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The Best Camping Chairs for Comfy Camping

Sit back, relax and enjoy the great outdoors with the best camping chairs in Australia.🪑
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If you want comfortable seating while camping, sitting on a log or a rock just won’t do. You should find a good camping chair to bring along with you, so you can sit in comfort while roasting marshmallows or telling scary stories in front of the campfire. There are lots of camping chairs for you to choose from, so a careful selection process should be employed when you’re thinking of buying one.

Choosing a good camping chair can indeed be confusing since there are so many available in the market. There are padded ones, extra wide ones, chairs that can accommodate two people at one time, and even those that can recline. There are also a few that are budget friendly but may not come with the comfort features that you want, like armrests and backrests.

TL; DR: The #1 Camping Chair for Most People👇
Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair
53 Reviews
Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

Comes with a padded seat, padded backrest, and padded headrest for total relaxation. If comfort is what you’re looking for in a folding camping chair, look no further, since you’ve just found what you need right here!

Don’t settle for a sore bum while camping when you can sit in comfort with the help of high-quality camping chairs like the ones on this list. Use these when you’re out glamping, fishing, after biking, and during other activities that make you sit while you’re outdoors. With this guide, you will find some of the best camping chairs for your many camping and hiking adventures. Check out the 5 best camping chairs Australia has to offer:

The Best Camping Chairs to Buy Today in Australia

1. Best Overall Camping Chair: GCI Outdoor Pico Arm Chair

1,370 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Folds down to a super compact size
  • Has a storage bag that can also be used as a caddy
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Can carry up to 250 lbs. of weight
What customers say:

“These chairs are both compact light and fit in the boot of my car. The perfect combination, they offered good support when you wish to get in and out of these camp chairs. I have nothing but praise so far…”– Lauchlan James

Making it to the top of our list of best camping chairs in Australia is the GCI Outdoor Pico Arm Chair, which is an outdoor chair that has lots of extras. For starters, it’s one of those camping chairs that can be folded down to a very small size, making it easy to carry around and easy to store.

When in use, the chair has a 43cm high seat height, 55cm seat width, and 53cm seat depth. With its backrest included in the measurements, this chair stands around 86cm tall. But when it’s folded, it measures only around 31cm high, 50cm wide, and 10cm thick. That’s approximately 1/16th its actual usable size, which is very compact indeed!

Apart from being able to fold it down to such a portable size, it’s also pretty lightweight, weighing around 4.4kg. This is because of the chair’s telescoping system which lets you fold it to fit the messenger bag that comes with it.

The messenger bag that is used to store and carry this chair in is also worth a mention because it does more than just carry this outdoor chair around. It also doubles as a multi-purpose caddy that you can attach to the back of your chair once you set it up.

This bag/caddy has multiple pockets that you can use to put magazines, snacks, and other supplies in. It even has a beverage holder that can be used with standard-sized beverage cans, bottles, and sports flasks. There’s also a small mesh pocket that you can use for smaller items like lighters, pens, and the like.

The chair has a mesh back that allows for proper air circulation so your back doesn’t sweat when you lean back. It also has armrests with storage pockets and another beverage holder, giving you more storage space when you need it.

The GCI Outdoor Pico Arm Chair can accommodate up to 250 lbs./113.6kg of weight, which makes it a truly versatile chair to have when you’re out camping with family and friends.

  • Can be folded down to a very small size
  • Has a versatile carrying bag
  • With mesh back for continuous air flow
  • The joints may be stiff at first

2. Best Foldable Camping Chair: Front Runner Expander Camping Chair

301 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Made with tough and durable powder-coated steel
  • Fully folded in only 3 steps
  • Has multiple storage units which include a cup holder and media pocket
  • Designed to not sink into the sand
What customers say:

“Very stable chair. It is very handy and can be stowed away small…” – Ulrich Haase

If you’re looking for a folding camping chair that’s great for use on the beach, the Front Runner Expander Camping Chair is the right chair for you. It’s designed to not sink into the sand once fully expanded because of its innovative design, which features a wide base with supporting rubber footing.

Aside from being a fantastic chair for the beach and for camping, it’s also versatile enough to be used in any outdoor setting. Take it with you when you go on a picnic, when you’re watching an outdoor concert, and at sporting events. You can also use it when you go fishing, hiking, overlanding, and other outdoor activities.

