While the majority of the gaming universe is still playing avoid the bugs in Cyberpunk 2077, Microsoft snuck in an underrated puzzle-based couch co-op game called Morkredd, that could be a great change of pace.

Microsoft Keeps Competing In The Subscription Market

While Sony focuses on monetizing game experience through multiplayer support via the PlayStation Plus, it’s no surprise that Microsoft is trying to compete with its vast game library made available to people who want to subscribe to their Game Pass for as low as $10 a month.

For Xbox Game Pass non-subscribers, the game costs $20 whether you get it on the Microsoft Store or Steam. However, subscribers of this service can grab and play this for free.

A Puzzle Game That Makes You Conquer Your Darkest Fears

Morkredd is a Norwegian word for fear of the dark as announced by their low-profile press release last October. This is also the first exclusive title on Xbox Series X and the Xbox Game Pass from Hyper Games.

The development of this game goes back to 2017, wherein Hyper Games joined a Norwegian Gameplay Championship that was hosted by the Norwegian Film Institute. Later on in 2019, they won an award for “Best International Game” in Tokyo where a huge Indie Game festival called BitSummit was held.

Players are immersed in a dark world wherein they are guided by an Orb. The objective of the game is to stay within the Orb’s light as you try to survive in the dark world while uncovering secrets about the Orb. The endless abyss of deadly shadows also gives the game an added challenge with over 60 puzzles to solve.

The arrow keys and WASD movement controls on the keyboard are used if you intend to play this game alone or with a friend on the PC. Feel free to check out Morkredd in the Xbox Game Pass library and play it today!

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