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The Best Circular Saws For Serious Sawing

Power through your woodworking projects with precision and speed using the best circular saws in Australia. 🪚
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Without a doubt, circular saws are essential for all woodworking tasks that may require you to cut lumber repetitively. Using the best circular saws can dramatically change how you cut work materials. And because they offer exceptional versatility, they can help you make a wide range of cuts without damaging the workpiece.

Circular saws are not only efficient at cutting wooden workpieces but can as well come in handy when cutting plastic and light-duty metals. Nonetheless, this can only apply if you go for a circular saw that is up to the task. With the right circular saw, you can make rip cuts, bevel cuts, and crosscuts with ease. You should, however, keep in mind that most circular saws can only make 0-45 degree bevel cuts.

Additionally, circular saws vary in terms of design and performance. You can either go for corded or cordless models, so it will all depend on your project requirements. These power tools will allow you to make flawless straight line cuts on both thin and thick panels. As such, they can greatly assist professional woodworkers and DIY weekend warriors.

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The Best Circular Saws to Buy Today in Australia

1. Ryobi R18CS7-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Brushless Circular Saw

596 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Cordless design
  • Brushless motor
  • Lightweight
What customers say:

“Love Ryobi stuff. Have 4 of their tools and all going strong and some I have 4 years now. This saw is no different after about a year. It does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t break a sweat when ripping 50mm timber.” –Stephen S.

Topping our list of best circular saws is the Ryobi R18CS7-0 ONE+ 18V Cordless Brushless Circular Saw because it is easy to use and equally efficient. This tool is fitted with a high performance 18V motor that allows for smooth and effortless cutting. The fact that it is brushless means it won’t generate a lot of noise during usage.

As such, you can operate this circular saw comfortably without wearing earmuffs. When set at a 90° angle, the Ryobi R18CS7-0 can provide you with a maximum cutting depth of about 55mm. Its use can apply when cutting laminate worktops, sheet material, construction timber, boards, etc. The motor won’t stall, and neither will it slow you down, provided that you are using the right type of battery pack.

Talking of batteries, this unit is cordless, so you can make limitless manoeuvres when making intricate cuts. In addition to this, it is not as heavy compared to most circular saws in the market. It weighs less than 3 Kg without the battery. Even with the battery attached, this tool is still highly manoeuvrable. This circular saw can make accurate cuts at different angles from 0 to 50 degrees.

When bevelled at a 45° angle, the included 24 tooth blade can achieve a maximum cutting depth of 42mm. More on the blade, it is tungsten carbide-tipped for enhanced durability. Plus, you can resharpen the blade repeatedly to get a razor-sharp cutting edge. With the Ryobi R18CS7-0, you can make clean crosscuts and rip cuts at a constant speed, thanks to its e-control function.

The brushless motor will provide you with maximum run time per watt, so you will be able to get more work done when using a fully charged battery. There is a dust nozzle to which you can attach a vacuum for easy dust extraction. That way, you can have an unobstructed view of the cut line, thereby lowering the chances of making errors.

This is a tool only product, meaning the batteries and charger are bought separately. If you already have a Ryobi One+ battery pack at home, you can use it. This will save you from incurring additional expenses.

  • The grip area is rubberised to prevent slippage

  • Well placed safety switch

  • Easy handling

  • Does not have a laser guide

2. DEWALT DCS391B 20V 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Tool

4,689 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Accurate bevel adjustments
  • High strength motor
  • Durable
What customers say:

“I took it out of the box, put a 5 ah battery in it and away it went. Cut 1×4″s 2×4’s, and 2×6″s some 8 to 10-foot lengths in one-foot pieces for about ten or more minutes straight with no battery drain. I think it worked well.” –Scott

The Ryobi R18CS7-0 may top the list, but the DEWALT DCS391B 20V 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Tool follows closely in second place. Like the power tool just before it, this circular saw allows for accurate bevel adjustments from 0 to 50°. This feature allows the operator to make precise angled cuts when working with different sizes of material sheets.

Additionally, the motor combines speed and power, thus providing you with up to 5150 RPM. This circular saw has amazing features and is also easy to work with. It can cut through wood meticulously, making it a great choice for professional woodworkers. The magnesium shoe sits flush on the surface of the workpiece, so you can move the saw without it going off course.

This will not only increase your cutting speed but also prevents material damage. Moreover, this unit is extremely lightweight and also feels good in the hand. You can work with it extensively without straining your shoulders and forearm muscles. This makes it a suitable option for large projects.

It requires a 20V lithium-ion battery to achieve optimum performance. Nevertheless, both the battery and the charger are not part of the package. The motor uses the available battery power efficiently without sacrificing speed. This will, in turn, enable you to cut more material while conserving most of the energy. The handle features a rubber overmold grip that offers both comfort and control.

