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The Best Mops for Mirror-finish Floors

Effortlessly clean off dirt and stains from your floors with the best mops in Australia. 🧼
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Mopping floors is one of the most tedious tasks. It can be even more tiring if you use a poorly designed mop. However, with the best mop, you can quickly clean your floor without straining yourself. A good mop can effectively lift stains and dirt without scratching the flooring material.

Plus, some mops have additional features that will simplify your work during the cleaning process. To make them even better, most mops are fitted with telescopic handles that you can customise to match your height. Also, some models feature rotatable heads that will give you quick and easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

TL; DR: The #1 Mop for Most People 👇
MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop
10,799 Reviews
MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

The microfiber mop by MR.SIGA is designed with your cleaning needs in mind and can help you do away with surface stains and dirt within the shortest time possible. It comes with 3 microfiber cloths and a dirt scrubber for added convenience. If you are looking for a versatile flat mop, this can be a great choice!

With so many mops to choose from, finding the ideal mop can prove challenging. To give you a helping hand, we have handpicked 5 of the best mops that you can find in the Australian market. The mops listed in this guide are suited for different types of floors, so ensure that you choose one that can deliver the desired results without degrading the quality of your floor.

The Best Mops to Buy Today in Australia

1. Best Overall: Boomjoy Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

5 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Built from high-quality materials for maximum durability
  • Comes with microfiber mop head attachments for deep cleaning
  • Swivel head design for reaching tight spots
  • Innovatively designed bucket for hands-free washing
What customers say:

“I love this mop because it’s very easy to use and it’s separating dirty and clean water very well, it’s even cleaning the dirt on the mop so you don’t need to touch anything. Love it! Thanks.”–Begum

We chose the Boomjoy Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set as our top pick for the best mops due to its versatility, sturdy construction, and well-built bucket. Upon purchase, you will get two reusable microfiber mop cloths that can help lift dust, spills, hair, and dirt from your floors in no time.

The mop head is approximately 33cm long and 12cm wide, which is great as this will allow you to cover a wider area with every pass that the mop makes. This will not only reduce your cleaning time but also ensures the mop lifts all the dirt without leaving any undone patches. Besides, the mop head has a swivel design and can make a complete 360-degree rotation.

As such, you won’t experience any difficulty manoeuvring the mop around obstacles. Best of all, you can set the head at varying angles when mopping tight spaces. With the help of this feature, you can easily slide the mop head under furniture, allowing it to collect all the dirt. This equipment functions both as a dry mop and wet mop.

But it doesn’t end there; you can use it on a range of floor types, be it vinyl, tile, laminate, hardwood, or marble. It can as well be used for cleaning window panes. The package is inclusive of an innovatively designed bucket that will make your work a whole lot easier. Since it has two compartments, you can keep water on one side, thus leaving the other compartment dry for wringing purposes.

Furthermore, the bucket is fitted with a wash groove that will help you rinse down the mop pad with ease. Beneath the groove is a squeegee that aids in hair and dirt removal. This will enable you to clean the attached mop pad without getting your hands dirty. The bucket also has a splash guard that prevents water from spilling all over the place as you wring the mop.

Once you are done cleaning, you can empty the bucket through the drainage hole at the bottom. When it comes to durability, the handle is made of stainless steel to ensure you get a mop that will last. It won’t dent, and neither will it bend during usage.

  • The mop pads are machine washable
  • Bucket wrings out the excess water for you
  • Easy to clean mop head
  • You’ll have to replace the mop pads with time

2. Best Value: DR Fussy Spin Mop and Bucket Set

11 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Telescopic handle for easy customisation
  • Spinner wringer for user convenience
  • Super absorbent mop head for fast and easy cleaning
  • The handle has a hang hole for easy storage
What customers say:

“It’s good only the handle doesn’t stay locked in, I’ve picked it up by the handle twice and it came out and it dropped to the floor, luckily the second time it didn’t spill over like the first time…”–Stacy Tesich

The DR Fussy Spin Mop and Bucket Set can thoroughly clean different floor types without impacting the quality of the flooring material. Unlike the first mop, which has a rectangular head, this unit features a circular mop head that is designed with your cleaning needs and the safety of your floor in mind.

