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The Best Headphone Stands for a Clutter-free Desk

Maximise desk space and keep your headphones safe within reach with the best headphone stands in Australia.🎧✔️
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Tossing your headphones in the drawer once you are done using them may seem convenient but it’s only a matter of time before they get damaged. Leaving them lying atop your desk is also not recommended since they can easily fall to the floor. With the best headphone stands, you can safely store your cans while keeping them within your reach at all times.

That way, you can answer calls, watch videos, and listen to music without wasting time looking for your headphones. However, headphones stands come in different designs and also vary in terms of size, stability, and durability. Plus, not every headphone stand will match your taste and preference.With the help of this buying guide, you will have an easy time finding the most ideal headphone stand for your needs.

TL; DR: The #1 Headphone Stand for Most People 👇
Price reduction
Lamicall Headphone Stand
6,842 Reviews
Lamicall Headphone Stand

Built from premium quality aluminium alloy and durable ABS plastic, the Lamicall Headphone Stand is one of the most reliable units you can buy. The headphone holder at the top is artistically curved to add a touch of style to your workspace. This headphone stand is stable, simple, and sleek and can be a great addition to any desk setup.

We have covered seven stylish headphone stands from different brands, so read through and pick any that suits you. These headphone stands will not only keep your headphone safe when not in use but also frees up space on your desk. They’ll allow you to showcase your headphones. If you are a gamer, you can have a quick look at our list of best gaming headsets in Australia.

The Best Headphone Stands to Buy Today In Australia

1. Best Overall Headphone Stand: Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

4,437 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • 7.1 surround sound system for immersive audio experience
  • Quality aluminium construction for maximum durability
  • Rubberised base for optimum stability
  • Dual USB ports for user convenience
What customers say:

“I bought it in 2019 and it still looks like I bought it yesterday. Very good sound quality and the configuration by the program makes it perfect for an RGB gaming space. Recommended.”Rafael Cordero

The Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand takes the top spot on our list of best headphone stands due to its long list of features and durable construction. It’s unlike most headphone stands in that it enables you to utilise surround sound technology on all analog headphones with a 3.5mm jack, thereby providing you with an immersive audio experience.

To add to this, it has two USB 3.1 ports that allow for fast charging of compatible devices. But that is not all, you can transfer data via the USB ports, making it even more convenient. Plus, the ports are strategically placed to prevent the tangling of cables, one is at the top while the other is on the side.

When it comes to construction, the Corsair ST100 is made of high quality aluminium to ensure you get a headphone stand that will last. Its equally stylish and will look good atop any desk. The customisable RGB lighting makes it even more amazing, you can play around with the colours depending on the theme of your setup. This makes it a favourite among gamers.

Best of all, the ST100 is compatible with all headphones and can be a great pick for anyone who is looking to change how they store their cans. Plus, the base is rubberised to prevent slippage when the stand is in use. The rubber also prevents the aluminium frame from scratching the surface of your desk. Coming from one of the best manufacturers of computer peripherals, you can buy the Corsair ST100 knowing that it will keep your audiophile headphones safe.

  • Very stable
  • Premium design
  • Protects your desk
  • Could be better if it supported wireless charging

2. Best Dual Headphone Stand: Avantree HS908 Dual Headphones Stand

3,837 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Weighted base for maximum stability
  • Extra storage space for small items
  • Straightforward design for easy assembly
  • Contoured hangers ensure your headphones don’t slip
What customers say:

“I purchased this stand for my two Jabra headsets, thoroughly impressed with the build quality, stability, and overall look of this unit. You could assemble this with your eyes closed…”–Brett Riddle

Proudly showcase your headphones with the Avantree HS908 Dual Headphones Stand. Like the unit before it, the HS908 is built with the safety of your headphones in mind. It is made of durable aluminium and ABS, so rest assured it will last.

The fact that it has two hangers makes it super convenient. Depending on the size of your headphones, this stand can accommodate up to four cans. The base is weighted to prevent the stand from toppling over on either side. Also, both hangers are contoured to ensure the headphones stay in place.

Moreover, the base doubles as a storage tray in which you can place charging cables,pens, USB drives, and other small items. Although it requires assembly, piecing up the parts is very easy and will only take a few minutes of your time.

With the Avantree HS908, you can securely store all your headphones and swap them at will. It not only offers great value for money but is also super stable. The other thing that we liked about this headphone stand is that it is reasonably priced.

  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to setup
  • Quality construction
  • Does not have cable management

3. Best for Most People: Lamicall Headphone Stand

Price reduction
6,842 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Anti-scratch design for headphone safety
  • Anti-slip base for increased stability
  • Built from durable materials to give you long-lasting service
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
What customers say:

“It has a metal base and stem with rubber on the underside so it doesn’t slide or scratch the desk. It’s heavy enough that it doesn’t feel wobbly with my headphones. The top part that holds the headphones is plastic but looks fine. Good for the price.”–W

The Lamicall Headphone Stand is simple yet stylish.It’s one of the best selling headphone stands in Australia and for a good reason. This headphone stand boasts an anti-slip base, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping. The headset holder on this unit is shaped like a robin to keep your headphones in the right position.

