Should you back the Ultima eiBike?

Whether you’re an avid biker or a newbie who’s looking for a more sustainable mode of transpo, the Ultima e-bike is a premium product that excels in quality and performance. You can also expect all the right safety features to keep you confident on the road. Just be prepared to pay a hefty sum for this smooth ride, especially if you have your eye on the SE variants.

If you like quality products and are in the market for an e-bike, this is certainly worth backing.



  • HD LED display is an invaluable gadget to have on an e-bike
  • XS and XT variants make the Ultima e-bike accessible to both casual and serious bikers
  • SE version comes with tons of great freebies
  • Ultima series offers 10 different color options
  • 18 months Warranty
  • Up to 53% off for backers before July 15th 2021 Launch campaign.


  • Ultima series do not come with all-terrain tires
  • They are not recommended for riders over 265lb(120kg) or 6’4”(193cm) by the manufacturer
  • They are not considered the most affordable e-bikes