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The Best Electric Heated Blankets for Toasty Winter Nights

Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling in a heated blanket on a cold night. And since winter is approaching, you need to invest in the best heated blankets in Australia to stay cosy. 🛏
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For most people, heated blankets are a source of comfort. However, they can be a lifesaver during frosty nights in the Australian winter. As the name implies, these types of blankets can generate heat and will keep you warm even when the ambient temperature is at sub-zero levels. They are fitted with energy-efficient heating elements, which draw power from electrical outlets. The wires making up the heating system are interconnected such that all parts of the blanket are heated uniformly.

Additionally, the heating element is insulated for user safety, so you can use these blankets without worrying about anything. Moreover, heated blankets come with easy-to-use controls that will allow you to adjust the heat levels according to your needs. Plus, most of these units feature multiple heat settings that you can choose from. This will enable you to warm up your bed to the desired temperature level without experiencing any discomfort.

 TL;DR: The #1 Heated Blanket for Most People 👇
Price reduction
Tontine T9004 Microfibre Heated Topper
25 Reviews
Tontine T9004 Microfibre Heated Topper

The Tontine T9004 is more than an average heated blanket. It doubles up as a topper, meaning it can safeguard your mattress against wear and tear.

As if that is not enough, it has 3 heat settings, a 12-hour auto-shutoff function, overheat protection, personalised climate zones, and other great features that you will find helpful. If you are looking for an all-around electric heated blanket, this is it! 🙌

Nonetheless, heated blankets come in varying sizes and also differ in terms of performance. Preference may also vary from one user to another when it comes to choosing fabrics. To help you find the most ideal choice, we’ve shortlisted some of the best heated blankets that are currently available in the Australian market. These electric heated blankets are expertly curated with your safety in mind, so you can select any that suits you.

The Best Heated Blankets to Buy Today in Australia

1. Best Heated Throw Blanket: Beautyrest Zuri Electric Blanket

656 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Adjustable heat control allows you to select the most ideal temperature
  • Ultra-soft faux fur offers optimum comfort
  • It has an auto-shutoff function for user safety
  • LED indicators will let you know the heat level that is currently in use
What customers say:

“Never really cared for heated blankets until this one. The heat is distributed evenly. I just love the texture of the blanket. I use this thing every day!”–Heidi E. Foster

We picked the Beautyrest Zuri Electric Blanket as the best heated throw blanket due to its lightweight design. It’s not as thick compared to most electric blankets in its class, making it ideal for snuggling on the sofa or bed. This electric blanket will make your movie nights a whole lot comfortable, thanks to the high-quality faux fur used in its design. It has an ultra-soft feel and is also skin-friendly. With that being said, it won’t irritate your skin and neither will it trigger allergic reactions.

There are 3 heat settings that you can choose from based on the ambient temperature. You should only employ the highest heat level when the weather gets extremely frosty. The controller has a simple design and is equally easy to use. It will allow you to make quick changes to the heating system, thus providing you with just the right amount of heat. Measuring 177.8 cm x 127 cm (L x W), the Beautyrest Zuri Electric Blanket is large enough for two people to snuggle in. Moreover, it is larger than most standard throws in the market.

The heating element is not only energy-efficient but also distributes heat evenly, allowing for uniform heating. And because the controller is detachable, you won’t have a hard time cleaning this blanket. Besides, it is machine washable, thus making it even more convenient. The auto-shutoff function will automatically power down the heating element after every two hours. This feature will prevent the blanket from overheating in case you fall asleep while the heating system is on.

But that is not all; this electric throw blanket has additional safety features and will provide you with a worry-free user experience. Plus, the heating element is innovatively designed with your safety and wellbeing in mind. It emits low levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that is well within UL (Underwriters Laboratories) safety standards. The power and controller cords are insulated to ensure that you are safe at all times when using this throw blanket. This electric blanket is one of the thinnest on our list, so it may not suit those who prefer thick throws.

  • Quick warm-up
  • Easy to use
  • Great quality
  • Maybe too thin for some users

2. Best Double-sided: Dreamaker Luxurious Double-Sided Electric Heated Fleece

9 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • It is reversible, so you can use either side
  • Dual overheat protection system for maximum user safety
  • Detachable digital controller for easy washing
  • Multiple heat levels for user convenience
What customers say:

“Love this blanket, so soft and plush. Saves us heaps on the gas bill as we don’t need to heat the whole house, we just sit under our blanket :-)”–Shelly

The Dreamaker Luxurious Double-Sided Electric Heated Fleece is also another reliable throw blanket that is worth buying. At 160cm x 120cm (L x W),this blanket is slightly smaller than the Beautyrest Zuri Electric Blanket.On the plus side, it is thicker and also reversible, so you can use the side that matches your preference. One side of the blanket is made of top-grade fleece fabric, while the opposite side features a high-quality sherpa fabric.