Moreover, it comes with four microfiber mop heads that you can swap at will. The fact that the mop head is detachable means you can remove it for easy cleaning when you are done mopping. The microfibers are electrostatic and can lift even the tiniest strand of hair from your floor. This makes the mop an ideal pick for those who have pets.

Much like the Boomjoy Flat Floor Mop, you can use this mop when it is wet or dry. The mop head can tilt up to 180 degrees, enabling you to reach under couches, beds, and other hard-to-clean areas around the house. To add to this, the head is swivelable, so you can set it at any angle when manouvering the mop.

And because the microfibers are very absorbent, you will be able to dry the floor with just a few passes. To add to its list of features, the spinner wringer will squeeze out water from the mop head, leaving it with just the right amount of moisture to mop your floor without soaking up the flooring.

The handle is telescopic, meaning you can adjust it to suit your height. It has an easy-to-use locking lever that you can engage or disengage with one hand. When properly locked, the lever will ensure the handle doesn’t retract when the mop head is pressed against the floor.

Both the handle and the wringer basket are made of quality steel to keep rust at bay. Nonetheless, some parts are built from heavy-duty plastic that is equally durable. The bucket has a capacity of 11 litres, so it can hold enough water to clean a large room. As if that is not enough, it is fitted with two wheels for easy mobility.

That said, you can smoothly roll the bucket from one spot to the next without scratching your floor. Lastly, the bucket has a handle holder that will keep the mop upright as it dries. However, some users reported having issues with the telescopic handle.

  • Washable mop heads
  • The bucket has a drain hole
  • Durably built
  • The handle can be a bit flimsy

3. Best for Most People: MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop

10,799 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Swivel head for easy manoeuvrability
  • Double-sided mop pads for maximum versatility
  • The mop head is aluminium built to increase durability
  • Comes with a dirt scrubber for quick cleaning
What customers say:

“Best mop I’ve EVER purchased! The telescopic handle adjusts to any length you could want, it’s made from very study materials and the head swivels perfectly. The cleaning pads are thick and FAR better quality than I was expecting!…”–Carrie B

The MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop is one of the top-rated mops in this guide. Like most flat mops, it comes with reusable mop cloths that you can attach or detach by hand.

What sets this unit apart from other mops with a similar design is that the mop cloths are double-sided. The beige side is specially designed for waxing floors, while the blue side can be used for dry or wet cleaning. Additionally, the mop head is made of aluminium for increased durability.

It is extremely lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down when mopping. To attach the mop pads, simply lift the clip-on mechanism, align the cloth with the gear-like profile, and clamp. When done correctly, the mop cloth won’t come loose or shift positions as you glide the mop across the floor.

Attached to the mop head is a pliable friction-enhancing pad that ensures the mop grips the floor properly. As a result, the mop pad will pick up dirt more efficiently, leaving you with a spotlessly clean floor. You will be happy to know that the plastic attachment is non-abrasive, so rest assured it won’t scar your floor.

The handle is not only made of stainless steel but also extendable. This makes it ideal for people of all heights. To add to this, the handle has a dual locking system, so you won’t have to worry about it collapsing when you are working. This mop comes with a scrapper that can come in handy when dealing with stubborn dirt.

Also, you can use the scrapper for removing hair and other debris from the mop head. Thanks to its design, this floor mop can effortlessly glide on different flooring materials. It will give you access to all parts of the room, including corners. This microfiber mop will deliver exceptional results when used on laminate, marble, tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring.

  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for dry and wet mopping
  • Extendable handle
  • The mop pads wear out over time

4. Best for Laminate Floors: Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

Price reduction
460 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • 360- degree rotation mop head for limitless manoeuvrability
  • Clip-on mop head design for easy cloth attachment
  • Highly absorbent mop pads for residue-free floors
  • Sturdily built for durability
What customers say:

“The mop is of very good quality, very good material, easy to assemble and use. It brings 4 good quality mops, easy to wash. I recommend it…”–Patricia Fernandez de Lara

The Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop by YOUSHANGJIA is also another reliable option that you can use for dry and wet mopping. Similar to the unit just before it the frame of the mop head is crafted from quality aluminium to minimise corrosion while reducing the mop’s overall weight.

