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The Best Standing Desk Converters For A Healthier Work Posture

Everybody needs a break from sitting on their desks from time to time. It’s just that, oftentimes, the amount of workload you have won’t allow it. Standing from time to time is like gasping for air every now and then when swimming. It is important to keep you going further to extend your productivity and keep the blood flowing throughout your whole body. The best standing desk converter in the market can definitely do you some good.
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Working for long periods of time on a desk can immensely affect your whole back. Back and neck pains are your constant companion. Sitting while partly crouched, with your head deeply drowned in paper works or stuck in front of your computer screen can be mentally and physically draining. This non-ergonomic lifestyle can gravely affect your productivity without you even noticing it. That’s why you’ll need to invest in the best standing desk converter there is.

Standing desk converters are widely known as desktop toppers or risers. It’s an added unit or feature to your current desk that allows you to raise your laptop or computer screen when you feel like standing up. It usually has a separate keyboard tray. Currently, there are quite a few variations of this product, sporting different designs, sizes, price tags, and unique innovations.

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#1. VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter
10,251 Reviews
VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter
  • Create Instant Active Standing - VIVO's desk riser provides on-demand...
  • Space Efficient 80cm Surface - The top surface measures 80cm x 40cm, which...
  • Strong 15kg Lift Assist - Go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion...
  • Very Minimal Assembly - This riser is almost ready to go right out of the...

Weight: 12.79 kg | Dimensions: 80.01 x 39.37

The VIVO Standing 32-inch Desk Converter is our number 1 pick o for the best standing desk converter in Australia. It encourages active standing working routines by creating converting your desk quickly and with excellent ergonomic. One of the noted differences from the earlier product is the workable space. This variant only has a 32-inch working surface, instead of 35 inches. How the desk rises is also quite different, as this does not depend on gas springs.

It has its own innovatively engineered lift design—it’s more of a straight upward motion. It uses a simple touch height locking mechanism that has an adjustment range of 4.5″ to 20″. This best standing desk converter has a robust lift cycle of 10,000, to accommodate your active standing movement throughout the day.

This Vivo desk converter variant offers a slimmer design, which makes it easier on the eyes. You also have the option to remove the keyboard tray, if you don’t need it for your set-up. It also supports a dual monitor setup, with a pre-installation hole already integrated at the center of the desk.

  • Two-tier design
  • Accommodates dual monitor set-up
  • Slimmer design
  • A bit complicated to assemble

#2. Ergotron – WorkFit-S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation with Worksurface

Ergotron - WorkFit-S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation with Worksurface - for Tabletop, Black: Computers & Accessories
181 Reviews
Ergotron - WorkFit-S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation with Worksurface - for Tabletop, Black: Computers & Accessories
  • Promotes proper ergonomic positioning and inspires an on demand sit-stand...
  • Easily and simultaneously lifts keyboard and LCD screens to proper height.
  • Ergonomic back-tilt keyboard tray.

Weight: 19.82 kg | Dimensions: 112.97 x 60.24 x 19.98 cm

The Ergotron - WorkFit-S Dual Sit-Stand Workstation with Worksurface is very easy to use and to integrate into your working desk. To install, you simply need to clamp the standing desk converter to the front of your desk.

It supports a dual-screen setup with its two monitor pivots but can still be placed in tight spaces. It has a total of 23 inches of smooth vertical lift. It is definitely designed to give you a new level of comfortability while you grind at work. It has a height-adjustable column, a 360-degree adjustment for easy viewing, and it sports an advanced ergonomic design as it comes with a back-tilt keyboard tray to ensure comfortable typing.

This best standing desk converter can also offer quite a comfortable placement when sitting down as the keyboard tray can be positioned below the desk level. So when you feel like leaning further back on your chair, you can still be able to work and type efficiently.

  • Supports dual monitor set-up
  • Flexible keyboard tray placement
  • Easy setup
  • Heavy

#3. Desktop Standing Desk Converter – Ergonomic Desk Converter Riser Stand for Sit-to-Stand Work

Desktop Standing Desk Converter - Ergonomic Desk Converter Riser Stand for Sit-to-Stand Work (32')
293 Reviews
Desktop Standing Desk Converter - Ergonomic Desk Converter Riser Stand for Sit-to-Stand Work (32")
  • Support Healthy Living: The Standing Desktop Desk effortlessly converts...
  • Create Work Space: The 32" surface area creates a spacious desktop for your...
  • Adjust Desk Height: Snap buttons and telescoping legs create an adjustable...
  • Dimensions: Desk Surface area 32" W x 23.5" D, Height adjusts from 11.5" to...