This chair is very durable due to it being made with powder-coated steel, yet despite its tough composition, it’s still pretty lightweight at around 4kg. When fully expanded, it measures approximately 52cm x 44cm x 79cm. When folded, it takes up very little space since it measures around 6cm x 44cm x 41 cm. This is because of its unique telescopic design that lets you fold it down to this minuscule size.

It’s very easy to expand and to fold down to 1/16th its size when you’re ready to store it away. All it takes is three steps. Once folded, you can place it in its convenient carrying bag for safekeeping.

The Front Runner Expander Camping Chair also comes with a few extra features that you’re sure to love. It has a beverage holder and a mobile phone pocket on one arm plus a utility/magazine pocket on the other arm.

It has an all-black look that makes it stylishly rugged and a comfortable table height that lets you sit comfortably in it for extended periods of time. With its standard director’s chair design, it supports your weight admirably, and the maximum weight it can carry is 253 lbs/115 kg.

  • Rugged yet stylish design
  • Uses durable materials
  • Easy to set up and put away
  • Limited weight capacity

3. Best for Most People: Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair

53 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Can be reclined in 5 positions
  • Comfortably padded
  • Has durable powder-coated steel frame
  • With safety locking device
What customers say:

“These chairs are really comfortable and robust. Great for both reclining back and for sitting up to eat.” – RobE

Do you love looking up at the stars when you’re out camping? If you do, then the Coleman 5 Position Padded Chair is the best camping chair for you. With its ability to recline, you can easily stare up at the stars on a clear night without having to get up from your chair.

The reclining feature of this chair gives you up to 5 positions, which lets you set the angle of your backrest to the position you desire. This is done with the help of an arm mechanism that’s relatively easy to use.

Made out of 25mm powder coated steel, the frame is sturdy enough to support up to 130kg of weight. The use of steel for this chair, however, makes it a bit heavier than other camping chairs since it weighs around 8kg. Other minor features that this camping chair has include a cup or beverage holder and comfy arm rests.

You should note however that it’s not as compact as other camping chairs when folded since it doesn’t have any telescopic features that can shrink it down to a very small size. But it does fold away flat and even has a carrying strap that you can attach to it when you want to carry it around with you on your campsite. Once folded, it’s also flat enough to conveniently fit into the boot of your car.

Because it’s a padded camping chair, it’s one of the most comfortable portable chairs you can bring with you on your camping trips. Aside from having a padded seat, it also has a padded back and even a padded headrest that can double as a small pillow. Now you can take a nap in your camping chair when you feel like it because it’s just oh so comfortable!

So, if it’s comfort that you value the most when it comes to folding camping chairs, this is definitely your best bet.

  • Very comfortable
  • Can recline to 5 positions
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be heavy to carry around

4. Best Value Camping Chair: Trekology 2pc Camping Chair

No products found.

When you’re looking for a truly compact and lightweight camping chair to bring with you on your camping trips, the is a great choice! It’s so compact once disassembled, it can actually fit in a small pouch that measures around 36cm x 11cm x 15cm.

The reason why this camping chair is so light is because its frame is made with aircraft grade, high-quality 7075 aluminium alloy material. As for the seat material, on the other hand, its made with an equally lightweight yet strong 600D polyester material. This means that, while this chair is indeed one of the lightest camping chairs you can find, weighing around 960g in total, it’s still tough and durable.

Designed for utmost convenience, this portable chair is both easy to assemble and disassemble. The polyester seat comes in a single piece that measures 48cm wide x 30.5cm deep. This entire chair assembly stands at 71cm high from foot to backrest, with the leg height set at 39cm.

As light and as compact as this chair may be, it can actually accommodate up to 135kg of weight. And with the addition of a sand cover (which can be purchased separately), you can use this chair on just about any type of terrain – sand, grass, gravel, etc.

This chair also comes with a couple of side pockets that can be used to hold sports bottles, mobile phones, and other small items. This is conveniently attached to the seat fabric itself so anything you place in it remains safe and secure.

One feature that most users love about this camping chair is its deep seat. Because of its depth, it’s also one of the more comfortable options you can find in the market. The design cradles your behind while providing your back with enough support and the side mesh design also allows for ample air flow, making it a really comfortable chair to sit in.

