Why are electric scooters worth the buy?

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Electric scooters are the preferred choice of transport for urban life today. In western countries, people are increasingly shifting towards it for all the benefits electric scooters have to offer. Read on to know what they are:

  • To begin with, electric scooters are environmentally friendly. With global warming concerns, more and more people are making a conscious choice of adopting environmentally friendly Today, people are avoiding the traditional geysers and instead are opting for solar heaters to heat water. Similarly, solar cookers are being used to cook food and pasteurise drinks. Therefore, it’s no wonder that people would go for an environmentally friendly transport option to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Electric scooters are low on the emission of gases and hence, do not contribute to air pollution. Since they run on battery, they are less expensive than the vehicles that run on conventional fuel and therefore, cost- affordable.

  • Not only do electric scooters not cause air pollution, but they also do not cause noise pollution either. Therefore, the more electric scooters on the roads, the lesser the honking noise. Moreover, if the rider does not like the noise that the chain of the vehicle might be making while travelling, they have the option to go for belt ridden vehicles instead of the chain ridden ones to further reduce the noise.
  • Electric scooters are compact, light, easy to park and are convenient to travel in traffic. They do not occupy much space in the parking lot and do not cause traffic. And the best part? They do not require a driving license. You will neither need to go to the driving school to learn to ride an electric vehicle, nor need to pay for its insurance. Electric scooters can be used anywhere for travelling. Such a light and compact vehicle make it easy to take shortcuts and save travel time compared to bigger and heavier transportation
  • It is easy to maintain such vehicles since their parts and designs are not as complicated as cars or other heavy vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles are highly portable. If you are riding a bicycle, you will have to chain it. If you are travelling with your motorbike, you will have to insure it. However, if you are travelling with an electric vehicle, you can fold it up and store it. This means they are lightweight and you can take them anywhere with you.
  • Electric scooters are safe options to travel with. Their acceleration can be controlled with your hand and so can the brakes of the wheels. Some electric scooters also have tail lights for added safety.


All of this and beyond, an electric scooter helps to maintain one’s balance and movement. In today’s world, most of us tend to have desk jobs and spend long hours in front of a desk. Even when we have to socialise at work, we don’t have to walk and go too far to talk to colleagues. We can easily do that using social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype or even Office communication. Sitting for extended hours brings its own health issues in our lives. In a lifestyle like this, resorting to an electric scooter is a great way to straighten your spinal cord, activate your core, improve your balance and get your body moving.

Hence, if you are still looking to find out if an electric scooter is a good option for transportation today, look no further, just go for it. It’s suitable for all ages!


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