Weight: 8.61 kg | Dimensions: 81.28 x 59.69 x 41.27 cm

The Desktop Standing Desk Converter from Stand Up Desk Store ensures no hassle at all when setting up. It is just like an adjustable small table that can be placed on top of your already existing workstation. But you have to ensure that your desk has a wide and flat surface.

What makes it the best standing desk converter is that it can transform any flat surface into an ergonomic workspace. It doesn’t need any clamping or added attachment so you can be more flexible on not just how you work but also on where you want to work.

What makes it different from the portable desk stable is the height adjustability and it can’t be folded like the ones you typically use in bed. It’s way more sturdy and durable; not to mention it can take on a weight capacity of 50 lbs. or around 23 kg. The table surface closely replicates a work desk and is wide enough to fit a laptop, a monitor screen, an external keyboard and other stuff for work. Also, you can adjust the height of this desk converter with 1-inch increments with the use of snap buttons.

  • No assembling required
  • Wide table surface
  • Big weight capacity
  • Can only be placed on wide flat surfaces

#4. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter
1,650 Reviews
VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to Stand Gas Spring Riser Converter
  • VIVO DESK RISER SOLUTIONS - We create affordable Ergonomic Setups designed...
  • QUICK TRANSITION - Go from sitting to standing in one easy smooth motion...
  • SPACIOUS WORK AREA - This standard desk size measures 88.9cm x 55.9cm,...
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY - Very minimal assembly out of the box! Place on your...

Weight: 23.58 kg | Dimensions: 71.12 x 22.86 x 91.44 cm

The VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk is definitely one of the best standing desk converters out there that can cater to your need to change working positions from time to time. You can easily raise your whole desk when you need to stand for a few minutes and bring it back down again real quick—a routine that you can do constantly without wasting any time. You can go from sitting to stand in one smooth motion.

Being a spring riser is just one of its noteworthy features. This desk converter offers quite a lot. It has a strong lift assist with a weight capacity of 33 lbs. or around 15 kg. It has an adjustable height range of 6.4” to 16.5” and a spacious workable surface of 35 inches.

Setting this desk converter to your desk is definitely not a hassle. In fact, it requires little effort as the riser is almost ready to go right out of the box. You just need to attach the keyboard tray and the feet once you’ve securely placed them on your desk. There’s no need for heavy manual labor to set this monster of a desk riser up.

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Spacious surface
  • Spring riser
  • A bit bulky

#5. TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter
2,038 Reviews
TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter
  • ADJUST TO GET IT JUST RIGHT: Ready to stand? Squeeze the handles and use...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: No tools or hardware needed! This standing desk converter...
  • LARGE WORK AREA: Make the switch from sitting to standing with a TechOrbits...
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Our TechOrbits standing desk converter doubles as a rising...

Weight: 7.57 kg | Dimensions: 63.5 x 81.28 x 50.8 cm

The TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter is amazingly lightweight, considering how heavy-duty it is. For a desk converter that’s only less than 8 kg, it can hold a maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs. or around 15kg. This is because it makes use of heavy-duty aluminum material. Meanwhile, the tabletop is made with quality MDF durability for extra durablilty and reliability. It’s designed to support and elevate your table with great ease.

Not only that, the TechOrbits is devised to accommodate your entire workstation, even if you have a dual monitor set-up. It already has a pre-installation hole to make it easier for you to mount your monitors into place and quickly transform your desk into a high-performance workstation. Squeeze handles are placed on each side of the table for a more convenient transition from sitting to standing and vice versa.

  • Wide working area
  • Can accommodate a dual monitor set-up
  • Highly durable
  • Minimum height is too high 

#6. TechOrbits Standing Desk – Stand Up Desk Converter and Monitor Riser

TechOrbits Standing Desk - Stand Up Desk Converter and Monitor Riser
3,847 Reviews
TechOrbits Standing Desk - Stand Up Desk Converter and Monitor Riser
  • ADJUSTABLE - This desktop riser allows you to go from sitting to standing...
  • EASY SETUP - Each sit-to-stand, ergonomic desk topper comes fully assembled...
  • LARGE WORK AREA - At 32" wide, our adjustable standing desk converter has...
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH - Crafted with durable particle board, this sit to stand...

Weight: 10.84 kg | Dimensions: 63.5 x 81.28 x 50.8 cm

The TechOrbits Standing Desk - Stand Up Desk Converter and Monitor Riser is designed to support all monitor sizes and give enough surface for a dual-monitor set-up providing extra space for your keyboard, speakers, and other office needs.

