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The Best Dog Nail Grinders for a Less-stressed Pooch

Safely grind down your furry friend's overgrown nails with the best dog nail grinders in Australia. These grooming tools are specially designed with the safety of your dog in mind, so you can use them without any worries. 🐕
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Having a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility. You have to feed and clean them to ensure they stay strong and healthy. Also, dogs require regular grooming. Keeping your dog’s nails short and neat is an essential part of grooming that every dog owner should embrace. Like humans, a dog’s nails grow throughout its lifetime. If they are not given proper care, the nails can overgrow, thus causing discomfort to your pooch.

The worst-case scenario is the overgrown nails will curl over the dog’s paws, making your pet even more uncomfortable. Long nails can also puncture the digital pads of the paw, thereby predisposing your dog to infections. Dog nails left for too long without being cut can also limit your dog from moving about as they should. If you have been keeping dogs for a while, then you must be aware that a lack of physical activity can have a drastic impact on their health.

TL;DR: The Best Dog Nail Grinder for Most Australians 👇

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Additionally, long nails are prone to breakage and may hurt the quick—a part of a dog’s nail that has a high density of nerves and blood vessels. Grinding down your doggo’s nails after every few weeks is not only good for your furry buddy but also safe for you. Dogs with extremely long nails can accidentally scratch you during playtime. The nails can also get stuck in carpets and may also damage your floors and furniture. You can avoid the above-mentioned problems by using any of the dog nail grinders listed below:

The Best Dog Nail Grinders to Buy Today in Australia

1. Best for Most People: Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer

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The is one of the best-selling pet nail grinders, and for good reason. It has a long list of features that will help you take your dog nail grooming skills a notch higher. For starters, it features a high-performance motor that can achieve speeds of up to 25,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Also, there are 4 speed settings that you can choose from when grooming your dog’s nails. Based on our findings during the testing process, we would recommend that you operate the grinder at speed 1, which delivers 8,000 RPM.

We noticed that our Australian Shepherd was more comfortable when the grinder was running at a low speed. However, at the end of the day, it will all come down to your dog’s personality and preference. The kit is inclusive of 60 grit grinding bands and sanding discs. We particularly like the nail guard grooming attachment because it has a 45° nail grinding guide that allows you to place the dog’s paw at the correct angle for precise and pain-free nail grooming. The included mandrel will allow you to swap sanding bands with ease, thus saving your time. This also applies to the EZ nose cap since it allows for effortless accessory swaps.

Additionally, you can switch from one speed setting to another by sliding the speed switch. Moreover, the switch is centrally placed to give you quick and easy access to the controls. The electric motor on the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder is not only powerful but also energy efficient. What’s more, the lithium-ion battery will provide you with up to 2 hours of uninterrupted runtime on a full charge. Nevertheless, this may vary depending on the speed setting that you are using. This nail grinder comes with a 5-volt adaptor and a USB cable for user convenience.

The battery can charge to full capacity in less than 3 hours, so you won’t have to wait for long after each discharge. In terms of ergonomics, the grip area is ridged to increase traction between your fingers and the grinder. This will give you a firm hold of the tool, thereby preventing slippage. The fact that it is lightweight makes it even better because you’ll be able to make multiple manoeuvres without straining your wrist. We highly recommend the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer to professional pet groomers and novices. The only disadvantage of using this dog nail trimmer is that it gets noisy at the high speed settings.

  • Easy to operate
  • Portable design
  • Rechargeable battery
  • No digital display

2. Best Value: Pawsunday Dog Nail Grinder

27 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Powerful motor for enhanced performance
  • Multi-port design makes it ideal for all sizes of dogs
  • Low vibration motor allows your dog to stay still throughout the grooming process
  • Diamond grinding wheel attachment for effortless trimming
What customers say:

“Very easy to use. Makes very little noise. Did not bother my dog at all when using. Have used it a couple of times so far. The grinding stone is looking good so far. Battery is rechargeable using USB. Great value.”–Anonymous

If you are after value for money, the Pawsunday Dog Nail Grinder is the right choice for you. It is fitted with a premium-quality diamond grinding wheel attachment, which is designed with the safety of your furry friend in mind. This allows for safe and effective nail grinding. And like the , this device is exceptionally lightweight, meaning you can use it extensively without experiencing fatigue.