In addition to increasing manoeuvrability, the mop head enables users to move the mop with minimal strain due to its lightweight design. When you buy this product, you will get four reusable mop cloths that you can use on a wide range of flooring.

The pad attachment mechanism on this floor mop is similar to that of the MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop, making it even more convenient. And since the cloth covers the entire mop head, the plastic parts won’t come into contact with the floor. This safeguards both the floor and the mop against scratches.

More to this, the four-section telescopic handle is extendable up to 150cm, so ensure that you set it at the most ideal height. Before using the mop, ensure that you firmly screw in all sections of the handle to prevent them from loosening in between the cleaning session.

When dry mopping, the included scrapper can help remove hair and dirt from the pad, preventing the excessive build-up of debris on the mop head. This mop is very easy to set up, so it won’t frustrate you. It has all the features that you may look for in a flat mop and is, therefore, an ideal pick for everyone.

Plus, the microfiber from which the mop pads are made is very absorbent and also has great cleaning ability. Since the mop head has a large surface area, you’ll be able to cover a wide surface with one sweep. If you are in search of a high-quality flat mop that is reasonably priced, this equipment can be a great pick.

  • It has a hanging hole for easy storage
  • Reusable mop cloths
  • Quick and easy set-up
  • The mop can be flimsy if not properly assembled 

5. Best Budget: ‎ZeHuoGe 360° Easy Floor Mop

20 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to manoeuvre
  • Spinner wringer for quick drying
  • Detachable microfiber mop heads for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle for user comfort
What customers say:

“I love using the spinning rinse and dry feature, it ALMOST makes mopping fun! I find as I’m mopping though the handle slowly moves down as I’m mopping – not a huge problem, but worth noting. Happy with purchase and seller. Thanks…”–AmandaH

The ZeHuoGe 360° Easy Floor Mop is one of the most affordable spin mops money can buy. However, the included bucket is not as large compared to the other options on the list. This is not to say that this set is less effective.

It will help you eliminate different types of surface dirt from your floors. The microfiber mop heads are tough on dirt but gentle on flooring material. They’ll allow you to wipe off both stubborn and light stains without experiencing any problems.

The fibres making up the mop head are firmly attached to a plastic ring, so don’t expect them to come loose while you are mopping. You can easily detach the mop head when cleaning the microfiber ends. The handle is tiltable and can also rotate.

As such, you can place the mop head at different angles when cleaning tightly placed spots. The circular shape of the mop head allows it to pick up large amounts of dirt per pass. Users can also benefit from this feature when wet mopping.

The mop head can absorb more water than its non-microfiber counterparts, thereby allowing your floor to dry much faster. Additionally, the handle has an ergonomic grip point that is designed for user comfort. The bucket also has a handle that can prove helpful when emptying the contents.

To prevent rust, the wringer basket is made of stainless steel. It also has multiple holes to ensure water passes through easily. On the downside, the quality of materials used in making the mop and the bucket is mid-range.

  • Straightforward design
  • Reliable wringing mechanism
  • The mop head is easy to attach and detach
  • A bit small

How We Researched the Best Mops

To find the best mops Australia has to offer, we started our search by visiting local e-commerce stores such as Bunnings, Catch, Kogan, and MyDeal. This allowed us to identify the top-rated mops currently available in the Australian market.

Additionally, we read through hundreds of reviews on the aforementioned sites to better understand each customer’s experience. We also got expert opinion by consulting, one of Australia’s best consumer opinion websites. Our review team collected useful data, which helped us come up with a selection criteria. From there, we picked 9 mops from 6 different brands.

To ensure that we only cover reliable products, we compared the nine mops based on Build quality, Ergonomics,Shape and size of mop head, Ease of cleaning, Bucket wringer type,Manoeuvrability, Mop type, and Price. We had to do away with 4 mops because they were of questionable quality. This left us with 5 mops which we reviewed based on our research findings.

Mops: Buying Guide

Reviewing the DR Fussy Spin Mop in person

Finding the best mop is not always easy. Aside from the flooring, other things should be taken into consideration when shopping for a mop. The type of mop that you use not only determines how clean the floor will be but also affects the flooring material.

