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The Best Bluetooth Lightbulb Speakers For a Disco In A Bulb

The best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers have become quite the trend lately. It’s taking a whole new meaning to the surround-sound system. Nothing is cooler than to have a lightbulb that not only illuminates your surrounding but also gives you the beats you need to be in a great mood. Some bulbs can even perform a light dance to the beat of your playlist which makes it a great disco light alternative as well.
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Bluetooth lightbulb speakers are certainly an interesting product – and a surprisingly useful one too! They are exactly as it sounds—a light bulb with the capability to play music and sounds via Bluetooth. The best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers help create seamless audio and visual experiences that add a whole new dimension to your home.

Lightbulb speakers are becoming more popular as the product quality improves and people discover the benefits of owning one.

To make sure you get that overall fulfilling experience, we’ve listed down 10 of the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers we’ve seen in the market so far.

Best Bluetooth Lightbulb Speakers

After many hours of research, comparisons, and head-scratching, we have whittled down the countless Bluetooth lightbulb speakers into this comprehensive list of the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers. With many brands offering almost identicals products, we have put together a list of lightbulb speakers that has something for everyone. Every product on this list is of high quality and worth your consideration.

#1. Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker
315 Reviews
Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker
  • Smart Speaker Bulb: The world's first energy-efficient LED light bulb with...
  • App Control Access: Play Music, adjust volume and set dim brightness...
  • Easy To Install: Firstly, Simply screw into any standard E27 light socket...
  • Music Everywhere: If you have light, you can have sound. Pulse Solo is...

Speaker power: 13W (max)| Bulb size: BR30 | Companion app: Available | Frequency Response: 100Hz – 20kHz

The JBL brand is very popular and recognised for their product quality, especially when it comes to speakers and headphones. That’s why JBL Bluetooth speaker is our pick for the number 1 Bluetooth lightbulb speaker? The Sengled Pulse LED Smart Bulb with JBL Bluetooth Speaker is a quality product that ticks every box.

Having a JBL speaker is not its only perk. It has tons of highly-noted features that can make your house the envy of your friends. Among its great qualities, its expandability stood out. You can connect up to 8 lightbulbs and get the ultimate surround-sound system throughout your home. It works just like a WiFi mesh system; you need to have a master Sengled Pulse lightbulb and up to 7 satellite Pulse bulbs. Connect your phone to Bluetooth and open the companion app (Pulse) to connect the additional satellite bulbs.

You’ll also be able to stream effortlessly as the bulbs can be connected with an Amazon Echo & Echo Dot. You can control your playlist either on the app or let Alexa do it for you.

  • Expandable connectivity up to 8 Pulse bulbs
  • Simple installation (plug and play)
  • Can be connected to an Amazon Echo and/or Echo Dot.
  • Connecting the satellite bulbs to the master might be a bit confusing to some

#2. Texsens LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.

Speaker power:  3W | Output power: 6W | Companion app: None | Frequency Response: 135Hz-15KHz

The will add a splash of color to your room as well as a sweet speaker!  It comes with a full 6W white LED and a 3W RGB alongside its 3W speaker. You can use it regularly as a standard bulb or use it to set the mood either for a party, relaxation or just to keep you entertained while you listen to your favorite beats.

This Bluetooth lightbulb speaker comes with a remote control that makes controlling it a breeze. You can customize the color and the mode of the light as well as the music. It has a wireless control range of up to 10m or 33.ft, which is more than enough range unless you live in a castle. The Texsens lightbulb is environemntally with each lightbulb will last you up to 10,000 hours.

  • There’s no need for an app to control it
  • Low-powered
  • Offers different light modes 
  • There might be a noticeable delay when turning on the light

#3. LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker

LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker, 8W E26 Base RGB Color Changing LED Music Bulb, Multicolor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Bulb
  • Color changing speaker bulb: Multicolor dimmable LED light bulb; 4 color...
  • Built-in stereo speaker: With a stereo speaker inside, you can play your...
  • Timing Alarm and Sleep Assistant functions: With Timing Alarm and Sleep...
  • Easy installation: Screw in the bulb, power it on, and download the free...

Speaker power: 6W | Bulb power: 6W | Companion app: None | Remote Controller Range: 8m/26ft

The LightStory Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker, 8W E26 Base RGB Color Changing LED Music Bulb, Multicolor Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Bulb is another highly-recommended product by Amazon. It is considered a Smart Speaker bulb, as it is multi-colored, energy-efficient, and is feature-packed.

It doesn’t come with an app companion, but it comes with a remote controller. You can manually adjust the light color to your liking within the RGB range, playing with 12 colorful lights, switch it to Flicker mode, or on twinkle mode that’ll dance to the music rhythm.