Even though the top part is made of ABS plastic, it’s exceptionally durable,so you can use this headphone stand without worries. On the other hand, the pole is made from high quality aluminium alloy and is also spray painted to limit corrosion. Attached to the pole is a wide circular base that offers maximum stability.

With this headphone stand, you can store and display your audiophile headsets without breaking the bank.It is both affordable and durable, making it a great choice for anyone who is after quality. The good thing about this unit is that it is compatible with all types of headphones.

It can even hold a pair of AirPods Max. To add to its list of features, this headphone stand is lightweight, so you can easily move it from desk to desk. More to this, it has a low profile design, making it ideal for those who have limited space on their desks.

  • Elegant design
  • Universal compatibility
  • Sturdy base
  • No extra features

4. Best Minimalist Headphone Stand: QinCoon Headphone Stand

1,392 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Wide base for improved stability
  • The headphone holder has a smooth finish
  • Can accommodate any pair of headphones
  • Excellent craftsmanship
What customers say:

“Really happy with this purchase. This is the only design I liked here on Amazon – elegant, sleek and minimalist…”–AT

Next on our list of best headphone stands is the QinCoon Headphone Stand. The top tray is made of walnut while the pole and the base are made of aluminium. In addition to this, the base has silicone pads that prevent slippage.

We like this headphone stand because it can be placed just about anywhere. Its contemporary design can go well with most desk setups. Furthermore, it comes in five different colours that you can choose from based on your preference.You can go for gold,silver, red, black,or grey.

And like all headphones stands that we have covered in this guide, this unit is super stable and can securely hold most headsets on the market. However, some users suggest that it would be better if the base was a bit heavier than it is. On the plus side, the stand is counterweighted to increase stability.

Assembling this headphone stand is very easy, so you won’t experience any problem when setting it up. It also comes with everything that you may need during assembly.

  • Stylish
  • Sleek design
  • Portable
  • No USB ports

5. Best Value Headphone Stand: Havit RGB Headphone Stand

4,542 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Built-in cable management for a clutter-free work space
  • It has USB ports for convenient data transfer
  • Customisable RGB lighting for aesthetics
  • Dual hanger design for user convenience
What customers say:

“A nice sturdy unit that does the job as described but from a purely aesthetics point of view I would have preferred the USB outlets to be located on the same side of the unit as the power cable…”–Stan Carter

The Havit RGB Headphone Stand is yet another reliable dual headset stand that you can consider buying. It is made from materials that are of top quality and also has great features that you will find helpful. Similar to the Corsair ST100, this unit has USB ports.

That being said,this RGB headphone stand can help you charge your devices.To make it even more convenient, it features cable management hooks that will keep your desk neat and organised. The end of each hanger is slightly raised to prevent headphone bands from sliding off.

With up to seven RGB lights to choose from, you can customise this stand according to your needs. There is also an on/off switch that will allow you to enable of disable the lights when needed. This puts it a step ahead of headphone stands that have the RGB lights on at all times.

The base has a large surface area for increased stability. This stand also has a phone holder that will enable you to watch videos from your smartphone without actually holding it. If you are after value for your money, the Havit RGB Gaming Headphone Stand is the way to go.

  • Compatible with most headphones
  • Practical design
  • The base is rubberised
  • Hangers don’t protect headphone bands

6. Best Headphone Stand for Gaming: Fantech AC3001S Tower RGB Headset Stand

679 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Triangular base for enhanced stability
  • 8 RGB light modes for different themes
  • Simple design for quick and easy assembly
  • Rubberised base protects your desk
What customers say:

“Have been using it for over a month and everything is working amazingly! Very good quality and very happy with the purchase.”emilie dawn

Sturdy, sleek, and durable, the Fantech AC3001S Tower RGB Headset Stand may just be what you need to complete your gaming setup. It features a triangular base and also has low COG, meaning it cannot topple over easily. This makes it ideal for different sizes of gaming headphones.

It also has colourful RGB modes that will light up your gaming desk, thus creating the perfect theme for your decor. And like most headphone stands,the base has rubber pads that will keep the unit firmly anchored to the surface of your desk. The pads also safeguard your desk against scratches.

This tower headphone stand is powered by a USB cable, so you can hook it up to your gaming system, and there’ll be light. It’s available in three colours, allowing you to choose the option that best suits you. The hanger has a 4.5cm notch that holds your headphone in place.