Besides, there is an additional front handle that will allow you to guide the blade in whichever direction you want. Attached to the unit is a retractable blade guard that allows for safe storage. To retract the guard, simply use the blade guard lever on the side. The materials used in making this circular saw are of high quality, thereby providing users with job site durability.

  • The blade is carbide tipped

  • Powerful performance

  • Sturdy construction

  • No allen key

3. BLACK+DECKER 1500W 190mm Circular Saw

Why we like it:
  • Has a safety lock
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Optimum control
  • Battery-powered

The BLACK+DECKER 1500W 190mm Circular Saw is also another reliable option that is worth adding to your woodworking kit. It boasts a 1500W motor that is built for performance. And because it is adjustable, you can make bevel cuts at 45 degrees without experiencing any problem.

Also, it comes with an easy to use rip fence that will guide you when cutting in a straight line. To get precise cuts, ensure that the rip fence runs parallel to the blade. You can make adjustments to the fence according to the size of the work material. This tool can assist you when making rip or crosscuts on 2×4’s and other materials.

It is equipped with a safety lock to prevent unintentional startups when you are handling the tool. The 190mm blade holds an edge well, so it won’t go dull easily. As such, you will spend more time cutting rather than sharpening the blade. Included in the kit is an allen wrench that you can use when swapping blades. The spindle lock ensures the blade stays in place even when it’s spinning at maximum speed.

At 45 degrees, this saw will deliver cuts to a depth of 50mm. The cutting depth adjustment mechanism will make your work easier when cutting workpieces with varying thicknesses. Once the saw blade is set at the preferred angle, the motor will do all the heavy lifting. The trigger switch is placed on the main handle to give you all the control that you need to get the work done within a limited duration.

And as it is with most circular saws on our list, the handle is rubberised to give a non-slip sawing experience. You won’t lose your grip regardless of whether the tool is set at 90° or a smaller angle. The dust nozzle will direct all the sawdust away from the work area, so you will be able to see what you are working on. Furthermore, the cute is placed such that it won’t get in your way even when you hook the saw to a vacuum dust extractor.

This tool is preferred by both beginners and professionals due to its straightforward design and safety features. To add to its list of benefits, it can rip through different types of wood, thus making it one of the efficient circular saws that you can consider buying.

  • Portable

  • Well-designed base plate

  • Balanced performance

  • The charger and the batteries are sold separately

4. SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

7,293 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Laser beam for precise cuts
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • On-board dust blower
What customers say:

“This saw is literally the best in its class. The Lazer is amazing, the safety trigger was easy to figure out, and the saw itself handles much better than other saws I’ve used before. Really happy with my purchase.” –Geof Cooper

If you are in search of a cordless circular saw, the SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide may just be the right pick for you. We highly recommend this tool to professional woodworkers who are looking to improve their performance when it comes to cutting hardwoods and other tough materials.

For your safety and that of those around you, the trigger switch has a locking mechanism, which prevents the circuitry system from powering the motor when the tool is not being used. This means the motor will only start when you disengage the safety lock. On top of that, the blade guard protects the blade when the saw is in transit or during storage. Aside from that, it prevents possible injuries to the user.

The power-on indicator is strategically placed on the upper side of the handle, so you will be able to know when the tool is ready to go. Unlike most of the circular saws on the list, the SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide features a single beam laser that will allow you to cut work materials cleanly and accurately. The laser is perfectly aligned with the blade, so each cut will come out exactly how you want it.

In terms of performance, the 15 amp AC motor can achieve a maximum speed of ‎5,300 RPM, delivering optimum power for faster cuts. The built-in dust blower will clear away the sawdust, thereby enhancing visibility, especially when handling projects that require precision. And like the BLACK+DECKER 1500W, this circular saw uses a convenient spindle lock that allows for quick and easy blade changes.

You can bevel the saw up to 51 degrees when making complex cuts. And because it has a set point at 45 degrees, you can make a variety of cuts at specific bevel angles. The base plate has a calibrated scale that will improve your accuracy in all sawing applications. If you pair this feature with the laser beam guide, rest assured that nothing can go wrong. However, since the tool is corded, it may not be as manoeuvrable as cordless circular saws.

  • Dead on accurate

  • It comes with an allen wrench

  • Guarded trigger switch

  • The laser beam is less visible in sunlit spaces

5. Makita DSS611Z 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless 165mm Circular Saw

Price reduction
2,291 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • High comfort handle
  • Quality construction
  • Integrated sawdust blower
What customers say:

“Amazing bit of kit, should have bought one years ago. It is so convenient to use without the hassle of a lead and is so accurate with no kick at all when starting up. Truly a great purchase and highly recommended.” –Emma Hunt

Makita is one of the top brands in the power tool industry, so you can go for the Makita DSS611Z 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless 165mm Circular Saw knowing that it will provide you with quality service. This unit uses a brushless motor that is not only sturdily built but also efficient.

