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The Best Hoverboard Brands & Their Best Hoverboard

Below are the best hoverboard brands in Australia, and their best hoverboard ⚡️⚡️⚡️
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Hoverboards and hoverboard brands operate in somewhat of a contentious industry that was once plagued with poor quality and potentially dangerous products. Thankfully, times have changed and the best hoverboard brands now produce quality machines that are safe and certified.

Feel free to skip ahead to each of the hoverboard brands below:

Who are the best hoverboard brands in Australia?

In addition to the research we conducted when putting together our list of best hoverboards for kids, we spent many hours delving into the different hoverboard brands, their reviews, customer satisfaction, and independent studies to bring you this list of the best hoverboard brands. Our list is a result of combining dozens of reviews from the hoverboard experts and reducing them down to what you see below.



AhaTech Hoverboard Logo

1. AhaTech

AhaTech Warrior Hoverboard
30 Reviews
AhaTech Warrior Hoverboard

Why we like it:
  • Incredibly durable ✓
  • Bluetooth speaker and built-in lights ✓
  • Meets all safety standards ✓
  • 1-year manufacturer service ✓

The first entry on our list of best hoverboards is the Warrior Hoverboard from Ahatech.  It has been identified as the “best of the best” by some reviewers, and is certainly one of Australia’s best and most trusted hoverboard brands.

The Warrior Hoverboard has a range of 10 miles with a top speed of 10mph, while the body itself looks like a monster ready to face the storm. The wheels are equipped with 8.5” rugged “Indestructible Never-Flat Tires” with some serious power in its 800W dual independent motors.

Riding through snow, mud, or dirt won’t be too much of an issue, as it has mudguards that’ll protect your board from all that potential terrain damage. That being said, this hoverboard is the right pick for those considering an off-road trail.

The charging time is around 2.5 hours which is just decent since it does run for up to 2 hours per charge, and the battery itself is UL certified.

Lastly, learning to ride the Warrior Hoverboard is made easy with its three training modes: Beginner, Normal, and Advanced, and, top it off, it’s equipped with ride-assist technology which allows the hoverboard to stay upright when powered on.

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2. BULLET Hoverboards

BULLET LME-S1 Gen II Hoverboard
5 Reviews
BULLET LME-S1 Gen II Hoverboard

Why we like it:
  • Hi-speed chipset for precise gyro control ✓
  • Bright LED lights for path illumination ✓
  • Durably built ✓
  • High-performance motor ✓

Like AhaTech, Hoverfly, and Rideo, Bullet is known for making high-performance hoverboards. The BULLET LME-S1 Gen II Hoverboard, in particular, has amazing features that you can rely on when riding. This unit is equipped with two 250W motors and has a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

Additionally, it is fitted with a 36V li-ion battery that will provide you with extended runtime. It has 6.5-inch solid rubber wheels that allow for effortless manoeuvrability on most terrains. And because the wheels are tubeless, you won’t have to worry about punctures.

Since the brand cares about the riders’ safety, the BULLET Gen II is not only UL certified but also has RoHS,FCC, and CE certifications. As such, it has passed all safety standards required by Australian laws.

The hoverboard comes with a charger and a user manual that will help you get started. Best of all, the BULLET LME-S1 is reasonably priced, making it a great choice for anyone who is looking to buy a high-quality hoverboard without breaking the bank.

Hoverfly Logo


3. Hoverfly Hoverboards

HOVERFLY Glide Hoverboard
128 Reviews
HOVERFLY Glide Hoverboard

Why we like it:
  • 15 km travel distance ✓
  • 15 km/h max speed ✓
  • Meets all safety standards ✓
  • Up to 80kg weight limit ✓

The Hoverfly brand is a favourite among hoverboard fans. It has been dubbed the “Best Heavy-Duty” &  “Best Off-Road HoverBoard” by reviewers, with more accolades found in the reviews from happy customers.

Bullet actually offers a wide-ranged variety of hoverboards that’ll fit a variety of needs and preferences. Want one with a Bluetooth feature? Or boards that are perfect for kids? What about adults? Or perhaps you’re looking for an off-road type? They have it all.

On their website, you can actually filter your selection based on what you need, which makes it easier to narrow down the models that’ll fill your satisfaction—even those that are app-enabled. Hoverfly seems to have a hoverboard for everyone.

4. RIDEO Hoverboards

RIDEO Q3-C Hoverboard
7 Reviews
RIDEO Q3-C Hoverboard

Why we like it:
  • High-performance motors✓
  • Quality construction✓
  • It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker✓
  • Meets all safety standards✓

The RIDEO Q3-C Hoverboard is a stand-out even among the very best in the industry. But what makes the Q3-C so good? Well, let’s start with its impressive 6.5-inch wheels, which offer a far superior ride experience and increased safety over small bumps.

To back this up, all of their hoverboard models are UL 2272 certified and the brand takes great pride in being one of the first enterprises for passing this kind of certification. Second, it has a wide selection of models with fun designs, as it incorporates the play of RGB lights that kids are sure to love.

Even the colours of each hoverboard are fun to look at, allowing for a degree of variety that not all brands offer. But, of course, there are also sleek black designs that are more suited for young adults. Plus, there’s the Bluetooth speaker feature.

Others have the paired mobile app that’s considered a luxury spec, along with Bluetooth availability. All in all, this is an excellent hoverboard, that’s well worth your consideration! If it’s your first time buying a hoverboard but you are not sure which brand to go for, Rideo can be a good start.

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