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The Best Baby Monitors for Complete Peace of Mind

Gone are the days when you need to constantly sneak into a room just to see what your little one is doing. With any of these best baby monitors, you will know exactly when your little one needs you. 👼 😇
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While babies need constant attention, there will be times when you can’t be with them. Either when you are sleeping in a separate room, doing something downstairs, or just out and about. During these times, not knowing if your little one is still sleeping, needs feeding, or is already crying can be very unsettling. And here’s where baby monitors can help you.

Baby monitors can give you peace of mind by keeping tabs on your little one when you are not in the same room. With these devices, you can listen, watch, and soothe your baby from a distance. So you’re always alert and ready when your baby needs you. This is particularly useful if you live in a two-story house or when your child’s room is too far away for you to hear the cries during naps or nighttime.

TL;DR: The #1 Baby Monitor for Most People 👇
NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio
453 Reviews
NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

If you want a secure, high-quality, 2-way audio-capable baby monitor with excellent night vision and a completely portable monitor, you’ve found it – and at a fantastic price. 🙌

However, with so many brands and models around, it can be challenging to choose which baby monitor to go with. You have to look at different products and compare features, functionality, and prices. So to save you the trouble and help make your search easier, we’ve come up with a list of the very best baby monitors you can buy in Australia.

How We Researched the Best Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are widely available in Australia, from local shops like Baby Bunting and the Baby Kingdom to leading online marketplaces such as Amazon. So to find the very best ones, we looked at all of these and other top shops, making a list of the best-selling and highest reviewed infant monitoring devices they offer. We then delved into the reviews section of each product, reading up on parents’ experiences with them.

But we didn’t stop there. We also checked on what professionals and blogs had to say, allowing us to get to know every product from the inside out. From there, we discussed it among ourselves and decided on which devices to cut. Slowly, we narrowed down our list to the top six.

Considering the audio and video performance, functionality, price, and other useful bonus features, we were then left with only the best baby monitors available today. So whichever one you go with, rest assured that it is only of the highest quality.

The Best Baby Monitors to Buy in Australia

1. Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

169 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • 1080p HD video quality
  • Can play lullabies and white noise
  • Covered face, rollover, and crying detection
  • No visible red light
What customers say:

The fact that we can give the log-in information to the grandmothers to watch the baby is the best part about it. They feel close and connected to her, and that is something my cousin loved as well in this COVID climate.” – Christine Mendes

The Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor is one of the most feature-packed baby monitors in the market. With 1080p HD and 135 degrees wide-angle lens, it provides you with crystal-clear images even in the dark. It can also detect the temperature and humidity in your child’s room. Plus, you can use it as a night light as well. In terms of security, this baby monitor offers enterprise-level security, encrypted data protection, and secure video streaming.

But what really sets the Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor apart from other smart baby monitors is its AI capabilities. It tells you when your baby is moving around, crying, has rolled over, or if a blanket has covered their face. It can also detect if your baby is in the danger zone. It even has sleep tracking and analytics, which offers you a better insight into your little one’s sleep health. However, to access this feature and others (18-hour playback and alert video download, age-based moments wall, etc.), you will need to pay a subscription.

We also like that the Cubo AI Plus allows you to soothe your child from a distance. It has clear two-way audio and built-in lullabies as well as white noise. You can also connect multiple Cubo cameras to one account and give up to 7 relatives or grandparents access, so they too can see your baby even when they are far away. Overall, this is an exceptional baby monitor and would make a great addition to your nursery – that is, if you don’t mind the hefty price tag.

  • Detects if baby’s mouth and nose are covered
  • Crying and rollover alerts
  • Crystal-clear image quality
  • Pricey
  • Some features need a subscription

2. NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

453 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Simple plug and play
  • Smart voice detection
  • 2-way talk and lullaby function
  • 1,000 feet range
What customers say:

For what we need it is perfect, connects easy and doesn’t need wifi. It is awesome how good it is to control the camera view remotely, image is clear, sound not much but is enough to hear what we need.” – Lucas

What’s great about the NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor is that it is incredibly easy to set up. No need to download an app or pair it with your device. Just plug it and you’re all ready. And since it utilizes a 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology, you don’t have to rely on a good internet connection to keep tabs on your baby.

The NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor has an extra long-range, promising a wireless transmission of up to 1,000 feet. Its monitor is also equipped with a 2,200mAh battery, allowing it to last up to 8 hours when used continuously. So you don’t have to charge it too often. It even lasts longer (up to 12 hours) in the Smart Voice Activation (VOX) mode, where the monitor will be in sleep mode while the camera is in sound detection. So when your baby makes a sound, the monitor will automatically turn on and alert you.