Both sides are soft to touch and gentle on the skin. As such, the blanket won’t only keep you warm but will also provide you with next-level comfort in the winter months. Like the product before it, this double-sided electric blanket is portable, so you can use it in just about any room with an electrical outlet. And unlike other heated blankets on our review list, this unit boasts 9 heat levels that can help you stay cosy in sub-zero temperatures. The controller features an easy to read digital display that allows users to make quick adjustments.

When it comes to safety, the automatic shutoff function will ensure the heating element operates within the recommended heat limit. If it overheats, this feature will kick in, thereby disabling the heating system. This can greatly reduce your electricity consumption, resulting in low utility costs. In addition to having the overheat protection feature, this electric blanket has a 9-hour auto-off timer for added safety. Ensure that you go through the included user instructions before using this throw to avoid problems.

What’s more, this heated electric blanket is machine washable, but you can also clean it by hand. The machine should be set on a delicate cycle to avoid ruining the fabric. If you follow the washing instructions to the letter, the blanket won’t discolour over time. For your safety, the blanket should be given enough time to dry properly before use. To top it all up, the Dreamaker Luxurious Double-Sided Electric Heated Fleece is SAA approved. It also comes in a range of colours that you can choose from.

  • Energy efficient
  • Very easy to clean
  • Even heat distribution
  • Limited size options

3. Best for Most People: Tontine T9004 Microfibre Heated Topper

Price reduction
25 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Backlit display for easy readability in dark environments
  • Efficient heating element for fast heating
  • The removable topper makes it easy to clean
  • Innovatively designed heating system allows you to use high, medium, or low heat setting
What customers say:

“It’s really nice, comfy, controls are easy, was a bit wigged out that it only has a 12hr timer, nothing more, nothing less. So don’t forget to turn it off before nodding off 😅.In saying that, I did buy 2 of them.”–Jesse D

If you are looking to get a mattress topper and a heated electric blanket for the price of one, the Tontine T9004 Microfibre Heated Topper is the right choice for you. Coming from one of Australia’s best manufacturers of quilts, underlays, and pillows, you can rest assured that the Tontine T9004 will keep you toasty throughout the Australian winter. You can as well use it as a mattress protector, making this one of the most versatile electric blankets.

The outermost cover is made of soft microfiber to ensure you get the comfort that you need. On top of that, it has a polyester fibrefill that offers an extra layer of plumpness. This heated blanket is similar to the Beautyrest Zuri Electric Blanket in that both models feature 3 heat settings that you can use when keeping yourself cosy. The digital display will let you know the heat level that is in use and will also allow you to make precise adjustments.

Since the controllers are backlit, you can comfortably adjust the settings regardless of how dark your room is. The non-slip backing will keep the blanket in place at all times, so you won’t have to worry about it falling off the bed. Also, the blanket has straps, which ensure it sits flat on your bed. The fact that it comes with two controllers makes it super convenient for users as this will allow each party to make the needed adjustments without reaching over to the other side of the bed.

Because Tontine cares about your safety, this blanket has an overheat protection function to prevent injuries and accidental fires. To add to its list of features, the heating system will shut off automatically after 12 hours of continuous operation. The quilted top is not only removable but also washable, making clean up a cinch This topper utilises AirCell memory technology for enhanced comfort. It will conform to your back’s natural contour, thereby preventing back pains.

  • Designed to last
  • Offers value for money
  • Warms up quickly
  • Could be better if it had more than 3 heat levels

4. Best Budget: Dreamaker Dual Control Washable Electric Blanket

113 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • A fitted skirt prevents the blanket from bunching whilst you turn in bed
  • Energy-saving heating element reduces electricity consumption
  • Made of premium quality polyester for increased durability
  • Machine washable fabric for effortless cleaning
What customers say:

“I bought the product as a present for my daughter, and she is absolutely happy with it, it’s very nice sleeping in a warm bed during winter she says….!! I recommend this product !!!”–Amazon Customer

Dreamaker is proud to present you with yet another high quality heated blanket that you count on in the winter. The Dreamaker Dual Control Washable Electric Blanket is one of the best cost-efficient products on the list. It has a myriad of features that can assist you when the weather gets chilly. For starters, it is equipped with a 60-watt heating element that is designed for performance. Although the wattage rating is low, this heated blanket can outperform some models with high wattage heating elements.

