What Types Of Software Do Public Safety Agencies Use? Find Out Here

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Public safety agencies use a lot of different types of software. They need these software systems because they are used to help public safety officers perform their jobs more effectively, keep track of critical data, and keep the public safe. Here, we’ll explore which software do these agencies use and how they use them.


ESP stands for Emergency Services Portal. It was designed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to provide a means for departments and agencies to share data. The ESP is used to gather crime-related data from public safety officers and then publish that data onto an online portal where other public safety agencies can receive it and use it. This is especially beneficial for law enforcement when they need relevant data to solve cases. Public safety officers across agencies can use the software to share data and connect with other officers.

ESP is a software system that is used by public safety agencies to help them manage their daily operations. It provides a community-based reporting system that employees can use to report crimes and request assistance from other officers. In addition, it also allows retired employees to view certain reports that were submitted while they were employed for them to see how the department has changed during their absence.

Crime Info

Crime Info is a crime mapping software program that helps public safety agencies manage and track criminal activity in areas such as neighborhoods, business districts, university campuses, industrial complexes, or large entertainment venues. It is used by departments to help them predict future crime so they can use their resources more effectively. Public safety officers have instant access to accurate criminal data to help them prevent crimes.


Another software system that public safety agencies use is AutoCAD, which stands for computer-aided drafting or design. Public safety officers can use this program for a variety of purposes such as creating maps and charts of crime scenes, plotting routes for their patrols, and marking out key features of disaster scenes. AutoCAD is one of the most widely used software programs by public safety agencies, especially for those that require crime scene analysis or evidence collection. They use this program because it helps them minimize the time they spend creating plots and also ensures that their plots are accurate, which makes it easier for them to solve the issue in less time.

RMS Programs

Public safety agencies also use RMS or Records Management System software to manage their day-to-day operations. This type of program is used by departments to keep track of records and archives, which can be especially helpful for public safety officers who handle sensitive information regularly. This program makes it easier to organize and maintain all of a department’s records and information, including those that are time-sensitive. This software is especially helpful for departments during investigations to make sure they don’t miss any evidence during the process.

Cognitech Video Investigator

Another software system public safety agencies use is Cognitech Video Investigator, which was created for and used by law enforcement officers to investigate and document crime scenes. Officers can use this program to easily access and review the video footage that has been recorded during crimes. They can also use it to edit videos and create customized presentations of their findings.

Column Case Management

Public safety agencies also use a Column Case Management system, which is a software program that helps officers track cases and manage their time spent on each case. Officers can also create reports using this program to make sure they have all the information they need to solve crimes.

Criminal Intelligence Database

Another type of software public safety agencies use is Criminal Intelligence Database software, which is used to help officers interpret and understand current trends in crime. It helps them access the latest information on criminal activity for their agencies, which can be especially helpful during investigations. This program also gives them access to relevant data so they can solve crimes more efficiently.


The final software system that public safety agencies use is ArcGIS, which stands for a geographic information system. This program provides users with a map-based solution to help them make decisions and solve problems more effectively by using maps and GIS data. This software helps public safety officers collect, manage, analyze, and present data about their communities. They can then use the software to create and access different types of spatial data that help them keep their communities safe.


As you can see, public safety agencies use a variety of different types of computer programs to help them manage their daily operations as efficiently as possible. The list goes on but these software systems not only help agencies increase their work efficiency, but also make it easier for public safety officers to communicate and share data.


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