With this in mind, using the wrong mop can cause serious damage to your floor, resulting in expensive repair costs. Also, some mops are designed for specific types of floors, so they may fail to deliver good results when not properly used. That said, ensure that you choose an ideal mop without splurging.

What to Consider When Buying a Mop

If you are having a difficult time choosing a mop for your floor, the factors listed below can help you get started:

Mop type

The first thing that you should consider is the type of mop that you want to buy. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of mops that you can choose from and not all are built similar, and neither are they equal when it comes to performance. Depending on your needs and the type of floor that you intend to clean, you can go for sponge, string, flat, steam, or dust mops.

String mops are known for their durability, thus making them ideal for heavy-duty cleaning. To get the best out of a string mop, you need to use a bucket in which you can wring out the water during the cleaning process. You’ll also need a wringing mechanism to avoid touching the mop head.

Dust mops, on the other hand, are specially designed for picking up dry dirt, dust, hair, and other surface debris from floors. They can particularly come in handy when cleaning delicate flooring. Sponge mops are absorbent and gentle. They can safely clean tiled and waterproof floors without damaging the flooring material. Flat mops are a favourite among most people because they are easy to clean and can also access tight spots.

Spray mops are somewhat similar to flat mops but the only difference is that the former features a spraying mechanism and container that holds the cleaning solution. As such, you won’t have to use a bucket. Similar to spray mops, steam mops will save you the hassle of using a bucket. Additionally, they can easily lift stubborn stains, making them ideal for deep cleaning applications.


To avoid straining your back, you need to pick a mop that is designed for comfort. A good mop should have a telescopic handle that you can adjust based on your height.

In addition to this, the handle should be made of non-slip material to increase traction between your fingers and the mop. This way, you can comfortably manoeuvre the mop even when your hands are wet.


Ensure that you pick a mop that is made of lightweight material. The same applies to the bucket. If you opt for a mop that comes with a bucket, you should consider choosing one with castors since they are easier to move around. You should choose a bucket with easy grip handles to prevent slippage when moving from one spot to another.

Build quality

Before buying a mop, you need to check the type of materials used in the construction. Most mops are made of plastic, and not all are as durable. And that is why we only picked mops with stainless steel handles for this guide. You should also consider the quality of the bucket and the wringer.


With time, your mop will pick up a lot of dirt and stains, which can be hard to clean. For this reason, we suggest that you choose a mop that you can clean and wring out with ease after each cleaning session.

Our top pick—the Boomjoy Flat Floor Mop comes with a compartmentalised bucket that will allow you to clean the mop head without touching it.

For your safety and that of your family, we recommend that you disinfect the mop head from time to time to prevent the spread of bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens.

Shape and size of mop head

A mop head with a large surface area can help you cover more area with a single pass. What’s more, mops with large heads will enable you to dry your floors faster due to their high absorbency.

The shape of the mop head will also affect the overall performance of the mop. Ensure that you pick a mop with a head that can easily move around obstacles. This will make your work easier when cleaning tight spots.


This is yet another important factor that you should take into account when buying a mop. All the mops in this guide have rotatable heads that you can set at different angles.

Models like the MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop features a swivel head that you can rotate up to 360°. This means you can angle the handle low enough for the mop to slide under furniture.

Bucket wringer type

There are three types of bucket wringers that you can go for—funnel, spinner, and press. Funnel wringers feature a cone-shaped design. To use this type of wringer, you have to press the mop head against the surface of the funnel by pushing down the handle. This will, in turn, cause the water to wring out into the bucket.

Spinner wringers have moving parts that are often powered by a foot pedal. When pressure is applied to the pedal, the spinning mechanism will move the mop head, allowing the water to wring out. However, spinners are more expensive than funnel wringers.

Press wringers are fitted with a handheld lever that allows you to clamp down the mop head while applying the least amount of effort. This will expel the excess water from the mop.


The good thing about mops is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find one that fits your cleaning needs. You can find a high-quality mop for as low as $30. Nonetheless, you can always spend more if you are looking to get more features.

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