The desk features gas springs and a heavy-duty aluminum frame which can support a maximum weight capacity of 33 lbs. or around 15 kg. It has an easy height adjustment system in place, with just a squeeze of a lever located underneath the right side of the monitor stand. It has a resting position height of 5.3 in and can be raised up to 20.5 inches high. It makes use of the x-lift riser to ensure a smooth and almost no effort transition from sitting to standing position when working.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Packaging will include non-slip pads and cable management clips
  • Comes in three color variants: Black, Wood, and White
  • Keyboard tray cannot be tucked away or removed

#7. TaoTronics Standing Desk Converter

No products found.

Weight: 7.19 kg | Dimensions: 59.94 x 40.89 x 76.2 cm

The  can be considered the best standing desk converter for laptops. It can conveniently sit laptops that are as large as the Macbook Pro 15 with enough space for other things like a mouse.

Not all people work with a dual-monitor set-up, others don’t even have a decent size PC monitor to work with. The TaoTronics desk converter caters to the working group that uses a single laptop or a PC setup with a small-sized screen. One of its great advantages is that it is cheaper compared to the others that cater to dual-monitor setup.

What’s great about this is that you are not restricted in using this desk converter on your office or work table. You can work on your dining table, living room table, or even on top of a filing cabinet. It’s designed to be a space saver.

It has a high-strength X structure which ensures excellent stability and can bear a maximum load capacity of 33 lbs. Its lowest height is measured at about 3 inches while its highest is at 15 inches.

  • Sleek and premium design
  • No assembling needed
  • A big space saver
  • No height adjustment in between the lowest and the highest height

Standing Desk Converter Buyer’s Guide 

These standing desk converters may come off as a bit pricey in general. It’s not technically an essential work tool but it’s more of a supplemental need to maximize productivity and comfortability while working. But this only means you have to be careful when purchasing one of these products as it will take a big bite off your bank account. To help you choose, here’s a brief buyer’s guide:

Height and adjustment range

One of the main purposes for getting a desk converter is for you to continue working while standing up or for finding the right height to cater to your ergonomic needs. Always double-check the full height of the standing desk and its adjustment range.

Compare the height to your own height. The goal is to take a break from crouching and so make sure that you won’t still be crouching when you’re already at the maximum height of your desk converter. If you’re somewhere around 5’7” to more than 6 ft, you’d want a taller desk converter.

Also, some desk converters still have a high minimum height. This may instead make you feel more uncomfortable when working while sitting down. If the resting height is a detrimental factor to you, look for products with a slimmer design, as they tend to offer a minimum height of 3” or a bit more.

Keyboard tray

Almost all best standing desk converters have keyboard trays. They will vary on the weight capacity, wideness, and functionality. Other brands offer a removable keyboard tray, while some will make it more ergonomic, like tilting it a bit. Many are looking for products with keyboard trays that can be tucked away.

The keyboard tray becomes a big issue when using the desk converter in its resting or lowest position as it adds height to the desk and will make your arms feel tired faster. When choosing the best standing desk converter, check out the quality and thickness of the keyboard tray, plus its functionality. Balance these three factors and see what works to your advantage.

Weight Capacity

Many standing desk converters support a dual monitor setup. However, their weight capacity will differ. If you have heavy monitors then you should opt for those with a heavier weight capacity. You’d also want to factor in the weight of the mount stand (if you have one) as oftentimes, these are made with heavy-duty materials which could be very heavy.

Aside from the monitors, consider the weight of all the other things you’d want to place on top of the desk, like your mouse, a lamp, books, or and other office stuff. What you want to avoid is overcapacity, which is very dangerous especially to your monitors.


The materials used for the desk converter are detrimental to the overall performance of a desk converter. Always look for products made with reliable materials; it is best to choose those that use heavy-duty resources like aluminum. There are those that use plastic, so make sure that’s the thick or high-quality ones.

Other brands will mix aluminum and some kind of wood for the table surface. Check for the kind of support placed especially underneath the table. The design of the frame used is very important as well. Some will use gas springs, while others will innovate something out of an X frame—like the X lifter. Both have their own disadvantages and advantages but what you should look for is the kind of support to assure that it’ll definitely be able to hold the weight capacity it promises.


The best standing desk converter is not definite to one single product or brand. It will depend on how it’ll be able to cater to your ergonomic needs and provide you with a boost in productivity. Many are turning to desk risers, most especially with most of the workforce shift to work from home setup.

You have to take better care of your back as you’ll pay the price when you grow older. It’s also cheaper to buy a desk converter compared to paying for hospital bills and experts to fix your back.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Monalisa using a standing desk, he is the oldest person to be recorded to have used a standing desk and see what he made out of it—a masterpiece. Imagine what great effects it can do on you at work.

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