Best 5 Smartwatches to Consider in 2021

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Smartwatches are one of the best types of wearable tech that you can own, and they are widely available with many tech brands coming out with their own line-up of smartwatches. There are so many advantages to getting a smartwatch but there are also so many smartwatches to choose from so if you are wondering which smartwatch to get, here are some of the best smartwatches right now.

Apple Watch 6

Size: 40/44mm case options | Operating System: watchOS | Battery Life: 18 hours | Finish: Stainless steel

When it comes to smartwatches for iPhone users, you can never go wrong with the Apple Watch and the latest Apple Watch Series 6 has got to be the best one from the tech giant. It has all you need in a convenient little form factor, from apps for your health to access to your iPhone notifications.

Apple constantly improves its smartwatch line-up with the latest technology so that users can enjoy the latest features with their Apple Watch. Some of the features available on the Series 6 include an always-on altimeter and blood oxygen monitoring. Another plus to the Apple Watch is the users can choose different bands for their smartwatches, but more luxurious bands come at a higher price.

Pros Cons
Available with GPS and GPS/LTE Works with iPhones only
ECG, Optical heart rate sensor, and SpO2
Plenty of cases and band options
Speaker and microphone for calls

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Size: 41/45mm case options | Operating System: Tizen OS | Battery Life: More than 24 hours | Finish: Stainless steel

Samsung also has its own line of smartwatches, and they are one of the best in the industry. The tech giant recently announced another addition to the Galaxy Watch line up but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 remains the top smartwatch from the brand.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 features a thin and light body but still manages to include a large, Super AMOLED display. As for the features, you will be impressed by what the Samsung smartwatch offers but unfortunately, the Tizen OS can be slightly disappointing at times. However, the smartwatch is still great nonetheless and is one of the most well-rounded smartwatches for both Android and iOS users.

Pros Cons
LTE versions available Some fitness features can run inaccurate
Super AMOLED screen
ECG, Blood pressure, SpO2, Heart rate VO2 max
Sleep tracking
Fall detection

Fossil Gen 5

Size: 44mm | Operating System: Wear OS | Battery Life: 14 hours | Finish: Stainless steel

Tech brands are not the only ones coming out with smartwatches because fashion brands are also taking a shot in the wearable tech industry. One of the best has got to be Fossil, which has been developing some amazing Wear OS smartwatches, including the Fossil Gen 5.

Despite coming from a non-tech background, the Fossil Gen 5 can go up against the smartwatches from Apple and Samsung. The watch’s Wear OS operating offers a smooth user experience and it is one of the most stylish smartwatches on the market. However, despite offering fast charging, the battery of the Gen 5 can drain quite fast if you are using certain apps. Nevertheless, the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is still a great watch that is not only practical but fashionable.

Pros Cons
Attractive design The battery can drain quickly
Uses Wear OS by Google Occasional tech issues
Built-in GPS It may be heavy on the wrist for some

Fitbit Sense

Size: 40.5mm | Operating System: Fitbit OS | Battery Life: More than 24 hours | Finish: Stainless steel, aluminium

When it comes to wearable tech, Fitbit is one of the best names in the industry and they have got some well-rounded fitness tracker smartwatches, like the Fitbit Sense. If you focus on fitness and you want to get a smartwatch to keep track of your health, this is a great choice for you.

There are a lot of things that the Fitbit Sense can do for you, like monitoring temperature, your health, and checking your stress levels. This is especially important for individuals that are concerned about mindfulness and their mental health. Unfortunately, the Fitbit Sense might not be the one for the tech enthusiasts because while the fitness and health apps are great, the other non-fitness-related apps can be patchy at times. However, the Fitbit Sense makes a great companion for your workout routines and your health.

Pros Cons
Google Assistant and Alexa You need to pay to access more watch faces gallery is clunky
GPS, ECG, EDA, temperature monitoring
Water-resistant Certain non-fitness features are patchy
Long battery life, with fast charging

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Size: 46.7mm | Operating System: Huawei Lite OS | Battery Life: More than 14 hours | Finish: Titanium, ceramic

The Fossil Gen 5 may be the watch from a fashion brand, but it is not the most luxurious smartwatch on this list. That is because the title goes to the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, a smartwatch with some superior design and built.

The smartwatch is just one of the many smartwatches that have been released by the Chinese tech company, Huawei but this is one of the best that they have. The GT 2 Pro combines luxury with practicality by building the smartwatch with titanium, ceramic, and sapphire glass, and then incorporating tracking for over 100 different workout routines. Not only that but the GT 2 Pro also features SpO2 blood oxygen level measurement, GPS, and sleep tracking. The only issue with this smartwatch is that it may not be available in certain regions but if you can find it, there is no doubt that the Huawei GT 2 Pro will be an instant favourite of yours.

Pros Cons
View notifications and music controls Certain fitness apps can be patchy
GPS, optical heart rate monitor SpO2, activity tracking, and sleep tracking
Waterproof up to 50 meters Not widely available as the other smartwatches

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