What Trends That Will Shape the Future of Mobile Apps

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It is remarkable how quickly technology has changed in the last 25 years. Think about the fact that less than three decades ago it was an extreme rarity that a person had a mobile phone, and they were linked to their car with a huge antenna. Now, finding someone who does not have a mobile phone is a rarity. Just about everyone has one, and it is remarkable how this technology has advanced to the point that you can do just about any computer task on your smartphone device.

What is even more extraordinary is how applications have developed for these mobile devices. There is almost nothing that you are unable to do nowadays. You can connect to your dishwasher at home, turn it on when you want, shut off your security system, check your bank account, play video games, and much more. It is truly remarkable. With that being said, the mobile apps have its advantages and some disadvantages:

Advantages Disadvantages
They help people stay connected They require ongoing updates to remain relevant
Many apps are very easy to use Apps can take up a lot of storage space
Apps are very cost effective for everyone They impact face-to-face interactions
They are great to stay organized They can be distracting

List of top trends that will shape your future:

  • Playing casino games from the comfort of your home
  • Improve your life with mobile apps
  • Augmented (AR) and Virtual (VR) reality
  • Artificial intelligence will make your life easier
  • Cloud technology

Cutting Edge Innovators

While some companies have been slow to jump in on the new technologies, there are others who have been at the forefront since the beginning. When they have an opportunity to use advancing technologies to improve the way that their systems operate, they are all over it.

One such industry is the casino industry. Because of the need for incredible security, they are almost always the leaders in this type of technological advancements. However, they go far beyond this, as they are making sure that the user-experience is always top–notch. This is why you see them at the forefront of technologies like blockchain and virtual reality. They get that enhancing the experience for the customer is only helping their bottom line.

Helping Improve Your Quality of Life

What app developers have also discovered is that people want to be able to run their life from their smartphone. That sounds totally crazy, but there is an ever-growing part of the population that can simply not function without their mobile device in their hand.

They want to do everything they can on their phone, and app developers have accommodated them. They have provided a number of applications that make it so that one can do just about any task. You can find a date, order food, talk with friends or family, take your classes, have a doctor’s visit, and much more. It is extraordinary to say the least.

They Are Just Getting Started

It is truly remarkable where we are at right now but, what is even more staggering, is where we will likely be five years from now. There are a number of trends in the mobile app industry that are about to become mainstream and, when they do, they are going to shape mobile applications in ways not even imagined yet. Here are some that you were going to be very excited about.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

We are already seeing technology being used to some degree, but augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are about to get on steroids. As explains, usually the gambling industry is one of the most innovative and international casino brands are using all the new mobile tech to attract players and make the experience for the user better than ever. What we mean is that this technology is going to advance in ways that are going to be truly remarkable. They are going to be life changers.

That sounds crazy, but the reality is that there is an ever-growing group who are becoming accustomed to doing everything in a virtual world. Because of video game technology, some are feeling like they are right in the heat of battle or playing in a competition because of virtual reality.

This technology is likely going to make it where a large group of people rarely ever leave their home again. They will go to work to a virtual office, they will go on virtual vacations, they may even go on virtual dates. How physical those dates get we will not comment on, but it is going to get crazy how much virtual reality is going to impact the lives of people.

Artificial Intelligence

Okay, before we dig into this too deeply, let’s understand that the way artificial intelligence is presented in movies is never going to happen. The idea that computers will somehow become self-aware and destroy humanity is not reality at all. These are still machines, and they are not going to develop their own sounds of awareness. They are programmed and are only going to operate as long as someone programs them to do so.

However, they are quite capable of learning. Artificial intelligence is reaching a level where computers are able to learn at extraordinary levels, and this is going to create a dramatic change in the way that people are able to do business online. A lot of times, your smartphone may know how to assist you before you can process that yourself.

It is also going to mean that the ability for you to be tracked is going to become easier than ever before. People are going to know where you are at all times, who you are talking to, and where you are, because this technology is going to learn your habits and behaviors and report it. We said the technology was changing, we did not say it would necessarily be for the good.

Cloud Technology

Everything is moving to the cloud. Your medical records, tax records, and much of your personal information is being stored on a cloud somewhere. Many of the games, programs you use, and much more are stored on the cloud.

We are reaching a point where very little is actually going to be on your computer or handheld device. You will have a minimal amount of program essentials on your computer or smartphone, and everything else will be held in the cloud. This will mean updates will happen instantly and that you will have access to all of the very best technology through your connection to the cloud. It will also mean you will be paying licensing fees for everything, but that is a small price to pay to have the latest and greatest.

Demand Away!

One last technology you are going to see is on demand. We do not just mean watching movies or television shows either. Everything you are going to want is going to be available for your device. Whether you need to order clothes, food, a date, or anything else is going to be done through your mobile device.

Your entire house is going to be hooked to your phone. Your ability to drive your car, access your workplace, and go to school is going to be dependent upon an app. Your health records and visits with doctors are all going to be done through applications. Your entire life is going to be through your phone. That may seem crazy, but we are reaching a point where you are going to be unable to live your life without your mobile device.


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