The triple design heat system allows for quick temperature adjustments according to the user’s needs. You can set the heat level at a high or low level, and can also keep it in between to get the desired warmth. One thing that we liked about this heated blanket is that it can fit perfectly on most standard size beds. The fitted skirt will secure it in place, thus keeping your bed neat throughout the night. Additionally, the fabric from which this blanket is made is of premium quality and is also easy to clean.

When using a washing machine, ensure that you detach all the wires and controllers. But most importantly, you need to go through the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer. This not only safeguards the circuitry system but will also keep the fabric in top-class condition for an extended period. There are two control units on this blanket, thus making it ideal for couples. If you live alone, you’ll have the option of powering only one side of the blanket, thereby saving electricity.

The only thing that most users don’t like about this electric blanket is that the controllers are not as advanced compared to most models with a similar design. Also, the lack of additional features puts it a step below advanced units like the Tontine T9004 Microfibre Heated Topper.On the bright side, this heated blanket has all the features that you may look for in an electric blanket. Lastly, it comes at a reasonable price, so it can be an excellent pick for just about everyone who is looking to save a few bucks.

  • Controllers are detachable
  • SAA approved
  • Overheat protection
  • Not everyone likes the slide controllers

5. Best Dual-control Heated Blanket: Bambury SEBD Electric Blanket Sonar

Why we like it:
  • Easy to use dual controllers for individual heat control
  • Multiple size options for a range of bed sizes
  • Light indicators allow for easy operation in low light settings
  • Its soft exterior makes it comfortable to use

Closing our list of best heated blankets is the Bambury SEBD Electric Blanket Sonar. Like all double bed blankets that we have covered in this piece, it comes with two controllers that are designed with your needs in mind. You can apply any of the three heat settings on a frosty night. Like Tontine, Bambury is an Australian-owned company that specialises in making bedding.

As such, you can rest easy knowing that this electric blanket can withstand Australian conditions. It is made from high-quality polyester to ensure that you get a product that is both durable and comfortable to use. The built-in heating element can generate heat in a matter of seconds, so you won’t have to wait for the blanket to heat up. Once the unit is plugged in, simply use the slide controller to adjust the heat to the most appropriate level.

Plus, the heating element is neatly tucked inside in a foam core, so you won’t feel it rubbing against your skin when using this blanket. Furthermore, it is insulated for your safety. The heating system is innovatively designed to ensure there is an even distribution of heat to all parts of the blanket. This electric heated blanket meets Australian safety standards, making it safe for all users.

It comes in a range of sizes, so you can go for the king-size, single, queen-size, double, or king single. So it will depend on the size of your bed. You won’t experience any problems cleaning this blanket provided that you wash it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If you are in search of a dual-control heated blanket, this may just be the ideal option for you. It is durably made and also has a straightforward design for easy operation.

  • Heats uniformly
  • Raised indicators
  • Easy care
  • The controllers need improvement

How We Researched the Best Heated Blankets

We started our search for the best heated blankets by visiting Choice—one of Australia’s most reliable consumer advocacy groups. This allowed us to identify the important factors that one should keep in mind when picking electric heated blankets. Also, we did further research by consulting independent product review sites to confirm our findings.

As a result, we created a detailed checklist highlighting some of the things that we were to consider during the selection process. These include Safety, Size, Wattage, Controller style, Ease of cleaning, and Quality of fabric. We then proceeded to Amazon Australia and selected heated blankets with the best reviews and ratings as ranked by consumers.

The site provided us with several great options, so we had to do head to head comparisons to find the best blankies. We compared the blankets based on key features such as overheat protection, timer function, controls, heat settings, etc. Through this, we were able to trim our list to 5 of the best heated blankets that you can buy in Australia.

Heated Blankets: Buying Guide

The best heated blanket is one that strikes a balance between comfort and energy efficiency. And because there are countless options to choose from, people often overlook the aforementioned aspects and other important factors when selecting electric blankets.

