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Ultima E-bike Review: The E-bike that Does it All

The Ultima e-bike brings a premium biking experience to a wide range of users, saddling you up with an impressive mix of performance, safety, and durability. And if you want it to come with all the riding gear you’ll ever need for your trips, the SE variants have you covered.
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Should you back the Ultima eiBike?

Whether you’re an avid biker or a newbie who’s looking for a more sustainable mode of transpo, the Ultima e-bike is a premium product that excels in quality and performance. You can also expect all the right safety features to keep you confident on the road. Just be prepared to pay a hefty sum for this smooth ride, especially if you have your eye on the SE variants.

If you like quality products and are in the market for an e-bike, this is certainly worth backing.



  • HD LED display is an invaluable gadget to have on an e-bike
  • XS and XT variants make the Ultima e-bike accessible to both casual and serious bikers
  • SE version comes with tons of great freebies
  • Ultima series offers 10 different color options
  • 18 months Warranty
  • Up to 53% off for backers before July 15th 2021 Launch campaign.


  • Ultima series do not come with all-terrain tires
  • They are not recommended for riders over 265lb(120kg) or 6’4”(193cm) by the manufacturer
  • They are not considered the most affordable e-bikes

With sustainable modes of transportation becoming a significant focal point in this day and age, snagging yourself an electric scooter or e-bike is one of the latest trends, and for good reason. They’re fun, accessible, easy to use, and cheaper than committing to a motorcycle or car purchase. Plus, they’re a lot better for the environment. The Ultima e-bike is looking to be at the forefront of this movement, offering multiple variants for all kinds of riders.

Loaded with tons of nifty features and accessories like high visibility lights and a built-in display, this electricity bicycle is suited up to the nines and we couldn’t be more excited to give it a thorough test drive in this Ultimate e-bike review.

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The Ultima e-bike is an eco-friendly hybrid electric bicycle that’s built with sustainability in mind. Despite its large build, the bike is exceptionally lightweight thanks to its T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame that doesn’t skimp an ounce in terms of durability. It also features several levels of power assist depending on what kind of trip you’re planning but it maintains a smooth drive all throughout.

It comes in two variants, the XS and the XT, with the main differences between both being in the battery system, tires, suspension, and gears. If you’re looking for something a little more high-end, there are special editions (SE) for both that comes bundled with a whole lot of tantalizing goodies, including better lights, a camera, GPS capability, and more.

Ultima e-bike


Base Variants

Sturdy and Lightweight

Since the Ultima e-bike is made out of a T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame, it’s remarkably lightweight, making it easy to carry around when you’re going up stairs and hopping onto public transportation. The XS variant weighs a mere 16.345 kg, while the XT is slightly heavier at 20.635 kg. But don’t let its lightness fool you, this bike is as tough as they come and is ready for some rough rides.

4-Levels of Power Assist

This e-bike offers four levels of Power Assist – fitness, aerobic, comfort, and climb – with fitness providing zero assistance to your rides while the others slowly ramp it up till you hit climb which is at 90% assistance.

Powerful Battery System

The Ultimate XS includes an excellent detachable 36V, 5.8Ah, 202Wh battery that’ll get you anywhere between 30 – 40 km a charge. If you’re looking for something with a little more oomph, you’ll love the XT model which boasts a dual battery system with the same detachable battery as the XS plus an extra 7.8Ah, 281Wh one. This nets you an impressive mileage between 60 – 80km.

Shimano Gears

The Ultima e-bikes all feature the widely popular Shimano gears, with the XS rocking an internal 3-speed and the XT boasting an external 7-speed.

HD LED Display Screen

No matter which variant you decide upon, you’re getting a nifty HD LED display that helps you keep track of your rides (Speed, Trip, ODO, time) and monitor your battery levels, (current assist mode, ODB warnings (Brake, Motor, Controller, Sensor, Battery 1, Battery 2).

Smart LED Head and Taillights

Never worry about being seen on the road, thanks to the smart LED head and tail lights that easily draw the attention of other riders and motorists that cross your path. The lights on the base variants have a brightness of 1000 lumens, while the SE models ramp it up to a blinding 1700 lumens.

SE Variants

In addition to all of the features that are available on the base models, the SE variants of the Ultima XS and XT come with a plethora of extra properties and freebies.

4K HDMI Dual Screen Action Camera

For safety and for fans of posting on social media, both SE variants of the Ultima e-bikes include 4K HDMI dual screen action cameras that’ll record your adventures in smooth and crystal clear quality, so you can relive your greatest rides with your friends and family.

