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The Best Nanoleaf Alternatives to Buy in 2021

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You may have seen Nanoleafs on your favourite YouTuber’s wall or in fancy clubs and design agencies, but what you probably didn’t know is that there are a lot of great Nanoleafs alternatives out there too! This list of best Nanoleaf alternatives can help you choose the best wall lights for your needs!

Feel free to skip ahead  to a specific Nanoleaf alternative if you’re short on time:

#1. Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit 

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition
  • Create a stunning audiovisual lightshow in your home with the Nanoleaf Rhythm.
  • Connect the triangular colour-changing LED panels together and mount them with the included adhesive pads.
  • The Rhythm module recognizes music so the panels change colour in time with the rhythm, and you can also use the app or voice control to make your own...
  • Wattage: 0.7

Hey, so it’s a bit of a cheat, to call the Rythm edition of Nanoleaf a Nanoleaf alternative but it really is a top-quality product a deserves a spot on this page. One of the great features of the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit is that it can be paired with an Alexa device (if you have one already) for voice control.

Another big advantage is that it is still from the Nanoleaf family. Once you get extra money to spend, you can always buy the expansion pack to extend your wall panel design.

Also, it comes with 15 panels while the usual starter kits only come with 5, 7 or 9 panels. But, of course, it comes with a hefty price tag while the starter kits are only half the price.

Compared to the Nanoleaf Canvas, its PSU cable length is twice as long (16.5 ft/ 5 m). Per panel is also bigger in size, with its height and width measured at 8.25 in and 9.5 in respectively, while the Canvas panel only measures 5.9 x 5.9 in.

Moreover, there’s a bit of a problem with the wall adhesive that comes along with the panels, according to a few customer reviews. Although other consumers testified that the amount of 3M strips included are more than enough.

Basically, what it does is It recognizes the rhythm of your music and the LED panels will accordingly react, giving its users a stunning audiovisual light show.

  • It’s still a Nanoleaf product
  • It has more panels than other products
  • Its lights are reactive to the rhythm of the music
  • It comes with a hefty price tag
  • It only comes in a triangular shape
  • It’s not touch-reactive

#2. Luminosa Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light 

Luminosa Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light
  • ✔️ THE PERFECT MOOD LIGHTING FOR ANY ROOM - Create a cozy and colorful atmosphere in any room you prefer. The wall panels also have a cool effect...
  • ✔️ COMBINE AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF LIGHT PANELS - there is no limitation to the number of LED panel lights you can use, although we highly...
  • ✔️ WHAT'S IN THE BOX - every box contains 6 lights, a 5 ft. (1,5 m) USB cable, 1 remote control, 6 USB boards, 10 triangle-shaped connectors, a...
  • ✔️ EXPERIENCE LUMINOSIA - an American based lighting company. All of our products have been checked one by one before they were sent to the Amazon...

The Luminosa Remote Control Hexagon Wall Light has a lot of modes aside from the 13 monochrome modes. It has a colourful slow-change mode, fast-change mode, monochrome flash mode, brightness adjustment mode, and a timing function.

Switching from one mode to another is also made easy — with a simple touch on its remote.  It comes with a USB power supply, so users can easily connect the wall panel to a laptop, a PC, or even to a power bank.

There’s no complicated instruction as to its power supply, so long as you have a USB port available.  Also, it is touch-sensitive. To change each panel’s colour, you can just simply tap the centre.

Unlike the Nanoleaf, this product is compatible with other wall light products, so if you feel like attaching another wall light with a different brand name, it won’t be an issue.

This product, however, is thicker than the Nanoleaf. While the Nanoleaf is only 0.24-inches thick, the Luminosa is 1.2 inches thick. So the wall panel design won’t be as sleek and as minimalist as the Nanoleaf.  Every Luminosa hexagon panel is also only 2 inches long and 4 inches wide.

There is no doubt that ODISTAR is a worthy Nanoleaf alternative and can be used as a colourful wall design in any part of the house — may it be in the bedroom, the living room, or in the office.

