What Online Dangers Do Small Businesses Face?

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Going online can be both a blessing and a threat in the world of business, especially in the case of smaller companies. They are not well-developed financially and often can’t afford to hire qualified IT or marketing specialists who will give them advice and take care of the brand’s online presence.

That’s why smaller companies are more prone to suffering the effects of various online threats, such as hacking, data theft, or low-quality working tools, and decreased work effectiveness. What exactly do these dangers concern, and how can small businesses deal with them?

Hacking – A Major Danger For Small Companies

Hacking is such a widely-developed phenomenon that nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid it completely. Scams, phishing, and other online crimes are so widespread that no matter if you are a private user or a company owner – you may become a hacking victim sooner or later. Hacking can have disastrous consequences for businesses, as they usually store important and sensitive data on the devices and use online tools.

There are a few types of hacking actions, and they differ in the way hackers work. They might hack a device, for example, by performing online scams – fake websites or emails, that contain suspicious links that infect the computer with a virus.

Another popular hacking method is phishing – hackers pretend to be an institution or a reliable website that gains sensitive data from completely unaware victims. If you’re interested, you can get to know more about this topic, for example, here.

How to protect your company from getting hacked? First, invest in good-quality, safe protective software. No software gives a total certainty of being safe, but it significantly reduces an attack’s probability. It’s best to find a reliable antivirus that is suitable for business, for example, Bulletproof.co.uk.

Data Theft – Why is it Dangerous For Business

Another online danger that threatens online business safety nowadays is data theft. It is a phenomenon of stealing sensitive data from companies in order to use it for illegal purposes.

How can data get stolen? It happens mostly when the information is not protected or stored properly, for example, if there are no backup copies or passwords. Open in-company access to the documents also increases the chances of getting your data stolen.

Data theft can be a serious threat to the continuity and development of a business, since the information that leaks stops being private, so other companies could possibly make use of it. It is, therefore, necessary to change the business strategy or to re-think the company’s attitude.

How can you protect your business from getting its data stolen? The first thing to do is to limit access to sensitive data. Give it only to the people who need to work with it daily. If any other employee needs to see the documents, you can give them temporary, on-the-spot access.

Another way of limiting the probability of data theft is sensitizing the employees not to send the vital information to anyone from outside the company, and not to respond to suspicious emails or messages. These actions will raise awareness on the topic of data theft, and it will become easier to spot any anomaly. To read more on how to educate your team, visit this website.

Data Loss – Poor-Quality Working Tools

Data loss can be as dangerous for a small business as information theft can be. Why? The result is the same, or even worse – the company doesn’t have access to the most important data, and as a result, the fluidity and prosperity of it are threatened.

When does data loss take place most frequently?  Basically, it can result from poor-quality working tools, e.g. online documents or applications that don’t come from reliable sources and are not protected properly. The information can simply disappear or, if anyone deletes them, cannot be restored.

What can you do to avoid losing your data? Simply choose only reliable, good-quality software and online tools that you’re working with. Don’t choose any programs or applications that are not known or have negative reviews. If you want to see some top online tools that can be used for work, you can find the rankings online, for example, here.


Staying safe online should be a priority of every business, but especially small companies are likely to suffer from the negative effects of the threats that the internet poses.

Hacking, phishing, data theft or loss are extremely dangerous for a company’s prosperity, so it’s vital to be aware of them and their consequences. It can be done by organizing various training programs or workshops that will raise the employees’ awareness, and – simultaneously – by investing in good-quality protective software.


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