  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super compact
  • May sink in soft terrain without sand cover

5. Best Lightweight Camping Chair: G4Free Upgraded Portable Camping Chair

1,451 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Compact and ultralight
  • Fits in a very small carrying pouch
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable materials and strong construction
What customers say:

“I bought this to take camping when I go on my motorbike. It’s small enough to fit in my topbox or pannier and it’s quite light. Easy to put together in fact the frame tries to put itself together as you are holding it…” – Tony

For backpackers and hikers who love to carry extra gear for a more comfortable camping experience, the G4Free Upgraded Portable Camping Chair is something you can easily bring with you anywhere. This ultra-light and super compact camping chair is one of the things that you should consider adding to your list of must-haves when camping.

This chair is a breeze to carry along with you because it weighs less than a kilo and can be packed so small, it can be effortlessly squeezed into your backpack. The carrying pouch is very compact (which indicates just how minuscule the chair can become when packed away), measuring around 40cm x 15cm x 13cm, it can even be hung on one of your bicycle handlebars without problem.

Putting this chair together is so easy since the poles used for its frame come with flexible shock cords that help guide your assembly efforts. Once all poles are in place, you can now attach the fabric to the frame, starting from the top and moving downwards for proper installation.

Apart from it being easy to carry and to assemble, this chair is also very comfortable to sit in. It has a high backrest, a built-in cotton pillow, mesh fabric ventilation on both sides, and a deep seat that cradles your backside perfectly. It also has a leg height of 47cm and a width of 45cm.

Now, don’t let the lightweight and easy-to-assemble features trick you into thinking that this chair won’t last long. It has a frame that’s made with aircraft-grade 7075 aluminium alloy, making it tough and durable, while the fabric used for the seat is 900D oxford cloth, which isn’t only durable, but is also waterproof.

To top these all off, this chair comes with a side pocket that can be used for water bottles, snacks, or your smartphone. This combines convenience with comfort and innovation to provide you with a camping chair that’s a cut above the rest.

  • Easy to assemble
  • With a high back
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be wobbly if not assembled correctly

How We Researched the Best Camping Chairs

To find the best camping chairs in Australia, we searched online and made a long list of options for us to sift through. Reducing the number to the five that we have here took a lot of time and careful research, which we did by checking out camping and outdoor sites like Queensland Camping, Tasmania Explorer, and Everywhere Australia.

After cross-checking the ratings and reviews for these chairs on many different sources, we were able to pick the five that we feel are worth your attention. We also took into consideration some of the many factors that affect camping chairs, such as design or type, folded weight and size, quality, accessories, maximum weight capacity, and comfort.

All of these factors combined make for an amazing camping chair, which is well worth bringing with you everywhere you go. After we finalised our list, we checked Amazon Australia for the reviews and ratings that customers gave the products we chose. It is with the help of these ratings and independent customer reviews that assisted us in coming up with the five listed above.

Camping Chairs: Buying Guide

When you’re planning on buying a camping chair, there are a few careful considerations that need to be made before you finally settle on what to get. Checking to see if the options you have in front of you have everything you want and need in a camping chair is crucial, not only to your comfort, but also to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Listed here are the qualities you need to look for before you have a camping chair delivered to your doorstep. You can also add some other aspects you think are important to you when choosing the chair you want, like cost and actual size. Just know that whichever you choose, as long as you’re armed with the information you need to make an informed decision, you’ll get a great camping chair.

What to Consider When Buying a Camping Chair

Design or Type

There are a few different designs or types for you to choose from. The most common is probably the quad folding chair, which can be folded into a small enough size to fit in your car’s boot. Other designs you can choose from include the director’s chair, flat folding chairs, lounging chairs, and camping stools.

The most popular among these types are the quad fold and director’s chairs, followed closely by flat folding chairs. Of course, before you can pick from any of these designs, you still need to add in the other factors that make your choice the best of the lot.

Folded Weight and Size

This is what makes a camping chair portable and easy to carry around. If these chairs are to be used for hiking and biking, being able to get these to as small a size and as light as they can be is important. In most cases, the smallest and lightest possible camping chairs you can find are those that can be fully disassembled. These are usually those chairs with telescopic frames that are made with materials like aluminium.

The lightest camping chairs in the market usually weigh less than a kilo and can be carried in a pouch that’s small enough to fit into a rucksack or tied to a handlebar.


