Wireless Xbox One Elite 2 Controller Review – A Game Changer?

Is the Xbox One Elite Series 2 more elite than ever before?
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The Xbox One Elite 2 Controller:

Announced by Microsoft at the globally broadcasted E3 2019 event, the Xbox One Elite Controller 2 is now available for pre-order and will be released to 24 countries (including Australia) on November 4th 2019. With over a year’s worth of hype about the Elite Series 2 Controller, we were super excited to put it through its paces and find out what differences both professional, amateur and extremely casual gamers can expect.

In this comprehensive buyers guide, we take a look at new features, previous bug fixes and what you can expect from the Xbox One Wireless Elite Series 2 Controller. Is the Xbox Elite 2 more elite than ever before? Or should you just stick with the Elite Series 1 or standard Xbox Controller?

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share how you make the best use of advanced customisations to your gameplay. From simple tips which ease the stress on your fingers to how you’ve completely re-mapped your controller to improve your skill – we want to hear it all!

Xbox One Elite 2 Controller Review:

We’ve all wanted to smash walls when our controller malfunctions and, although not perfect, the original Xbox One Elite Controller fixed many hardware issues that curse cheaper models. Fast forward a few years and the Elite 2 Controller feels in every way an improvement from the wildly popular predecessor. Yes, you could go all out and purchase something like the Astro C40 for an extra few hundred bucks but there is something just so nice about holding the Xbox One Elite Controller. All in all, the device seems like the perfect option for more serious Xbox players, and it should still rightly make PS4 owners jealous.

We tested out the Elite Series 2 Controller on a number of our favourite games (Gears Of War, Fortnite & Forza) and you can take a look at our full Xbox One Elite 2 Controller review below:

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

The Look Station:

In 2013, Microsoft invested over $100 million into redesigning the original Xbox Controller. As a result of this investment, both the standard and elite Xbox One controllers are extremely well crafted – even still today. When we picked up the Elite 2 Controller, we can’t deny a little shimmer of excitement went down our back. Its sleek style, coupled with a redesigned rubberised grip makes for everything you should expect with any top of the range gadget. In addition to this, the customisable tension of both thumbsticks – which is new to the Elite 2 – made for a surprisingly noticeable difference to how the controller plays out in your hands.

It’s light, classy and ticks all the boxes.

Whilst we still think that Microsoft should improve the slightly clunky ABYX buttons, we loved the overall textures. There’s just something about those buttons that we’ve never really liked since the first edition but that’s just being picky. But when you consider that Scuf gaming partnered Microsoft a few years back to improve the elites functionality, we have to let them off here.

The Latest Features:

With a ‘have it your way’ approach, the Elite Series 2 provides 30 new ways to play like a professional. Enhance your aim with new adjustable-tension thumbsticks, fire even faster with shorter hair trigger locks, and stay on target with a wrap-around rubberised grip. There are so many options to choose from compared to the original Elite Controller released over 3 years ago.

Our favourite feature of the Elite 2 was the ability to tailor the controller to our preferred gaming style. For us, we require much shorter thumbsticks for Fortnite and longer thumbsticks for racing games like Forza. The longer thumbsticks give us more control with turning whilst the shorter thumbsticks are great for those 180-degree pump shots to the face. Each game was saveable to our preferred configurations with the new 3 customisable profiles. Therefore making switching games a more seamless transition.

Xbox Elite Controller 2 Adjustable Thumbsticks

Full Feature List:

Touted as “the world’s most advanced controller,” the new Elite 2 Controller looks to have a mix of upgrades to the older model with a lot of returning features. Tie this together with better wireless connectivity through Bluetooth and a charging dock, you’ve got yourself one hell of a controller. The most noteworthy features coming exclusively to the Elite 2 controller include:

  • USB-C Connector.
  • Three Level Hair Trigger Locks.
  • Adjustable Thumbstick Tensions.
  • Revised Rubber Grips.
  • 3 Saveable User-Defined Profiles.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity.

As you can see, in comparison to the first edition, there are some serious upgrades to the Elite 2 Controller. That said, if you’re on the hunt for an upgrade to your standard controller, the Elite 1 is still a serious improvement!

Inside The Box:

As with any Microsoft product, you can expect to receive a well-packaged product with smart use of space. When writing this Xbox Elite 2 Controller review, we were so excited to open the box we actually managed to scratch it slightly! Pending that you have steadier hands (and contain your excitement to some internal shrieks at best) you will be presented with the following goodies:

  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Sleek Carry Case
  • Thumbstick Adjustment Tool (x2)
  • Standard Thumbsticks (x2)
  • Classic Thumbsticks (x2)
  • Tall Thumbstick (x1)
  • Wide Dome Thumbstick (x1)
  • Medium Paddles (x2)
  • Mini Paddles (x2)
  • Standard D-Pad
  • Faceted D-Pad.
  • Charging Dock
  • USB-C Cable

Okay, so you could argue that there’s a slight overload on thumbsticks and that you’ll only use a couple. But having tried the controller on a wide variety of games, with varying game styles, we can confirm that different thumbsticks and settings do make a big difference to your gameplay. Oh, the sweats of Fortnite were hella’ mad when we rocked up with faster editing capabilities! Not to mention we looked incredible when twitch streaming!

Xbox Elite Controller 2 Review - New Features
Source: Windows Central

Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 Cost

Whilst $250AUD on a controller may seem like a risk, you’ll be at ease the moment you open the box. With 12 adjustable attachments and a sleek carry case for those who like to look after technology, it’s a far superior unboxing experience to the standard Xbox controller models. If you are looking for a cheap Xbox One Elite 2 Controller, there won’t be many deals around. Controller pricing has rarely depreciated over the years and we can’t imagine huge sales on the Elite Series 2 either.

Is The Xbox Elite 2 Controller Value For Money?

For the more than just casual gamer, both the Elite 1 Controller and Elite 2 Controller are worthy investments. What you get is far superior to your standard controllers and there’s always something nice about owning quality products. For the more serious gamer, this Xbox One Elite 2 will also serve you well. Whilst you may be looking at top controllers to amp up your gameplay, you can’t really go wrong. The Xbox One Elite 2 Controller is up there with the best of them. Whilst not the cheapest, you won’t be disappointed.

Xbox One Elite Controller Review Roundup
  • Aesthetics
  • Features
  • Total Value

Xbox One Elite Series 2 Review

The Xbox One Elite Series 2 Controller combines everything you loved about it’s predecessor and adds some serious new gadgets. It’s a solid purchase for any gamer that’s more than just ‘casual’ and lives up to the 3 year waiting period.



  • Interchangeable Thumbsticks.
  • Adjustable Thumbstick Tensions.
  • 3 Saveable Profiles


  • Carry Case Surplus (IMO)
  • ABXY Buttons Unchanged


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