The paw guide has three grinding ports that you can use based on the size of your dog. It is ideal for small, large, and medium-sized dog breeds. This dog nail trimmer features a dual-speed system, which will enable you to select the most ideal grinding speed for your canine companion. It will deliver great results regardless of whether you use a high or low-speed setting. However, your dog’s safety and comfort should be given top priority at all times, so ensure that you select a speed option that won’t spook your pet.

Like most dog nail grinders on our list, this device is equipped with a rechargeable battery with an estimated runtime of two hours. It provides you with multiple charging options, so you can juice up the battery using a laptop, power bank, adapter, or your car’s charging system. According to the manufacturer, this gadget is twice as powerful as its predecessor. The other thing that we liked about this nail grinder is that it operates quietly. It has a decibel rating of <50dB, making it one of the quietest dog nail grinders on the list.

But that is not all; the motor does not generate powerful vibrations, so it won’t cause any discomfort to your dog. On top of that, the two LED lights will illuminate your dog’s paw as you groom it. With this feature, you won’t have to worry about hurting the quick. In addition to being lightweight, this grinder is compact and portable, so you can grind down your dog’s nails even when at the dog park. On the downside, the Pawsunday Dog Nail Grinder only comes with a single grinder head attachment.

  • Versatile
  • Low noise
  • Dual LED system
  • Limited number of grinder head attachments

3. Best Low Noise: Lonjiqio Dog Nail Grinder

10 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Three speed settings for safe and effective nail grinding
  • Ultra-quite motor prevents your dog from becoming anxious
  • Comes with a cleaning brush for removing nail filings
  • Ergonomic handle for non-slip performance
What customers say:

“Great tool for the dog’s nails. They now don’t mind getting their nails done.”–Donna

The Lonjiqio Dog Nail Grinder is specially designed for skittish dogs, so rest assured that it won’t scare or hurt your dog as long as you use it correctly. It comes with two grinder head attachments, which have different grit ratings. The low-grit grinder attachment is ideal for grooming the nails of large-breed dogs because it has a coarse grinding surface that will help you trim down thick nails

On the other hand, the high-grit attachment is best suited for smoothing applications. As such, you can use it after you are done using the low-grit grinding head. You won’t have a hard time swapping the attachments, making the Lonjiqio Dog Nail Grinder even more convenient. Plus, it has a simple design and is, therefore, suitable for those who are new to dog grooming and professionals alike. This grinder is similar to the device just before it in that both have a multi-design charging system.

It won’t matter whether you are grooming a small Pomeranian or a large Bernese mountain dog, this dog nail grinder will get the job done without causing pain to your beloved pet. The built-in rechargeable battery can hold a charge for up to 4 hours, but this may vary depending on how you use the device. There is a digital display that will show you the amount of charge left in the battery. Although the motor packs a lot of power, it generates low vibrations, so it won’t affect your dog in any way.

Just ensure that your furry buddy gets accustomed to the grinder’s buzzing sound and you will be good to go. At only <40dB, you can use this device even on the most restive pup. Besides, it has 3-speed levels for optimum control. Speaking of control, the housing is conveniently ribbed to prevent the grinder from slipping when you are using it. Thanks to its cordless design, you can move the grinder head in whichever direction you want. It even has an SOS light, so you can take this unit with you on your next camping expedition.

  • Multiple charging options
  • Available in a range of colours
  • It comes with a storage case
  • Only has two grinding ports

4. Best for Small Dog Breeds: Rimposky Dog Nail Grinder

438 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Quiet motor keeps your dog stress-free during the grooming
  • Charging indicator will let you know when the battery is fully charged
  • Grinding ports are designed differently for varying paw sizes
  • High performance grinding head attachment delivers consistent results
What customers say:

“This product was soo easy to use. My dog didn’t flinch and he hates the nail clippers so this is safe for him and because it’s soo quiet he doesn’t mind getting his nails filed down he actually really enjoys it. Highly recommend!”–Krisna

The Rimposky Dog Nail Grinder is also another high-quality option that you can consider adding to your dog’s grooming kit. This unit is cordless, so you won’t have to worry about pesky power cords. The silicon carbide grinder head attachment will provide you with commendable results in all grooming scenarios. Additionally, the grinding wheel is exceptionally durable, so you can go for this dog nail grinder knowing that it will serve you for an extended period.