With this device, you can comfort and speak to your child from a distance through its 2-way talk and lullabies. It also has a unique baby feed timer function, which reminds you when it’s time to feed your little one. Plus, it has a temperature sensor and remote control function, which allows you to pan, tilt, or zoom the camera from a distance.

Sure, the NANNIO Comfy Video Baby Monitor doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of a smart baby monitor. But if you’re looking for a standard baby monitor that works for its purpose, then it is definitely a good choice. It does, however, have bright LEDs around the lens and base, which can be a distraction for your baby.

  • The camera can be adjusted remotely
  • Temperature sensor
  • Long range transmission
  • Feed timer alert
  • Distracting LED lights

3. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

1,795 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Two-way talkback system
  • Includes 8 lullabies
  • Easy to use and set up
What customers say:

Very happy with this camera. It is excellent value for money. It has all the basics you need. The picture quality and battery life aren’t fantastic but they’re about equal with other baby monitors I’ve tried for more than twice the price.” – Alex

Here’s another simple and reliable video baby monitor that can do its job well. The HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio has a decent image quality, battery life, and two-way talkback system. It also has eight lullaby songs, which can help comfort your baby. While it doesn’t have the highest resolution, its video quality is clear enough to see small movements even during nighttime.

The HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio is a good choice for a standard baby monitor at a reasonable price. It is super easy to set up and use. And with its 960 feet range, you’d have no problem moving around your home. Just like the NANNIO Comfy, this baby monitor also has a VOX function. So when your baby cries, the monitor will wake up and let you know immediately.

Unfortunately, the monitor’s battery doesn’t last that long. So you might need to keep it plugged in while using it.

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Two-way talkback and lullaby function
  • The camera can be adjusted remotely
  • Short battery life 

4. NANNIO Hero2 Video Baby Monitor

Price reduction
42 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Audio-only mode
  • Temperature monitoring
  • VOX / Eco mode
What customers say:

You won’t be disappointed with this monitor – the picture quality is great in both day and night and it’s super easy to use. Just plug them in and turn them on and they are ready to go.” – Matt Y

If you’re looking for a plug-and-play baby monitor, then the NANNIO Hero2 is another great option. With no WiFi or internet required, you’d always have a private and secure connection while keeping tabs on your little one. While it has a shorter transmission than the NANNIO Comfy, its 985 feet range is still good to provide you with stable video streaming even when you’re downstairs and your baby is upstairs.

We also like that this device has a VOX / Eco mode where the parent unit (monitor) is in sleep mode while the baby unit (camera) is in sound detection mode. So when your baby makes any sound, the parent unit will switch on and receive sound streaming. Not only that, but it will make slight vibration alerts as well to make sure you’ll be able to notice it even while sleeping. There’s an audio-only mode too, which allows you to listen in on your baby while the LCD screen is off.

However, unlike the NANNIO Comfy, you can’t pan, tilt, or zoom the NANNIO Hero2 remotely. But it does have more lullabies to play, offering 5 soothing lullabies while the NANNIO Comfy only has 3. It also has a 2,600mAh battery capacity, which is bigger than the NANNIO Comfy. This provides up to 10 hours of usage in the audio-only and VOX modes or 7 hours continuously.

Other features of this baby monitor are its two-way talk function, temperature sensor, and a night light to comfort your little one in the dark. It offers high-quality video and audio as well, allowing you to see your baby clearly during the day and night.

  • Can be used as an audio baby monitor
  • Sound detection and vibration alert
  • Two-way talk
  • Can be used with a power bank
  • Longer battery life
  • No remote camera control function

5. Lollipop – Smart Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

2,911 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Sleek design
  • True cry detection
  • Plays lullabies and white noise
What customers say:

I am obsessed with the sleek design of this camera that allows me to use it anywhere! The quality I cannot fault and I love that it allows me to check on bub while I’m at work! My favourite feature is the smart cry detection that notifies my device when I’m not close by.” – Ally

If you’re looking for a smart baby monitor but at the fraction of the cost, then consider the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor. While it isn’t as affordable as the non-WiFi devices on this list, it is certainly cheaper than other WiFi baby monitors in the market. It offers a live full HD 1080p feed, a two-way talkback function, and the option to play soothing sounds like lullabies and white noise. It also has crossing and crying detection, so you’ll be notified when your baby makes loud noises, cries, or climbs out of the crib.

