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Yakuza Remastered Collection And More Come To Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox and PC owners are going to rejoice with this announcement from Microsoft as they are bringing the Yakuza Remastered Collection over in their plethora of free games inside the Xbox Game Pass.

Last 2019, Sony was the first to release these remasters and now the rest of the platforms are now going to experience the rest of the Yakuza series.

Here we’ll take a look at the Remastered Collection plus the other games that Microsoft has in store for the Xbox Game Pass.

Pick Up Where You Left Off In Kazuma Kiryu’s Story

The third to fifth remastered instalments of the Yakuza series will send gamers to a story-rich roller coaster.

Yakuza 3 focuses on Kiryu and his adoptive daughter running the Morning Glory Orphanage over at Okinawa in an attempt to escape his bloody past, only to find out that they’ll be entangled by.

Yakuza 4 & 5 focuses more on Kazuma Kiryu’s Tojo Clan story arc. In these two remastered titles, players are given the opportunity to play other protagonists such as Kiryu in an attempt to maintain peace and order between the Japanese gang turfs.

The Medium also comes to the Game Pass

This unique dual reality thriller game will also be making its debut on the Xbox Game Pass considering that this is also a new game that was released last year.

The Medium is also the game that would challenge the Horror genre with its split-screen approach to playing where you explore two alternate realities trying to connect the real world from the spirit world.

You can get these quality titles on the Xbox Game Pass this January 28 along with the other games today such as Control, which was already expected from last year’s tease, Desperados III, Donut County, and Outer Wilds.


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