide, we will explore this eco-friendly system. These details include how it behaves and how it makes your heating system more efficient. Read on and learn more.

What Is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater uses solar energy to heat the water. It’s a cost-effective method for your home. One of its primary selling points is the solar energy powering the system.

Instead of using other forms of fuel such as natural gas, it uses solar power. Solar water heaters often come in various configurations for the collector and circulation system.

How Does it Work?

Solar water heaters use solar light to heat up the water gathered within the solar collectors. These use thermal energy gained from solar cells and transfer them to the water. After that, they send them back into the circulation system.

Some systems come with a tempering valve. The heated water blends with cold water. It then goes into the hot water section of your pipes.

The way the system reintroduces thermal energy depends on whether you have an active or passive heating system. It involves either electric pumps or valves to bring the hot water into the house.

Benefits of a Solar Water Heater

Using a solar water heater for your home has a lot of benefits. Take note of the following in case you plan to get one:

  • Free energy for water heating
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • High efficiency through the sun’s rays
  • Less space required
  • Cost-effective

The system won’t need fossil fuels to operate. It’s also a better choice for smaller homes because it’s smaller than normal solar PV systems. Its cheaper price tag makes it more desirable too.

By switching to this system, you save more while helping the environment. If you need solar panels, you can read more about them here:

Try Using a Solar Water Heater Today

A solar water heater provides different benefits compared to a traditional solar panel. Having both for your home ensures that you help the environment while maintaining self-sufficiency.

Inquire about the benefits and the necessary specifications for your solar water heater. To accomplish this goal, work with the right solar power company. They have the necessary expertise to maximize your energy gains.

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