More about its “True crying detection” feature, Lollipop claims to have a minimum of 96% accuracy rate in recognizing a baby’s cry from other noises. This way, you won’t have to deal with false and, sometimes, frustrating baby crying notifications. It also has an audio-only mode, where you can continue listening in on your baby even if your screen is off.

Now, what makes the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor unique is its shape and installation. True to its name, its camera is attached to a bendable leg, which you can wrap to your baby’s crib or the included wall mount. You can also use the leg to make it stand on any surface. With this design, setup is a breeze. Plus, it’s available in four fun colors.

Weirdly enough, this baby monitor does not have temperature or humidity tracking. If you need those features, you’d have to spend extra on a sensor. Also, if you want to track your child’s sleeping habits or continuously record their videos, then you have to pay for a subscription.

  • Audio-only monitoring
  • Bendable leg for easy setup
  • Detects noise, crying, and when baby is climbing out of the crib
  • No temperature or humidity tracking
  • Some features require a subscription

6.  Herlios 5-Inch HD Display Video Baby Monitor

24 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Very long battery life
  • 2-way audio
  • 1,000 feet range
  • The camera can be controlled remotely
What customers say:

Awesome baby monitor, great picture, great night vision, clear audio, great range, and great battery life on the monitor.” – Josh

The Herlios 5 inch HD Display Video Baby Monitor is a simple audio and video baby monitor with an impressive transmission range of up to 1,000 feet. So you can always get stable videos even if you’re downstairs, in another room, kitchen, or even the yard. It also has a 2-way talkback function, which allows you to soothe your fussy baby through your voice. However, it doesn’t have lullabies or white noise like the other baby monitors on our list.

What we like about the Herlios 5 inch HD Display Video Baby Monitor is its 5-inch screen. This is significantly bigger than NANNIO Comfy (3.5-inch), HelloBaby Monitor (3.2-inch), and NANNIO Hero3 (3.5-inch). So you’ll have a better viewing experience. While it doesn’t have the best resolution at 720p, it does offer clear viewing during daytime and clear greyscale infrared images in the nighttime. You can even control the camera remotely and zoom in 2 or 4 times to have a closer look at your precious little one.

This device also has an impressive 4,500mAh battery capacity. On audio-only mode, it can last up to 24 hours and 10 hours when the audio and screen are on. With it, you can keep a close eye on your baby from day till night.

  • Zoom and auto-pilot panoramic scan function
  • Very long battery life
  • Bigger and clear screen
  • Temperature monitoring
  • No lullabies or white noise

7. Owlet – Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor

94 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Light and sound notifications
  • Long battery life
  • Monitors heart rate, oxygen level, and sleep trends
What customers say:

Certainly for the over worried parent, but works well, after a week In NICU due to respiratory distress, it was really nice to have this on each night to give peace of mind.” – Michael

For those looking to buy a baby monitor to keep track of their little one’s health, then consider the Owlet - Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor. Unlike others on our list, it is a wearable device used to monitor a child’s oxygen level, heart rate, and sleep trends. You can then view all these readings and information easily through the Owlet app, and make necessary adjustments to a child’s schedule as they grow. More importantly, you will be notified via the application and Base Station (charging station) in real-time if readings are out of the preset zones. This way, you’ll know exactly when your child needs you.

The Owlet - Smart Sock 3 Baby Monitor can fit babies from birth to 18 months. The sock itself has a 16-hour battery life, and recharging is pretty quick and easy, too. With the Base Station, you can just drop the sock and go. You don’t even have to wait long as it can fully charge the monitoring device in just 90 minutes.

Even better, this wearable device can work even when your internet goes out. Through the Base Station, you will still be notified with lights and sounds if there’s anything wrong with your baby. However, unlike other wearable monitoring devices, it does not track movement. It also doesn’t have the option to monitor your child through audio or video. Not to mention that it is very expensive as well.

If you want to track your baby’s oxygen, heart rate, and motion while being able to see and hear your baby, then the Owlet Baby Monitor Duo will be a much better option for you.

  • Wireless and fast charging
  • Works even if WiFi goes out
  • Accurate readings
  • Expensive
  • Does not monitor motion

Baby Monitors: Buying Guide

Not all baby monitors are the same. What used to be audio-only devices, many of today’s baby monitors already have video cameras and connectivity options. So even your relatives who live far away can check on your little one. Others can even monitor your baby’s breathing, heart rate, and sleep. Some have smart alerts as well, which can eliminate some of the guesswork that goes along with taking care of a baby.

