Ethics Policy

Mr Gadget is 100% independent and has no association with any of the brands discussed. We only review products we believe adds value to our audience. All opinions are genuine and not influenced by any of the brands we work with.

How we choose what to review

Our main areas of interest are the crowdfunding world, gadgets & gizmos, and gaming peripherals. We choose to review these types of products because this is where our interests are. Each product is reviewed because there is a genuine interest and we feel genuine value can be added.

We are not a press-release mill and instead take out time, researching and reviewing each of the products found on Mr Gadget.

Review Units / Samples

In order to effectively review products, we do sometimes receive review units to help with the hands-on experience. The fact that we occasionally receive units from brands does not influence the review in any way.


We earn very little from advertising and the majority of money is generated through affiliate links (read more in our affiliate disclosure). When you click a link and purchase something we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.ย  These affiliate programs do not dictate the products that we review. Instead, the links are added after the review is written.

With this model, we are incentivised to write the best, most authentic possible reviews in the hope of becoming a trusted stepping stone in purchasing journeys.

Any display ads seen on this site are part of the Google Ad Sense network and are not handpicked by us. Instead, the ads you see are related to your interests as determined by Google. We are in no way directly associated with any brand’s display advertising.