What To Consider When Upgrading Your Internet Plan

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Whether for business or home use, a fast and reliable internet connection is considered an essential utility. Companies need powerful wireless access points and a robust cloud administration to execute the most crucial business processes, especially if they have adopted a hybrid work arrangement for their employees. Homes need the internet for Smart home security, entertainment, school work, and remote work arrangements. With this in mind, any abrupt connection issues or speed changes may disrupt your productivity.

If your internet connection is due for a plan upgrade, here’s what you need to know to get you up to speed:


An internet service provider’s availability is a significant factor to consider, especially if you live in a secluded area. A top-tier fiber optic internet connection may seem like an excellent choice, but if the offering provider does not service your site, then that won’t do you any good.

To identify which provider caters to your neighborhood, survey your neighbors. Ask them with whom they get their service, what it’s like, and whether they’re satisfied with their chosen plan. Listening to firsthand experiences can help you decide which provider is well suited for your internet needs.

Speed And Cost 

Nobody likes an internet connection slower than a tortoise’s leap. In upgrading your plan, make sure you include the ‘bandwidth’ or internet speed in your research. The bandwidth of an internet connection refers to the volume of information per unit of time that a transmission medium can accommodate. The larger the bandwidth, the faster your connection should be. It’s important to note that many other factors could affect your internet speed, not just the bandwidth.

In choosing the right internet speed, evaluate your internet usage. Consider these questions to assess how much bandwidth do you really need:

  • Will you use the internet for casual social media consumption and watching a little bit of YouTube videos on the side?
  • Will you use the internet to stream while playing online video games?
  • Are you planning to upgrade your internet plan so you can work from home or run your business smoothly?
  • How many devices will have to connect to the internet?

It’s important to ask these questions before subscribing to a plan because higher bandwidth usually comes with a steeper price. When choosing an internet package, aim for a balance between speed and cost. OCCOM, an internet service provider in Australia, offers high-speed internet packages with a relatively cheap price tag.

If a faster connection is necessary to run your business or stream games, it only makes sense to invest in a more expensive plan with higher bandwidth. In contrast, if you only need the internet to perform regular tasks like email, browsing, and media consumption seamlessly, go for a cheaper plan with just the right speed. And if you’re really looking for a bang-for-your-buck type of deal, a cable and internet bundle could be the right option for you.


An unreliable internet connection can cause a considerable nuisance, mainly if your business relies heavily on the internet. Gather as much information as you can about an internet service provider’s reliability. No matter how advanced the cables they used, somewhere along those lines (no pun intended) will inevitably go wrong.

Review a provider’s customer service as well. If you’re planning to keep your current provider as you upgrade, be sure to determine the number of issues you’ve had with their service in the past. In cases of interruptions, assess whether they’ve been able to help you get back online without breaking a sweat.

If you’re upgrading your plan for your business, choose a provider that offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA). SLAs are service contracts that explicitly state how reliable your internet connection should be.


Everybody—businesses, stay-at-home moms, teenage gamers, literally everybody—needs a reliable internet connection to keep up with the virtual space in today’s day and age. So, if you’re internet can’t catch up with your demands, consider the availability, reliability, speed, and cost before you upgrade.



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