The remote can also control the volume of the speaker and the flow of the music (pause, start, next, and back) The speaker carries a 6W power—the same as the bulb, so you are assured of a decent speaker volume.

This lightbulb is also energy-saving, using an E26 base adapter, the Ustellar LED replaces a 50W incandescent bulb with a 6W LED. This is also a long-lasting product, it has a lifespan of 50000 hours.

  • Equipped with switchable RGB colors and different modes
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy installation because there’s no companion app needed
  • Will not work in a lamp

#4. ZOKEZ Bluetooth Light Bulb with Speaker

No products found.

Bulb base: E26 | Companion app: Available| Light Source wattage: 60W

The is not your typical lightbulb. For one, it’s more of a donut-shaped bulb instead of the regular-looking one. In the middle is where the heavy-bass Bluetooth speaker is placed. It’s an interesting design to say the least.

It makes for one of the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers because it gives the users an option to be controlled either via the mobile companion app or via the remote control. You can also set a schedule for when it turns on and off with the use of its “Sunrise and Sunset schedule” feature. It can even be used as an alarm clock, which can automatically play music every morning based on the time you set.

The lightbulb provides for gradient colorful lights and 7 single-color light modes. It provides a whopping 3600 lumen of brightness. It’s long-lasting as well, with an average lifespan of 300,000 hours.

  • Dual control options
  • Equipped with an ON/OFF timer schedule and alarm (with music)
  • Offers gradient color light effects
  • The remote will require one CR5 battery

Speaker Light Bulb: Buyer’s Guide

The best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers can give quite the entertainment anywhere, whether at home or work. It’s definitely a must-have during themed parties. Since it is still technically a lightbulb, we should be very careful when choosing the right product. We need to make sure that it is safe and will not cost us a fortune when the electric bill comes. If you still need to consider other products aside from the ones listed above, we’ve prepared a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect one:

Speaker power and Lightbulb power (wattage)

Even the ordinary lightbulbs are heavily powered, that’s why we’ve become fond of the LED energy-saving ones. We’re going to power up not only the light but also the speaker of these devices so we have to be careful on the wattages of the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers. What we want to avoid are short-circuits, overheating, and of course, sparking a fire. Also, getting a high electric bill by the end of every month.

Sometimes, the speaker and the lightbulb will have the same wattage, but other times, the speaker will have less wattage requirement than the light.

The speaker power can be somewhat correlated by how loud your product will be. Generally, the lower the wattage it requires the lower the emitted sound. However, it’s not always a bad thing, especially when you have quite a few of them placed all over the house.

There’s no standard wattage to follow, but you may want to consider products with lower wattage but can still function efficiently. There are Bluetooth lightbulb speakers that are considered great replacements for 60W or 300W. If you will be using the lightbulb regularly as an ordinary source of light (without the music) then opting for a lesser wattage is advised.

Bulb base

The light socket is the hub for the lightbulbs and the base is the power output. Not all lightbulbs have the same bases. There are quite several different types of base. You have to make sure that your base will be compatible with the socket that’s already installed in your house or lamps. Some lightbulbs cannot be installed in lamps, so you have to watch out for that.


Just because it is equipped with Bluetooth Technology, you will presume that the device will run automatically without any issues. Unfortunately, that may not be the case in some instances. To be specific, there are music streaming services that may not be compatible with playing with your Bluetooth lightbulb speaker.

Aside from that, your phone’s Bluetooth technology must also be compatible with that of the device. There are picky devices that cannot connect if you have different versions of Bluetooth.

Remote-controlled or app-controlled

The Bluetooth lightbulb speakers can either be controlled via the remote controller or via a companion app. There are some products, however—those that are deemed to be one of the best Bluetooth lightbulb speakers—that can be controlled by both.

Looking into different user experiences, many have had quite a few issues with products that are remote-controlled. But the problem with the app is that not all are tech-savvy enough to successfully connect or use the mobile app. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are quite familiar with technology, then you should opt for those that make use of a companion app as a control. But if you’re more comfortable with a physical remote controller, then make sure to get the best Bluetooth lightbulb speaker that offers one.

Variety of lights

Not all products are RGB equipped. Some are just plain white or warm colors. Others, the more diverse ones, will offer both. There are products that are made for setting a warm mood and atmosphere while studying or reading, while others are made to party. So you have to think first about your purpose of getting a Bluetooth lightbulb speaker. If you want versatility then get one that offers a wide range of color switching.


Owning the best Bluetooth Lightbulb speakers can be quite fun and satisfying, especially if you have those that can be connected in a mesh-like system. It comes with many advantages. You can finally have that long-overdue bath without worrying about getting your speaker or phone wet and not having to light candles to set the mood. Or you can finally kickstart your fantasy of making your home a gadget hub. It’s the new trend that you should, definitely, try to hop on.

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