Today, most standard keyboards are inexpensive and easily replaceable. But that doesn’t eradicate the sheer frustration when you do manage to spill your drink and commit keyboard murder! Whilst not so much a common occurrence for the sporadic home user, environments at most risk of cross-contamination include food processing workstations and medical buildings. Oh, how could we forget hardcore gamers too!

The best waterproof keyboards are designed with extreme care. Typically engineered with minimalism at the forefront, what you receive over a standard keyboard is nothing short of superb quality. Granted, waterproof keyboards are not as sexy as your typical gaming rig. But when function needs to far outweigh form, you cannot go wrong with purchasing a waterproof keyboard that will save the day. Take a look at our top 5 best waterproof keyboards available for purchase throughout 2021. You might just find yourself a nice upgrade!

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