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Xbox Game Pass Hinted To Add Control To Their Collection

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After recently releasing Control Ultimate Edition last August this year over Steam, it looks like news travelled far as the Xbox Game Pass has teased the gaming community once again off Twitter a few days ago.

Based on the tweet, the “sinister red light” from the email suggests that it could be the antagonist from Control and most of the Twitter users guessed it already.

However, some users had mixed emotions about this since some even bought the game at full price while some waited for a sale and bought Control with their hard-earned money.

Which Control are they offering on Game Pass?

While it is unclear which version they intend on including in the Xbox Game Pass, Screen Rant speculated that it could either be one of two versions.

Publisher 505 Games gave contradictory statements a few months ago that players can receive a next-gen version of Control for free. Later on, it was found out that players with the existing copy of the game who want to upgrade to the next-gen version are required to buy the game.

Another speculation could be that the publisher also made a deal with Xbox to offer the Xbox One version of the game instead of the Series X version to somewhat entice gamers to buy the upgrade.

Even though the publishers decide to include the Xbox One version in the Game Pass, it can run on the Series X but it won’t be able to utilize the next-gen tech that the Series X has in store.

The Art of Subtle Leaking

This isn’t the first time that Microsoft has teased fans with what’s in store in their Game Pass. While Sony finds a way to compete with what Microsoft has to offer when it comes to gaming, Xbox is doing a good job in making its fans engaged.

Last September, they also teased about adding Doom: Eternal to their Game Pass and a Twitter user deciphered their screenshot in the process which was initially found by The Game Preview.

And a few days after that tweet, Xbox issued a press release indicating that Doom Eternal will be included in their Game Pass.

However, as per GameSpot, it is unclear if Doom Eternal will also be included in the PC version of the Game Pass since it’s been available in the console version.

As for Control, it is best to wait for the official announcement from Microsoft since it’s already the holiday season and we might get the news sooner than we think.


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