  • It has a USB power supply
  • It’s compatible with other products
  • It’s touch-sensitive
  • It’s thicker than Nanoleaf

#3. SELFILA Hexagon Splicing RGB 

SELFILA Hexagon Splicing RGB
  • 【Creative DIY Shapes】Inspired from building block bricks and jigsaw puzzle and honeycomb, the selfila hexagonal LED Lights fast modular component...
  • 【Cool and Gorgeous Decoration】Add a wow-factor to a room. You can create cozy and quiet ambiance for reading, multi-color light for party and...
  • 【Fancy Colors & Awesome Effects】This selfila smart rgb led lights for wall will give vivid color, bright light cycle and variable hue scheme.You...
  • 【Super Easy Installation】Fast modular components without APP, that can easily adapt to any scenario. Use magnetic edges to connect the lights...

What makes the SELFILA Hexagon Splicing RGB Lights Hexagonal Wall Lights Modular Touch Sensitive Lights DIY Glow Homekit Multicolor Lamp Colour Honeycomb Lights Lights a great Nanoleaf alternative is that it can also be used as a lamp. Get that same wall light vibe but on your table or on your bedside dresser. Not to mention how cheap it is!

While the Nanoleaf can adapt to the rhythm of the music, the SELFILA RGB lights can be adjusted depending on the mood or ambience. For example, a cosy and quiet ambience for reading or a multi-colour effect for parties. It can be adjusted for different scenarios or environments like in a cosy night in with a takeaway or to add energy to a music studio.

Price-wise, this product is also cheaper. This will include six 7 x 7 in. panels, with a thickness of 2 inches. So, it is also thicker than the Nanoleaf.  Meanwhile, what makes this product better is that it has magnetic splicing, so connecting each panel comes with complete ease. It also carries a USB power supply (but without the adapter).

There’s no installation needed or other apps to connect this product to. Simply touch the centre of the panel to change its light mode and long-press the same to turn it off.

  • It can be a lamp as well
  • It’s way cheaper
  • It has magnetic splicing for easy panel building
  • It’s bigger and thicker than other products
  • It only comes with a USB cord

#4. LifeSmart Cololight Hexagon Light 

Price reduction
LifeSmart Cololight Hexagon Light
  • [App & Voice Control]: Download "Cololight" APP and Voice command Alexa and Google Assistant to personalize your lighting. Dozens of Dynamic Effects...
  • [Timer Setting]: Set the timing on the app, then automatically turn on or turn off your hexagon lights. Please save your lighting effects when the...
  • [Portable & USB Powered]: Each panel measures 3.38 x 2.93 x 1.2 inches. The hexagonal panel is made of high-quality ABS with strong light transmission...
  • [Table Lamp/Wall Gaming Lights]: Cololight hexagon lights can be used as a desktop lamp or installed on the wall. These led light panels can be joined...

The LifeSmart Cololight Hexagon Light is similar to the SELFILA, in a way that it can also be used as a lamp, aside from a wall light design.  It can also be paired with an Alexa or other Google Assistant device for voice control. But, it doesn’t necessarily need a hub for that.

The product comes with its own mobile app called “Cololight”. With the app, users can control its light colour and brightness via voice command. And just like the Nanoleaf, LifeSmart’s light display can also be synced with your misc through your phone’s mic via the app.

It’ll intelligently change colours based on the music being played.  There’s also a lot of Cololight packages to choose from, so have a look for the right package for the design you have in mind. It’s a bit thicker than the rest of the Nanoleaf alternatives, with a thickness of 1.2 inches, while its dimension is measured at 3.38 x2.93 in.

  • It can also be used as a lamp
  • It can be operated via voice command
  • Not the most user-friendly
  • It’s smaller to compared to other products

#5. Yescom Smart LED Light Kit

Price reduction
Yescom WiFi Smart LED Light Kit
  • [Modular Light for Different Shapes]: Hexagonal Smart Light, 6 blocks to splice together to form various shapes; More blocks for more variety of...
  • [Music & Voice Interaction]: By connecting to Amazon Alexa & Google Assistance, color changing & dynamic wavelike light that can dance with music...
  • [16 million Color Selection]: Up to 16 million colors to display, 3 selection modes for different color effects, Selected Mode presents preset color...
  • [Intelligent Control by Smartphone]: Detailed adjustment is available by using APP, conveniently and finely changing color, brightness & customizing...

Similar to the two products mentioned, Yescom WiFi Smart LED Light Kit can alternatively be used as a lamp. It comes with 6 blocks but its base can carry as many as 10. Making it more fun to shape your lamp into a heart or a mini Christmas tree.