Bear in mind that the Fantech AC3001S does not have USB ports like most RGB headphone stands in its class. It also lacks a cable management system. All in all, this is a well built stand that you can count on when it comes to storing gaming headphones.

  • Affordable
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Lacks charging ports

7. Best Budget Headphone Stand: New bee Headphone Stand

186 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Heavy base for added stability
  • All-metal construction for durability
  • Its compact design saves desk space
  • Cushioned headphone holder prevents scratching
What customers say:

“Quality construction and does what it does, stand there and hold my headphones. It makes my desk a lot neater rather than just having my headphones laying around.”–Kevin

The New bee Headphone Stand is the cheapest unit on our list of best headphone stands. However, this doesn’t mean that it is of low quality or less stable. In fact, it performs better than most high end headphone stands. Virtually all its parts are made of aluminium, so rest assured it will last for a very long time.

It has a thick circular base that is designed for stability. The New bee headphone stand can support large headphones weighing up to 907 grams. Also, its minimalist design makes it ideal for a wide range of desk setups. You can even use it in the office.

Since the headphone holder is made of ABS, it won’t leave ugly abrasion marks on the band of your headset.And although it doesn’t come pre-assembled, you can link up the pieces in less than five minutes. It also comes with mounting screws and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The black finish is fingerprint proof and scratch-resistant. As such, this stand will stay in good condition throughout the period that you’ll be using it. It does not matter whether your headphones are wireless or wired, this stand will keep them safe while decluttering your desk.

  • Sturdily built
  • Sleek design
  • Easy assembly
  • Limited colour options

How We Researched the Best Headphone Stands in Australia

We spent several hours researching the best headphone stands Australia has to offer.Our review team initiated the search by consulting local online stores to identify the best selling headphone stands in Australia. As a result, we were also able to pick out headphone stands with good customer reviews.

Our first list consisted of 15 headphone stands from fourteen different brands but we had to do away with some since we only wanted to review the best of the best. We then visited Amazon Australia and searched for the products that we had picked in the first phase of our selection process.Five out of the fifteen headphone stands were not available on Amazon, so we had to strike them from our list.

We compared the remaining headphone stands based on Design, Material used in construction, Stability, Size, Additional features, and Aesthetics. Additionally, we considered the reviews and ratings of each product on Amazon. After comparing the headphone stands with the just mentioned factors in mind, we eliminated three products, leaving us with the 7 best headphone stands that you can buy in Australia.

Headphone Stands: Buying Guide

The good thing about headphone stands is that they are inexpensive. We can’t say the same when it comes to headphones since some cost hundreds of dollars. If you own a pair of audiophile headphones, you should consider investing in the best headphone stands to keep your cans in top class condition.

Besides, it makes more sense to spend a few bucks on a headphone stand rather than replacing a broken headphone. But first, you need to find a headphone stand that not only matches the design of your headphones but also offers good value for money.

What to Consider When Buying a Headphone Stand

It is important that you pick the right headphone stand since the safety of your headsets depends on it. Here are some of the things that you need to take into consideration when shopping for a headphone stand;

Stand Design

You can go for free standing headphone stands or the clamped variants. The former is favourite among most people because they are easy to set up. In addition to this, they’ll keep your valued headphones in plain sight, allowing for easy access while also showcasing their beauty.

As the name implies, clamped headphone stands feature a clamping mechanism that you can attach to the edge of your desk. They are also good but the only problem is that the clamp can damage your desk if not used correctly.


To get the best from your headphone stand, you should consider buying a unit that is made of durable materials. Most headphone stands are crafted from aluminium, wood, or ABS plastic. Some manufacturers also use stainless steel or bamboo for maximum durability.


Stability is one of the most important factors that should top your list of considerations since it determines everything at the end of the day. We bet you wouldn’t want to place your expensive headphones on a stand that can easily fall over.

A good headphone stand should have a low centre of gravity and a wide weighted base. The base should also be rubberised to keep the stand anchored to the desk. All the standing desks that we have listed in this guide are exceptionally stable, so you can use them without worrying about anything.


When buying a headphone stand, it would be wise to pick one that is compact. Besides, the goal is to declutter your desk, so it won’t make any sense if you bought an oversized stand. Always go for compact and unobstructive headphone stands. You also need to consider the amount of space available on your desk.

Additional Features

Some headphone stands have extra features that can assist you in different scenarios. As you’ve seen from the list above, some models feature USB ports that you can use for charging other devices.

Depending on the headphone stand that you are using, you’ll also be able to transfer data using the ports. Other units have colourful RGB lights that will brighten your setup.


The rule of thumb when buying any product is that you should always pick something that you’ll be proud to look at. As earlier stated, headphone stands come in different colours and designs, so ensure that you buy a unit that complements your existing setup. If you are looking to go all in, you can consider the stylish ones that look like pieces of art.

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