Quality and durability are determined by the type of materials that are used to make these chairs. Seats made with durable and waterproof polyester fabric and chair frames that are manufactured using powder-coated steel or aircraft-grade aluminium are just some examples of these.

Other quality considerations you need to look into include the workmanship and ease of assembly that come with these chairs. Double stitching, reinforced joints, and intuitive design all come into play when you think about the calibre of these camping chairs.


There are many accessories that can be added to the design of a portable camping chair. The most common is the cup or bottle holder that you can often find on the right armrest of these chairs. Another common accessory that most of these have is the storage pocket. Some of these chairs have very large pockets that can hold magazines, tablets, and even something as big as a blanket.

Other worthwhile accessories that camping chairs may also have to entice people to choose them over others include footrests, headrests, and carrier bags. Some even have carrier bags that double as multipurpose caddies and pockets.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Not all camping chairs are created equal, which is why some can carry more weight than others. The most common weight limit that a lot of camping chairs claim to accommodate is 115 kg. There are some, however, that can carry up to 135 to 150kg of weight, but this is often dependent on the materials that are used to make these chairs.

Chairs that are made using steel and other similar metals can carry more weight than others, but some aluminium chairs, particularly those that are aircraft-grade, can easily compete with these. Before you buy a camping chair, it’s best to check what the weight limit is for the chair you’re eyeing and compare it with your weight as well as the weight of anyone else in your camping party.


For a camping chair to be comfortable, a few key elements have to come into play. Included in these factors are its overall design, the materials used, how much slack it has, its leg height, and other additional features.

A high backrest, added pillow, padded armrests, padded seats, and a perfectly shaped seat are just some of the details that can make a camping chair very comfortable. Ample leg height that puts your feet flat on the ground and the right recline on the backrest can also be considered great features to have when aiming for an ultra-comfortable chair.

Camping Chair Maintenance Tips

To keep your camping chairs from deteriorating after just a few uses, it’s best if you have some maintenance steps that you follow after every camping trip. Here are some things to keep in mind when you want your chairs to last longer.

Inspect before and after using

Before you use your camping chair, make sure to check for any damage that it may have suffered from its previous use. If it’s brand new, check for any loose screws, scratches, broken parts, and missing components the moment it’s delivered to you.

Check for rips in the fabric, bent or dented frame parts, and disconnected pieces that can either be repaired or replaced before you go on your trip. Nothing can spoil a perfectly idyllic camping trip than finding out that the relaxing chair you were supposed to use is unusable due to one or two flaws.

Make sure that these chairs are also intact and in perfect working condition before storing them away after your outing. This will help ensure that you have long-lasting and perfectly usable chairs for your next camping or hiking trip.

Keep these away from fire and excess moisture

While these chairs are often made with components that can withstand heat and moisture (some seats are made with waterproof materials) it’s better to be safe than sorry and to keep these safely away from open flame and rain.

If you’re using these in front of a campfire, try to distance yourself a bit from it so it doesn’t damage the paint or seat material of the chair. The same goes for when it rains – if it looks like it’s going to rain, try to fold and put away your chair before the downpour begins.

Clean and dry before storing

Another thing you need to do with your camping chairs before you store them away, whether in your attic, garage, or in the boot of your ride, is to clean them. Remove any gunk and dirt from its legs, wipe away any stains from the fabric, and brush off any grass, leaves, and other organic material that may be sticking to some parts of your chair.

It also helps to ensure that your camping chair is thoroughly dry before you store it away. While most of these chairs are tarnish and rustproof, moisture can still cause damage to them by introducing moisture-loving mould and mildew to some of its parts.

Wipe your chair dry before placing it in its carrying bag and, if you can, drop in some silica gel packets into the bag to help absorb any moisture that may find its way inside the bag.

Proper storage is a must

To keep these chairs from deteriorating or suffering from any damage, make sure to store them properly, wherever it is you’re planning on storing them. If you’re planning on keeping these chairs in your boot, ensure that you place them in a safe space where they won’t be crushed by any heavy items you place there.

If you have a flat-folding chair, try to put a blanket or a cushion on top of it to offer a layer of protection from other items you might place in there with it. And if you plan on storing your chairs in your garage, put them in an area where they also won’t be prone to getting crushed by heavy objects.

Make sure that these are also positioned in a spot that’s not prone to moisture. Doing this will help keep them from suffering any damage or deteriorating due to certain bad conditions.

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