When buying an electric heated blanket, ensure that you pick one that is cosy, safe, reliable, and worth the amount that you are required to pay. This buying guide can help you find heated blankets that are not only of high quality but also cost-efficient.

Types of Heated Blankets

Electric Heated blankets are categorised based on their placement on the bed. There are three main types of heated blankets that you can buy:

Non-fitted heated blankets

Non-fitted heated blankets, also known as tie-down blankets can be placed on top of mattresses. They come with elastic straps, which will allow you to secure them in place. As such, they won’t move about when you are sleeping.

Fitted heated blankets

Fitted blankets are somewhat similar to their non-fitted counterparts in that both feature straps. The main difference is that fitted heated blankets are placed under fitted bedding. They are slightly expensive compared to the non-fitted models.

Heated throw blankets

Most heated throw blankets are smaller than fitted and non-fitted electric blankets. This makes them ideal for snuggling in the living room area.

What to Consider When Buying a Heated Blanket

Listed below are some of the things that you should take into account when shopping for a heated blanket:

Safety certification

To avoid electrical mishaps, you should only buy heated blankets that have been tested and approved. The good news is that the heated blankets sold in the Australian market are electrically safe.

Still, you should take your time to check if the blanket in question complies with Australia’s electrical safety standards. It is, therefore, recommended that you go through the product specifications to better familiarise yourself with the item that you intend to buy.


Size matters a lot when it comes to choosing blankets and other types of bedding. When buying a heated blanket, you should consider the purpose for which you are buying the unit. If you are looking for a blanket that you can snuggle with on your sofa, you should consider selecting a small heated throw blanket.

You can also choose blankets based on the size of your bed. That being said, you can go for a double, king-size, standard-size, twin, or queen-size blanket.

Quality of fabric

The type of fabric from which a blanket is made can impact your comfort. Additionally, it can affect the blanket’s overall performance when it comes to keeping you warm. Most heated blankets are made of cotton, fleece, or polyester. However, blankets knitted from high-quality fabrics tend to be costly.

Cotton blankets are highly preferred because they are naturally hypoallergenic, meaning they are less likely to trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to certain products. Lastly, ensure that the fabric is soft.

Controller style

As stated at the beginning of the article, electric heated blankets are fitted with controllers that will allow you to fine-tune the heating system according to your preference. To avoid unnecessary complications, you should go for a blanket with digital controls.

A good number of blankets on our review list feature advanced controls that will simplify your work when adjusting the heat settings. The buttons are backlit to increase visibility in dark environments, while some models have straightforward slide switches for user convenience.


Wattage refers to the amount of electric power needed to efficiently operate an electrical appliance. Heated blankets with a high wattage rating require less time to heat up and vice versa. Many electric heated blankets have a wattage of 15W to 130W, so you need to choose wisely.

Ease of cleaning

You can save yourself the hassle of cleaning your heated blanket by hand by choosing a unit that is machine washable. In addition to this, you need to check if the blanket has detachable controls to avoid causing damage to the components during the cleaning process.

Features to Look for When Buying a Heated Blanket

Aside from the factors that we have highlighted above, there are specific features that you should look for when purchasing a heated blanket:

Overheat protection

This is one of the most important safety features in a heated blanket. It will automatically power down the heating element if the temperature rises beyond the set safety limit. Heated blankets with overheat protection will provide you with a worry-free user experience in all heating applications.

Adjustable heat settings

Modern heated blankets have several heat levels that you can use in different weather conditions. The Dreamaker Luxurious Double-Sided Electric Heated Fleece has up to 9 heat settings that you can choose from depending on your heating needs.

Dual controls

If you know you’ll be sharing the blanket with your significant other or a friend, you need to select a model with dual controls. This will allow you to employ different heat settings for each side of the blanket so everybody will be happy. The Dreamaker Dual Control Electric Blanket is one of the best heated blankets with this feature.

Foot zone

Some heated blankets feature specialised heat zones that can help keep your feet warm in chilly conditions. The foot zone is often warmer than other parts of the blanket.

Heated Blankets vs. Electric Space Heaters

If you are having a hard time choosing between a heated blanket and an electric space heater, you need to compare the two based on your needs and energy consumption. According to Finder—one of Australia’s best comparison websites, the cost of running an electric space heater 4 hours per day during winter is about $253.44.

On the other hand, a heated blanket will only cost you $12.96 for the same amount of time. However, an electric blanket cannot warm up an entire room, so ensure that you choose a heating system that best suits your needs and budget.

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