Now, the question is, do you really need all these features? Because if you don’t, then you might be better off with a budget-friendly audio monitor or the most basic non-WiFi video baby monitor. This way, you won’t have to spend more than you have to. Now, aside from that, there are also other things you should take into consideration before purchasing a baby monitor. But what are they? Here’s a buying guide to help you out.

What to Look for When Buying Baby Monitors

  1. Type: There are different types of baby monitors, each with its advantages and disadvantages. So before deciding on which one to go with, it is best to understand each type to know which one best works for you.
  • Audio Monitor: As its name suggests, this type of device will only let you hear your baby from a distance. It’s like a walkie-talkie with no other special feature or ways to know if there’s anything wrong with your baby. If your primary concern is to know whether your child is awake, then this is a very affordable and often widely available option.
  • Video Monitor: This type of device has a camera that allows you to see and hear your child through a receiver. Some also have talk-back features so you can speak and soothe your baby over the monitor. A video monitor is affordable and widely available. It also gives you more information than a simple audio monitor.
  • WiFi Monitor: For parents who wish to check on their babies from anywhere, this is the type of baby monitor for you. Since it is connected via WiFi, this device can work practically anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet. And unlike simple audio or video monitors where you need to carry around a receiver, you can use this type of device with your smartphone, tablet, or both.

WiFi monitors also offer more monitoring, recording, and smart capabilities. However, they can be quite expensive, and they rely heavily on a stable internet connection.

  • Movement Monitor: This device monitors movement. So when your baby has not moved for a set time, it will alert you by sounding an alarm. It can also monitor heart rate, breathing, temperature, giving you a more in-depth look at your baby’s health. Some units can even transmit videos, so you can see how your baby’s doing. On the downside, this type of monitor is pricey.
  • Heart and Breathing Monitor: Now, if you have concerns about your baby’s health, then this might just be the device for you. It monitors your child’s chest movement and heart activity. It sets off an alarm when there’s a long pause in a child’s breathing or if the heart rate falls below the set level.
  1. Range: When buying a non-WiFi baby monitor, look for the range. How far away can you be from your child’s room to still get uninterrupted monitoring? This is a very important feature to consider especially if you have a large home, multiple floors, or lots of walls, which the signal has to traverse. If you do, then you’d need a device with a wider range for a reliable connection.
  2. Video Quality: If you are buying a video monitor, check for the video quality. It should be at least 720p or, for the clearest images, 1080p HD or higher.
  3. Night Vision: A baby video monitor should also have night vision since its main job is to let you watch your baby sleeping.
  4. Two-way Communication: This feature allows you to speak to your baby over the monitor. With it, you can comfort and soothe your little one through your voice without getting out of bed.
  5. Privacy and Security: Reports of baby monitors getting hacked with strangers talking to the children are not new. So if you are interested in WiFi monitors, make sure to check whether or not the device offers some privacy and security protection.
  6. Remote Adjustments: Devices with this feature will allow you to focus and adjust the camera’s view remotely, also known as pan, zoom, and tilt. This can be pretty handy as it gives you a clearer view of your child.

What are the Benefits of Baby Monitors

Since they’re not exactly cheap, many think twice about buying baby monitors. However, they do offer many benefits with their functionality and convenience. They can help parents in many ways, making their and their babies’ days more manageable. For one, you don’t have to silently sneak into the nursery and risk waking up your child just to see if they are still sleeping or even breathing. This gives anxious parents peace of mind, assuring them that their babies are fine.

With a baby monitor, you don’t have to stay close or constantly visit the nursery to see what your little one is doing. You can rest, shower, or watch a movie. More importantly, you can get things done around your home without worrying about your baby. For WiFi monitors, they also double as a nanny cam, keeping an eye on your child and their caretaker when you are not at home. On top of that, they allow other relatives, like grandparents, to keep track of your child remotely. This way, they’ll always feel close and connected to your baby even from miles away.

Baby monitors, depending on the model you buy, allow two-way communication as well. So when your baby stirs up during naps or at night, you can comfort and soothe them with your voice or with lullabies – without getting out of bed.

Now, a good baby monitor helps you know when your baby needs you. However, with the many brands and models around, choosing which one to buy can be overwhelming. So we’re hoping this guide can help you get the best baby monitor for you and your family. ‘

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