Also, it has a paw guide with different sizes of grinding ports. With this grinder, you can safely file down long nails on Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, pugs, poodles, and other small breeds. You can also use it on large breeds. However, you will have to trim down the nails with a regular dog nail clipper before grinding them down with this electric nail grinder. The motor operates just under 50 decibels (dB), which is great since most models with a similar design tend to be noisy.

This nail grinder is counterweighted to ensure it stays balanced even when then the motor is running. To add to this, the casing is ergonomically designed to allow for easy handling. Included in the kit is a micro USB charging cable that you can hook up to a power bank, computer, or phone adapter. You should, however, keep in mind that the Rimposky Dog Nail Grinder doesn’t come with a power adapter.

Ensure that you desensitize your dog before using this nail grinder as this will help them feel comfortable. In addition to this, you should be cautious to avoid over-grinding. The dog’s nail should be trimmed at a 45-degree angle to protect the delicate parts. This dog nail-grinding tool is ideal for light-duty tasks. That being said, it may not as reliable when it comes to grinding stocky dog nails.

  • The battery is rechargeable
  • Straightforward design
  • Reliable motor
  • Not ideal for large breedsNot ideal for large breeds

5. Best Budget: Wahl Dog Nail Grinder

Price reduction
1,622 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Balanced design for easy handling
  • Safety stop makes it safe for pets
  • Protective cap for mess-free grinding
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
What customers say:

“I wish I had bought these straight away rather than getting a different USB charger operated nail file which simply didn’t have enough power/grit to properly file the nails down. With Wahl, the job was done so much more easily & quickly = happy dog!”–Furla

If you are not a fan of rechargeable nail grinders, the Wahl Dog Nail Grinder can be a great alternative. It features a high-speed motor that will allow you to grind down your pet’s overgrown nails within the shortest time possible. For your convenience, this device comes with five sanding bands and two head attachments that you can use for grinding, shaping, and trimming applications.

By using this dog nail grinder, you will be able to trim your dog’s nails without causing any pain to the little guy. And since it has an easy-to-use mandrel, you won’t have a difficult time swapping attachments. The safety cap will prevent the nail debris from scattering all over the place. This nail grinder is so gentle that you can even use it on your cat. Even though it’s a bit noisy, most pets can easily get accustomed to it.

It has a safety stop function that will instantly stop the motor if the grinder attachment gets stuck in the dog’s hair. This will prevent accidental pulling, so the dog won’t feel any pain. The grip point is conveniently contoured to match the contour of your hand. It will provide you with a grip that is both comfortable and non-slip. Like the Rimposky Dog Nail Grinder, this unit is ideal for small dogs.

The motor draws its power from a type C battery, which is not included in the package, so you will have to acquire one separately. On the bright side, this dog nail grinder is very easy to work with, thus making it ideal for new pet owners. The plastic material from which it is made is of high quality, so don’t expect it to break. If you are in search of a non-rechargeable nail trimmer for your dog, the Wahl Dog Nail Grinder is the way to go.

  • It has a safety guard
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Comes with multiple attachments
  • The battery is sold separately

How We Researched the Best Dog Nail Grinders

To create a list of the best dog nail grinders, we selected products based on independent customer reviews from Amazon Australia. Additionally, we considered the ratings of each nail grinder and made comparisons, taking into account factors such as Safety, Noise level, Speed control, Grinder head attachments, Port sizes, and Ergonomics.

We also visited local e-commerce stores like Kogan and Catch. From this, we were able to identify the frequently bought dog nail grinders in Australia. We then proceeded to Amazon to pick nail grinders based on our research findings. For the selection process, we picked 11 dog nail grinders and eliminated those that did not meet our selection criteria.

