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The Best Water Filters & Purifiers For Perfectly Clean Water

Quickly filter and purify your water using the best water filters in Australia.🚰
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The best water filters are easy to set up, filter out impurities, and do it all efficiently. It’s impossible to control the quality of your local tap water which may contain negative contaminants.

Thankfully Australian water is generally on the healthier side of the scale but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look to improve it.

TL;DR: The #1 Water Filter for Most People 👇
Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System
5,463 Reviews
Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System

This easy-to-install, long-lasting and highly effective water filter from Frizzlife is everything you need in a water filter – and all at a very very reasonable price! 🙌

We have tried to include something for everyone, but if we missed a water filter you think we should’ve included, let us know in the comments.

The Best Water Filters To Buy Today in Australia

1. Best Overall Water Filter: iSpring RCC7AK Water Filter System

Price reduction
10,642 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Protects against 1,000 + impurities
  • Reminerlises the water to maintain health and taste
  • Easy installation
  • Leak-free design
What customers say:

“This is a decent filtration system, but its the customer service that really inspired me to give a glowing review. I had a small issue that was quickly and professionally corrected beyond the level of service I was expecting. 5 stars service …. thankyou Richard.” – Graham

The iSpring RCC7AK Water Filter System is our number 1 pick for the best water filter in Australia due to its impressive filtering ability and relatively modest price point.

It uses an advanced reverse osmosis system that was designed for those who want to take their water quality to the next level. With its pH neutralizer and remineralizing filter, this water filtration system produces natural bottled-quality mineral water that’s healthier than most other comparable items on the market.

The 18 x 14.5 x 5.25 inch main body can easily fit under any sink while its 16 x 11 inch holding tank is great for storing excess clean filtered water before distribution throughout your home or office building! Make use of the lead-free solid brass faucet with a brushed nickel finish to get fresh, mineralized drinking water anytime you want it.

The installation is straightforward and DIY friendly with their technical support team is on hand to answer any questions that come up during the installation! Add on a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support and you’ll see why we chose it as the best water filter in Australia.

  • Great value for money
  • Cheap filters
  • Very efficient
  • Does require some DIY skills

2. Best for Most People: Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System

5,463 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Removes over 99.99% of contaminants
  • Very easy to install and requires no plumbing knowledge
  • Great flow rate from faucet
  • Filters last up to 2 years
What customers say:

“I’m sensitive to the metallic and chlorine smells in tap water. We live in a hard water area and the water isn’t great. Installed this – pretty easy in about 30 mins. The result is that the water now tastes like bottled water and the chlorine smell is no longer noticeable. Clarity is better a lot better but not perfect; it isn’t designed to completely remove the limescale. the All in all, definitely worth the money and won’t live without this now.” – Mr S Ball

The Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System fits both ¾” and ½” cold water lines. This innovative inline system is installed without any plumbing, unlike traditional under-sink filters which have to use hoses that are easily broken or come loose. This reduces the chance of bacteria buildup significantly since you don’t create an environment where drinks can be left standing for days like with a faucet water filter.

It’s also much easier to install as this fits any kitchen sink that has existing pipes and includes 2 quick-release connections for easy installation.

With the Frizzlife under sink water filter system, you can eliminate contaminants caused by tap water altogether! This system filters up to 99.99% of lead and heavy metals that could be found in your drinking water at home or work with a two-stage High precision compound filtration system, including chlorine, mercury, carcinogens & more. Now you can finally enjoy pure & healthy clean tap water!

  • Retains advantageous minerals
  • Easy set up
  • Inexpensive filter cartridges
  • Must use included faucet

3. Best Water Filterfor Flouride and Chlorine: APEC Water Systems ROES-PHUV75

478 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Safely removes 99% of contaminants
  • 75 gallons per day capacity
  • Utilises UV sterilisation
  • Remineralises water
What customers say:

“Extremely easy to install even with the instructions to have the UV light first. The ability to easily fill up a pitcher of cool water for our selves or dogs is worth the price. Also only having to change most of the filters on a small basis. If you are considering purchasing this vs table top filters that are slow and unreliable when it comes to the seal. Then you should purchase this filtration system instead.” – Casper

The APEC ROES-PHUV75 Water Filter removes over 99.7% of chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, disease-causing pathogens, and heavy metals from your drinking water. You can drink freely knowing you are protected with one of the best water filters in Australia.

APEC water systems remove impurities from tap and well water with no use of harmful chemicals. The ROES-PHUV75 effectively filters out toxic materials like arsenic, chlorine, lead, viruses and pharmaceuticals to provide your family with consistently clear, crisp drinking water for an unlimited supply. The product contains 2 pre-filters which can last up to 1+ years each without the need for periodic replacement as is the case with ganging other brands such as PUR or Brita.

Upgrade your water quality today with the APEC Water Systems ROES-PHUV75. The APEC Water Systems ROES-PHUV75 ensures that every glass of water is clean, crisp, and tasteful on demand!

  • UV light filter
  • Easy to install
  • Raises PH level
  • Uses 3 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon

4. Best Water Filter for Caravan: AQUA TRU Water Filtration & Purification System

776 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • No plumbing is required to install
  • Removes 82 different contaminants
  • Very highly reviewed
What customers say:

“Been using it for months and runs like it’s new. Just clean it weekly and remove bad water when done. I think man machines must have broke because they didn’t remove the backwater and lazily just added water. This is bad because the density of the back water I measured is 350 so remove it. After filtration it is 10.” – Andre

When you need safe, pure water on demand, AQUA TRU Water Filtration and Purification System is the best solution. The compact countertop design makes it easy to store anywhere in your house where there’s an electrical outlet—and it doesn’t take up any room at all!