GPS Tracker

Looking to track your rides in detail? Copping the special edition models nets you a handy GPS tracker with a companion app so that you can see in detail exactly where your rides take you. Detailed breakdown below:

  • Real-time Tracking & Positioning
  • Navigation to Tracker location
  • Track History
  • Remote Listening & Recording
  • Geo Fencing Notification (in/out)
  • Vibration Detection Alarm (SMS MSG)
  • Speed limits warning
  • Supports GPS, BDS, LBS, AGPS
  • Real-Time Tracking, Smart Tracking, Sleep Mode

Extra Goodies

If you’re a glutton for freebies, you’re going to love all the extras that come with the SE versions. Between the 3-in-1 helmet with rain cover, backpack, toolbox, tire repair kit, compact air pump, rain and shoe covers, cargo box, power bank, and first aid kit, you’ll have everything you need to kickstart your riding journey.


Ultima XS-Base Ultima XT-Base Ultima XS-SE Ultima XT-SE
Classification Class I Class I Class I Class I
Motor High-speed brushless 36V hub motor – 240W High-speed brushless 36V hub motor – 240W High-speed brushless 36V hub motor – 240W High-speed brushless 36V hub motor – 240W
Battery Detachable (36V) 5.8Ah, 202Wh Dual battery (36V) 5.8Ah, 202Wh, and 7.8Ah, 281Wh Detachable (36V) 5.8Ah, 202Wh Dual battery (36V) 5.8Ah, 202Wh, and 7.8Ah, 281Wh
Average Range 30 – 40 km 60 – 70 km 60 – 80 km 90 – 110 km
Charging Time 2.5 – 3 h 3 – 5 h 2.5 – 3 h 3 – 5 h
Suspension Front headshock suspension fork (zoom) Front fork suspension (adjustable dampening) Front headshock suspension fork (zoom) Front fork suspension (adjustable dampening)
Brake System Tektro hydraulic disk brake 6.5” Jack hydraulic disk brake 6.5” Tektro hydraulic disk brake 6.5” Jack hydraulic disk brake 6.5”
Rims and Tires 20” alloy – 1.95” tires Wide 20” alloy w/ quick release mechanism on front – 3” fat tires 20” alloy – 1.95” tires Wide 20” alloy w/ quick release mechanism on front – 3” fat tires
Gear Shift Shimano 3-speed (internal) Shimano 7-speed (External) Shimano 3-speed (internal) Shimano 7-speed (External)
Dry Weight 16.345 kg 20.635 kg 16.345 kg 20.635 kg
Warranty 18-month full coverage warranty 18-month full coverage warranty 18-month full coverage warranty 18-month full coverage warranty
Rear View Mirrors
HD LED Display
Smart LED Headlights 1000 Lumens 1000 Lumens 1700 Lumens with remote 1700 Lumens with remote
Smart LED Tail Lights
Detachable Smartphone Holder and Bell
Bluetooth Built-in Speakers
Foldable Safety Chain Lock
4K HDMI Dual Screen Action Camera X X
GPS Tracker With App X X
3-in-1 Helmet With Rain Cover X X
Ultima Backpack X X
E-bike Toolbox X X
Tire Repair Toolkit X X
Portable Smart Electric Air-Pump X X
E-bike Accessories Box X X
Raincover with Waterproof Bag X X
Shoe Cover with Waterproof Bag X X
Powerbank 20,000 mAh X X
First Aid Kit X X
3L Cargo Box X X
Extra Battery Pack X X

Build & Design

The Ultima XS and XT sport a similar curved design, though the former is more focused on style and maneuverability on account of its thinner frame and tires, while the latter is built for toughness, with its bulkier frame and thicker tires. Expectedly, the XT is a bit heavier, but both models remain pleasantly light in spite of their exceptional durability. This is off the back of their 3D Hydraulic processed T6 aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame.

The special editions of both bikes retain the same aesthetic, though you should expect a lot more bells and whistles slapped on given how many goodies they include.


The Ultima e-bike may not introduce any fancy gimmicks like foldability, but what it shines brightest at is being a high-performance electric bicycle that’s as tough as they come and filled to the brim with all sorts of useful features, gadgets, and gizmos. The XS variants acts as a fantastic jump-off point for novice bikers and everyday commuters, while the XT adds longevity and extra studiness in the form of larger tires, making it the better choice for more adventurous riders.

If you can spare the extra coin and are a sucker for freebies, the SE variants of both bikes pretty much gear you up with everything you need to hit the road. Just keep in mind that even the base version of the cheaper model – the XS – costs quite a pretty penny, so these bikes are definitely aimed at a more affluent market. That being said, the Ultima e-bike is one of the best electric bicycles around for both amateur and long-time riders.


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