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ZoopScoop Review – Smarter Scooping System

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ZoopScoop Quick Review


Eliminate the mess, spills, and guesswork when dealing with supplements, protein, coffee, milk, flour, and every other powdered ingredient with ZoopScoop. It is complete with all the features you need to measure the exact amount of powder for you and easily transfer it to any bottle or container, even those with narrow openings. With its convenience and functionality, this is indeed the scoop level-up we’ve been waiting for.



  • Funnel
  • Measuring lines
  • Spill-proof


  • Price
  • Not available in grams and ounces

Nowadays, there’s always a better and improved version of an already existing product. Everything just seems to be much “smarter”, from water bottles to chopping boards and mugs. Even dog toys became high-tech. So it’s no surprise that even the humble scoop got an upgrade too with the latest Kickstarter project by Artur Zolkiewics – the ZoopScoop.

Self-proclaimed as an “intelligent scooping system”, the ZoopScoop is a scoop that aims to improve hygiene, portability, and the dispensing of powders. So if you’re constantly using and scooping protein, coffee, flour, and supplements, here’s a product you may want to check out.

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Whenever you need to use powder, either on your drinks or food, you will usually need a spoon or a scoop. But one issue with these items is that they offer zero precision and accuracy. Sure, that’s what measuring cups and spoons are made for. However, even those can create quite a mess, especially with narrow-necked bottles and containers. These are exactly the reasons why ZoopScoop was invented.

ZoopScoop is like a measuring spoon added with a funnel at the bottom. But instead of coming in sets, it is a one-piece with all the measurements you’ll ever need. This means you can dispense powders precisely without making any spills. It is reusable and said to be 100% recyclable. You can even send it back to the company so they could do the recycling for you.

In terms of price, ZoopScoop isn’t that bad. It is listed with a regular campaign price of £11 or around US$15, which is almost at the same price point as some of the top measuring spoons and cups like the Cuisinart Stainless Steel Cups and Lindy’s 4-Piece Stainless Steel Scoops. However, comparing it with a more similar product – the Scoopie – ZoopScoop is a lot more expensive. A ZoopSet, which includes the small and large scoops, costs £21 or US$30. This is a lot pricier than The Scoopie 2 Pack, which costs only US$8.

Take note, however, that such prices are only available on Kickstarter. Once the campaign is over, the RRP or recommended retail price will be around £17 or US$24 for a single scoop.


Rotating Paddle

One thing we hate about using existing scoops is the leftover powder that sticks at the bottom. But with ZoopScoop’s rotating paddle, this isn’t an issue. You can transfer all the powder to any container without creating any mess.

Sealable Lid

The ZoopScoop is portable and convenient thanks to its sealable lid. With this feature, you can carry your measured powder to the gym, on the road, and practically anywhere you want to go. You can pre-measure the formula or powder at home and mix it later. Additionally, the lid allows you to save any excess powder.

Extendable Arm

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally dip your fingers in the powder because the scoop’s handle is too short? Well, we do. So it’s great to see that ZoopScoop added a two-level extendable handle, which eliminates having unhygienic and sticky hands.

Measuring Lines

ZoopScoop is complete with measuring lines, which makes it perfect for transferring the accurate amount of powder.


As mentioned, ZoopScoop has a funnel at the bottom to prevent mess and spills. This allows you to dispense powders in any type of container without any problem.

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Specifications Small Large
Max Capacity 25ml 70ml
Gradiation 5ml 10ml
Markings ml and tbsp ml and tbsp
Dimensions 140 x 50 x 40 mm 155 x 72 x 56 mm
Weight 41g 65g
Extended Handle Length 194mm 209mm

While ZoopScoop’s campaign on Kickstarter shows the smaller scoop at 20ml, the creator clarified that it’s actually able to carry 25ml. The measuring lines on the small scoop will start at 0 to 5 with 5ml increments, while the large starts from 0 to 10 with 10ml increments. There are also markings for tablespoons in case you’ll use them for cooking or baking. We are, however, wishing the company can offer the scoops with grams and ounce measurements.

Zoop Scoop in Kitchen


In terms of design, we certainly prefer the ZoopScoop’s look over The Scoopie Dispenser. While it’s not available in different colors, it does look more solid and sturdier than The Scoopie. The sealable lid also looks a lot better on the ZoopScoop. And since the Zoop’s funnel is on the bottom, you don’t have to flip the scoop to transfer the powder. This is less messy than The Scoopie’s design, which has the funnel on top.

Shop Zoop Scoop on KickStarterSuper Early Bird Deals Available!


With its measuring features, funnel, lid, and handle, you can use ZoopScoop anywhere for any purpose. You can use it at home for making coffee and hot cocoa or even for baking and cooking. You can also take it with you at the gym, on the road, or for preparing your baby’s milk.

Overall, ZoopScoop effectively eliminates the spilling, stickiness, and guesswork that’s present in existing scoops. While there are measuring spoons and other similar measuring scoops with funnels, nothing comes close to the convenience and ease ZoopScoop offers. Sure, it may not be the cheapest item to scoop powders with. However, for its function and practicality, it’s highly worth it.


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