With AQUA TRU 2-Stage filtration system, you get safety and flavor; no more raw water taste or nasty plastic bottles cluttering your home or office. With LIFESAVER technology inside, AQUA TRU recirculates 3x less water than traditional countertops systems like the one under your kitchen sink.

Setting up this water filter system is incredibly easy and requires zero DIY skills. It can be set up in a matter of minutes – literally. So, do yourself a favor and take your water drinking game up a level or two with this incredible counter top water filter.

Pros & Cons

  • Set up in 3 minutes
  • Sleek design
  • Very effecient
  • Small water tank (1 gallon)

5. Best Water Filter for Heavy Metals: Geekpure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

239 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Filters 0.0001-micron impurities
  • 75 gallon per day capacity
  • Includes 7 long-lasting filter replacements
What customers say:

Installation/set up was fairly easy and straightforward…had to make a few connection adjustments for leaking but that wasn’t complicated or terribly time consuming. Works well and has definitely improved the quality/taste of the water. Really appreciate the extra filters that they included” – Judith N

The Geekpure 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System removes up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, mercury, and cadmium. It filters down to 0.0001 microns which means the water will not only taste great but it’ll be safer too.

Get yourself some healthy baby formula thanks to your new water filter or make better tasting tea and coffee with cleaner water. You no longer have to worry about heavy metals as you do with most bottled waters because this machine eliminates them all making the waters tastier than ever!

The system is made with premium materials that are long-lasting and make the setup process very easy. There’s support for the required DIY work as well as a year warranty without the need for registration.

  • Easy to install
  • Large capacity
  • Excellent filters
  • Affects water pressure

How We Picked the Best Water Filters

Finding the best water filters in Australia is no simple task. There are 100s of different water filters spanning multiple subcategories including under the sink, countertop, and faucet attachments. We checked every major retailer, specialist brands, and marketplace to identify an initial set of 35 water filters.

From this initial list, we compared customer reviews, expert reviews, and product specs to cut the list down to a top 15. These top 15 water filters were then compared against each other until we were happy the list you read below truly represents the best water filters Australia has to offer.

Water Filters: Buyer’s Guides

Before you put your hand in your pocket and drop some coin on a water filter it’s a good idea to get to know the product and become an informed consumer. We have written this water filter buying guide to help you choose the best water filter for you.

What Are Water Filters?

Water filters are devices used to remove particular unwanted qualities from drinking water. Different types of filters can be used for different purposes, such as ion-exchange resin which removes poisonous and heavy metal ions (e.g., lead) while activated carbon would mostly do away with chlorine or sediment particles in your tap water supply,

Do Water Filters Work?

A water filter can be a good option for improving the taste of your tapwater. However, it may not always remove all contaminants and bacteria from drinking-quality sources like rivers or lakes that are situated far upstream from city dwellers who rely on their local water supply.

Not all water filters can do what they say. Make sure the product you’re investing in is certified by Australian Standard AS/NZS4348, which covers a number of different contaminants but not others like softeners or distillation systems for instance.

There are many types of contamination that can’t be removed with your average water filter. Lead, pesticide residues and bacteria are just some examples; for these contaminants you may need stronger chemical treatment or a new source if the one coming out isn’t safe enough (even though it was filtered). Filtration will help reduce bad taste/smell from chlorine gas but not remove microplastics in tap drinking water

How Do Water Filters Work?

There are two types of ways to filter water. One way is physical, meaning you sieve out larger particles with it and another type uses chemical filtration where an active material removes any unwanted substances in your drink like metal or organics from plastics.

There’s no perfect system for removing all contaminants so many water filters employ a multi-stage process to remove as much as possible. Some of these processes are:


Adsorption, not absorption, is a filtration method that uses carbon, among other materials, to filter out nasty particles.

UV Treatment

UV, or ultraviolet, light is a well-known and widely-used disinfectant that helps to kill bacteria.


One of the oldest purification methods. It’s simple yet effective and only requires the boiling of water and collecting the purified condensation.

Reverse Osmosis

By using high pressure, water is pushed through a thin membrane that blocks out most contaminant particles. This process can be highly energy-intensive and wastes large amounts of freshwater.


Ion-exchange resins are designed to tackle hard water, which can cause build up in the sink and other fixtures. When you use an ion exchange resin for softening your tap or drinking water it will absorb all of those dissolved minerals

Do Water Filters Result in Safer Drinking Water?

Despite the ongoing debate about whether or not certain additives and contaminants are harmful, there is an agreement that even where these low risks exist such as chlorine or fluoride in drinking water it’s worth giving them a go.

Do You Need a Water Filter?

Although Australian public water is regulated by the NWQMS who does an excellent job maintaining the quality, there are still a lot of impurities by the time it reaches your taps. This could be for various reasons but simply put its almost impossible to receive contaminant-free water without buying your own water filter system.

The best water filters not only clean the water but also improve the taste of the water you’re drinking. So, you don’t really need a water filter, but they certainly do improve the quality of water you drink on multiple fronts. You may want one just for the taster benefits, or for the health benefits, or maybe a bit of both.

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