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Best Waterproof Keyboards (2021 Update) – Messchief Managed

Everyone can be messy. But that doesn't mean you have to commit keyboard murder! 💦⌨️
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Today, most standard keyboards are inexpensive and easily replaceable. But that doesn’t eradicate the sheer frustration when you do manage to spill your drink and commit keyboard murder! Whilst not so much a common occurrence for the sporadic home user, environments at most risk of cross-contamination include food processing workstations and medical buildings. Oh, how could we forget hardcore gamers too!

The best waterproof keyboards are designed with extreme care. Typically engineered with minimalism at the forefront, what you receive over a standard keyboard is nothing short of superb quality. Granted, waterproof keyboards are not as sexy as your typical gaming rig. But when function needs to far outweigh form, you cannot go wrong with purchasing a waterproof keyboard that will save the day. Take a look at our top 5 best waterproof keyboards available for purchase throughout 2021. You might just find yourself a nice upgrade!


1. DSI Waterproof keyboard

DSI Waterproof keyboard
  • IP68 Certified - Sealed from dust and water so you can use it in harsh...
  • Many Uses - Industrial, Food Service, Marine, Manufacturing, Military, and...
  • Easy Clean - You can wash this keyboard with soap or any non-petroleum...
  • Ease of Use - Touchpad is responsive to latex gloved fingers

With IP68 certification the DSI Waterproof keyboard is completely sealed from dust and water. It’s an excellent choice for those working in messier environments where spills and dust are much more common. It’s sealed entirely with silicon meaning you can easily dip and clean in soapy water. Spills are no issue at all.

The facade may look basic, but for productivity and general keyboard, it’s incredibly good.  It has a built-in trackpad which isn’t the best on the market, but it’s certainly functional, and again waterproof. This makes the DSI Waterproof keyboard an excellent all-in-one choice.

The keyboard has 104 standard keys, as well as 12 function keys. The keys are decent, do not stick and offer a good overall typing experience. It doesn’t compete with a good mechanical keyboard, but overall the typing experience is just fine.

Overall, the DSI Waterproof Keyboard is our number 1 pick from the best waterproof keyboards, due to its IP68 certification, excellent build quality, good typing experience, built-in trackpad and fair pricepoint.

  • IP68 Rated
  • Built-in trackap
  • Fair Pricepoint
  • Looks bland

2. Perixx PERIBOARD-517 Waterproof Keyboard

Perixx PERIBOARD-517
  • Waterproof keyboard with SGS Certified IP 65 Level
  • Dustproof, waterproof, washable feature; Do not immerse USB connector
  • Fit with Medical and Industrial Environment
  • Full Size Dimension: 17.7"x6.5"1.6"

The Perixx PERIBOARD-517 is an excellent waterproof keyboard for those on a budget. It’s incredibly affordable while maintaining a level of quality that won’t leave people disappointed at the price point.

It’s designed to be used in an industrial setting where there is typically more accidents, dust and water. The average workplace keyboard typically contains up to 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This means frequent cleaning is a requirement.

With IP65 certification, this keyboard is water and dust resistant and fully protected from any accidental spills. It’s easily cleanable and is designed to dry quickly with drainage holes built into the body of the keyboard.

If there was one industry that couldn’t survive without waterproof keyboards it’s medical. Without question, Perixx PERIBOARD-517 is the perfect choice for hospitals. Connect to the PC using the 6ft USB cable and maintain typing comfort with the adjustable keyboard feet.

Overall the Perixx PERIBOARD-517 is a worthy member of this list of best waterproof keyboards due to its affordability, functionality, and IP65 certification.

  • Affordable
  • IP65 Certification
  • Long Cable
  • Not fully waterproof


  • Kahil Box White Mechanical Switches
  • Full RGB backlit
  • Brushed aluminum finish

MSI is a behemoth in the world of gaming keyboards and the VIGOR GK50 ELITE BW US is certainly contributing to this reputation. With everything a gamer could ever want, this water-resistant keyboard is well worthy of a place on this list.

The WIGO GK50 Elite has a stunning contemporary design that incorporates a brushed metal top plate contrasted with matte black keycaps. They have taken a slightly different approach from most other keyboards by using a very aesthetic octagonal keycap design that deserves a second look.

The mechanical switches are excellent and deliver a very satisfying typing and gaming experience. It’s not up there with the best mechanical keyboards but it’s certainly a big step-up in quality from membrane-based keyboards.

Overall, this keyboard is the best water-resistant keyboard due to its excellent price point, overall quality, and great aesthetics.

  • Looks great
  • Water Resistant
  • Nice typing experience
  • Not fully waterproof

4. Seenda Multi-device Wireless Keyboard

No products found.

The LeaningTech LTC K828 wins our best wireless waterproof keyboard award. You could argue better-looking washable keyboards, however, what you receive for the price is why this keyboard trumps close competition. Great for surfing the web or typing up a document, the No products found.  is simple but powerful.

A key feature we liked was the ability to lean our mobile back within the holder. There’s nothing worse than having to pause a game to check iPhone 11 notifications. This function allows you to keep an eye on your social media whilst you play. Heck, you could even store your powerbank, a packet of sweets or your loose change within this holder. It doesn’t really matter.

Overall, the Seenda Multi-device Wireless Keyboard not only has great performance, its design provides you with many different lighting modes. Simply press the function key plus any number to get a different backlight. From solid colours to rainbow effects, you can even make your keyboard lights dance with your music with the sound-reactivity.

As for waterproof keyboard functionality, the Seenda Multi-device Wireless Keyboard is made from silicon which creates a complete seal, making it entirely waterproof and dustproof. Combine this with the ergonomically designed keys you’ve got yourself a great keyboard.

  • Phone stand
  • Fully waterproof
  • Sleek
  • Quite basic

5. I-Rocks Washable Keyboard

I-Rocks Washable Keyboard, Black (IRK32W-BK)
  • Slim design ideal for Windows-based PC's
  • Hand-washable, easy to clean and dry
  • Durable keys with laser printing
  • Adjustable foot-stand for comfortable typing

Whilst you could argue that the LeaningTech LTC is the best value waterproof keyboard, we have gone with the amazon link=”B015RIPQD0″ title=”I-Rocks Washable Keyboard, Black /] as our overall winner. With a sleek design, adjustable foot stand and cleaning brush, it would be great deal for a regular keyboard. Throw in the fact that it’s waterproof and you’ve got yourself an awesome waterproof keyboard.

The I-Rocks also features drainage holes in the base of the keyboard. As obvious as this sounds, not too many waterproof keyboards have this feature which is a big plus for us. Your spills will literally be no match for the I-Rocks.

Speaking of washing, the keys are engraved (unlike many cheap keyboards that just have the letters painted on) so that the letters will last a long time without fading from cleaning or typing. The only drawback to this particular keyboard is the small backspace key that might throw off touch typists used to a traditional double-wide backspace key—but if you need a waterproof budget keyboard it’s tough to beat the price.

  • Slim
  • Easily Washable
  • Durable
  • No multimedia keys

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