It can also be connected to Alexa and other Google Assistant devices for voice interaction. It can also react to the rhythm of your music but only in a dynamic wavelike movement.  Aside from having voice command availability, Yescom can also automatically light up when the door opens.

Moreover, its light effect, brightness, and changing of colour can be done through a mobile app.  For the individual panel size, there are no dimensions mentioned but its packaging is measured at 11.85 x 3.9 x 3.86 inches.

The products (along with its base and other equipment) comes in round and tall pencil case-like container, so you can only imagine how small each panel is.

  • It can alternatively be used as a lamp
  • It has a voice command availability
  • Its app-dependency may not appeal to all ages
  • Might be a bit small for other people’s preference

#6. Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels 

Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels
  • 🌈 BOOSTS THE AMBIANCE IN ANY INDOOR SPACE: Bring some whimsical charm to any room at home or your business with these cool lamps. This...
  • 🌈 ADJUST THE COLORS BASED ON YOUR MOOD: Hosting a big party with friends or family? You can create a more bold, upbeat color show using the panels....
  • 🌈 CREATE CUSTOM DESIGN ON THE WALL OR TABLE: One of the neatest features of these triangle tiles is that they’re customizable. Let your...
  • 🌈 EASY TO CONTROL USING VOICE OR THE APP: There are many ways to be in control of this wall decoration. Use an app on your smartphone or touch and...

While the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition reacts to the beat of your music, the Koozam Smart Wall LED Light Panels are activated by sound. The colours will start changing and “dance” to the tune of your music.

There’s a lot of ways to control this wall panel design: through touch, voice (via Alexa and other Google Assistant devices) and through a mobile app. Aside from that, it also has its very own remote control. You can connect up to 1024 panel pieces as well.

It’s thicker and also larger than the rest of the products mentioned, with a package dimension of 12.4 x 10 x 3.9 inches.  Each pack has a total of 9 panels.

  • The lights are customizable to a point wherein it can even be dimmable
  • It is sound-activated
  • It has many ways to control
  • With its large size, it might not conveniently fit on all types of walls

#7. QBABY Hexagonal Wall Light 

The QBABY Hexagonal Wall Light is magnetic so each panel can be easily pieced together. It is also touch-sensitive, which is quite innovative considering the panels are interconnected through the magnet. Meanwhile, each panel can work independently from each other, which means users can control which panels to open and close.

For a single power adapter, users can connect a maximum of 65 “lamps” but each pack only contains 16 pieces. This is already great considering how many panels are offered from other products.

The panels are also thin, so it gives a great minimalist design, just like what makes Nanoleaf attractive. It has a thickness of 0.8 mm and with a 100 x 115 mm dimension.  Pros:

  • The design creativity is endless with its magnetic panel connection
  • The colour temperature is limited to warm white

#8. Keith Hexagon Led Lights

Keith Hexagon Lights
  • UPGRADE RGB WICK - We have upgraded the hexagonal wick.Upgrade to 5 inch large size, making the light source more uniform and colorful, and each lamp...
  • RICH COLOR MODE - Power on is color gradient, first touch red, second touch green, third touch blue, fourth color jump, fifth off. Touch the color...
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR SPACE: It can be freely combined with a different number of modules to create the pattern you want. It can be used as night light or...
  • PERFECT GIFT - Perfect and sweet gift for your lover, kids, families, friends, coworkers.With 12v safety voltage, you can use it with your family and...

The Keith Hexagon Lights has a unique touch function wherein every tap will correspond to change of a certain colour. To be exact, the first touch is red, the second touch is green, the third touch is blue, the fourth is a colour jump, while the fifth is its off switch.

Similar to the QBABY product, the honeycomb wall light panels can be connected through a magnet. Also, each panel can be independently controlled without affecting the others.

It’s also comparably thicker, with a 4.6 in thickness and with a dimension of 7.1 x 4.9 in. Per pack comes with 6 panels (with equivalent sticky pads for mounting) and one power adapter. Plus, the instruction manual, of course.

This product is so easy to use that it won’t be difficult to explain to non-tech-savvy users.

  • The panels can be connected through a magnet
  • The control is simple as tapping the panels to change colour and to turn off
  • There’s limited customizability
  • There’s a limit of up to 20 blocks (or panels) per one power circuit

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