The second shortlist was made up of 9 products, but we further got rid of four nail grinders since they were of questionable quality. This left us with the 5 best dog nail grinders, which we ranked based on their overall performance during testing. We only went for cordless dog nail grinders since they are more convenient compared to their corded counterparts.

Dog Nail Grinders: Buying Guide

Electric dog nail grinders can be an excellent alternative to manual dog nail clippers. They are safe for dogs, easy to use, and also have great features that will simplify your work when giving your dog a pedicure. However, not all dog nail grinders will help you get the job done.

Some units are not only underpowered but also feature unreliable grinder head attachments that can frustrate you. This buying guide can increase your chances of finding an ideal nail grinder for your canine. We have listed all the possible factors that should be taken into consideration when shopping for dog nail grinders.

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Nail Grinder 

Finding the best dog nail grinder can be daunting since there are countless options to choose from. Plus, dogs have different personalities, so what works on one canine may not work on another dog, especially when using a noisy nail grinder.

As such, you should take your time and pick a nail grinder that suits your dog. Here are a few pointers that can help you choose a reliable dog nail grinder:

Power source

When buying a dog nail grinder, you can go for a corded or cordless model. Cordless dog nail grinders are highly preferred because they allow for limitless manoeuvrability. Also, they are portable, meaning you can take them just about anywhere.

Most of the cordless dog nail grinders on our list feature reliable rechargeable batteries that you can count on in all nail grinding applications. Nonetheless, models like the Wahl Dog Nail Grinder use a type C battery.

Adjustable speed control

To get good results, you should go for a dog nail grinder with multiple speed settings. This way, you will be able to choose the most ideal grinding speed for your dog.

Grinder head attachments

A large percentage of dog nail grinders come with sanding bands and discs that will allow you to shorten your dog’s nails with just a few passes. Abrasive grinder head attachments have varying grit grades, so ensure that you attach the right accessory.

You can start with a low-grit grinder attachment since they have coarse abrasives that will enable you to grind down long nails at a faster rate. Once you are done, you can finish up with a high-grit attachment because they have finer abrasives that will leave your furry companion’s nails neat and smooth.


A good dog nail grinder should have safety features that can safeguard your dog against accidental injuries as you grind their nails. Some units will stop working if the grinder head gets tangled up in the dog’s fur.

Noise level

Dog nail grinders are fitted with electric motors that can at times be noisy. It is recommended that you select a nail grinder that generates not more than 50 decibels (dB). If you go for a grinder that is too noisy, it may spook your dog, thus causing anxiety.

Consequently, your furry friend may develop a fear of nail grinders, making it virtually impossible to groom their nails. You should exercise caution even when using low-noise dog nail grinders. Ensure that you give your pet enough time to get accustomed to the sound of the grinder before putting it to use.


As a rule of thumb, you should always consider ergonomics when buying handheld gadgets. With that being said, dog owners are advised to choose nail grinders with ergonomically designed handles to minimize fatigue during usage.

Additionally, the grip area should be non-slip to prevent slippage as you manoeuvre the grinder head. Lastly, the unit in question should be lightweight to take the pressure off your wrist.

Port sizes

If you are after versatility, you should pick a dog nail grinder with different sizes of ports. Some of these devices are versatile in that you can use them to file down the nails of both small-breed and large-breed dogs.

Features to Look for When Buying Dog Nail Grinders

To get the best from your dog nail grinder, you should check if the device has any of the features listed below:

Built-in LED light

Many dog nail grinders feature LED lights that will illuminate the area that you are grooming. This will allow you to know when to stop grinding, thereby lowering the chances of hurting your dog. But most importantly, an LED light will let you know the position of the quick.

Power display

Most rechargeable dog nail grinders have digital displays that indicate the amount of charge left in the battery. As such, you will never be caught off guard in case the battery runs out of juice.

Safety stop

As earlier mentioned, a good dog nail grinder should have an emergency stop function for the safety of your pet. Units with this feature will automatically stop working if the grinder head gets stuck in fur or a piece of cloth.

Nail guard attachment

You should choose dog nail grinders with protective caps to prevent the nail filings from scattering all over the place. Guard attachments can also shield the grinder head from fur and any other object that may affect the performance of the grinder.

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