It runs quiet and is also less like to overheat. This means you can cut materials repeatedly without causing damage to the motor and other components. Moreover, the motor generates minimal vibrations, so the blade will stay in the line-of-cut throughout the sawing process. Using the rip fence, you can align the circular saw to the workpiece for error-free crosscuts and rip cuts.

Plus, the bevel adjustment system has a lever that allows users to make changes to the plate placement without using additional tools. You can set the saw anywhere between 0° and 50° when cutting workpieces at an angle. To make it even more efficient, the blade has sixteen tungsten carbide-tipped teeth that can cut through timber, plywood, medium-density fibreboard, plastics, etc.

The Makita DSS611Z comes with a riving knife that prevents the work material from pinching the blade, allowing for smooth travel. And because the base plate is made of die-Cast aluminium, it won’t weigh you down when making manoeuvres. The safety guard, on the other hand, is constructed from lightweight steel to cut the tools overall weight. This unit has a dust extraction port, meaning the sawdust won’t scatter all over the work area.

In addition to the main handle, this circular saw has a firm grip front handle that will help you keep the saw blade in the correct position when cutting. The blade measures 165mm in diameter and has a maximum cutting depth of 57mm at 90°. Nonetheless, this tool does not have an LED light like the Makita DSS610, which has almost the same features.

Since this circular saw does not come with the charger and battery, you will have to buy both accessories separately. The good thing about the Makita DSS611Z is that you can power it with all 18V LXT battery packs from Makita.

  • Delivers up to 3,700 RPM

  • No kickback

  • Dual safety trigger

  • No brake

6. BLACK+DECKER 1250W 190mm Circular Saw with Laser

Price reduction
11 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Quick access spindle lock
  • Can make a variety of cuts
  • Compact
What customers say:

“The laser is a great feature for the home handyman. Used it to make some basic shelves where a handsaw would have taken too long.” –jasonkav1312

Equipped with a 1250W motor, the BLACK+DECKER 1250W 190mm Circular Saw with Laser can cut through both hardwood and softwood without it stalling. Its design makes it an ideal choice for DIY enthusiasts and beginners. This unit will provide you with smooth rip cuts, bevel cuts, and crosscuts. The integrated laser emits a steady beam that will enable you to cut the workpiece with the utmost precision.

When used correctly, all your cut lines will come out straight. This tool offers great versatility and power, so you won’t have a difficult time cutting thick boards. The parallel guide can easily be adjusted to match the width of the material that you are working on, while the shoe will ensure the saw blade stays in the same position as the motor spins.

All the adjustment knobs and levers are placed within your reach, so you can make changes at will. This circular saw allows users to cut workpieces up to 66mm deep when set at a right angle. Nonetheless, the maximum cutting depth of the blade can be reduced to 50mm when it is angled at 45 degrees.

The motor housing is vented to ensure the tool stays cool in all applications. This means you can take on large tasks that require continuous motor operation without powering down the tool from time to time. When working with power tools such as this, having a reliable grip is of paramount importance, and that is the reason why the handles are contoured and textured.

You can connect the dust nozzle to a vacuum, thus keeping your workstation clean. The casing is mostly made of PVC material, making the tool lightweight. Both the rip fence and dust nozzle are detachable, so you can remove them to save on storage space.

This unit has all the features that you may need when working with wood products and other materials that are commonly used in construction. Nevertheless, it may not be as efficient when put to heavy-duty use. On the bright side, it performs exceptionally on light duty to medium-duty tasks.

  • Fully adjustable

  • Easy to work with

  • Great control

  • Does not have a dust blower

Circular Saws: Buying Guide

Circular saws come in different designs and also have varying capabilities. Before you settle on a particular option, ensure that you familiarise yourself with the basic features, level of efficiency, and different types of circular saws that are available in the market. Through this, you will have an easier time finding the most suitable tool for your needs.

But most importantly, you have to know the purpose for which you are buying the circular saw. The basic rule of thumb when buying any power tool is that you should always go for a tool whose power output matches the requirements of the task at hand. Besides, circular saws are equipped with different types of motors, meaning they don’t perform the same way.

Additionally, some circular saws are specifically designed for light-duty tasks, so they may not be as reliable when tackling heavy-duty tasks. To get you started on your search for the best circular saws let’s look at the different types of saws.

Types of Circular Saws

Circular saws can be categorised based on a wide range of factors. However, we are only going to consider the basic types:

Sidewinder Circular Saws 

As the name suggests, a sidewinder circular saw has its motor on the side of the blade. That way, the power generated by the motor is transferred directly to the blade. This is why they are often referred to as direct drive circular saws.

Many contractors prefer sidewinder circular saws because they are lightweight and also operate at higher speeds. Nevertheless, sidewinders tend to be heavier on the side of the motor, so you have to put in some effort to keep the tool balanced.

Worm Drive Circular Saws

In a worm drive circular saw, the motor is strategically placed behind the blade. Unlike in a sidewinder circular saw where there is a direct transmission of power, worm drive circular saws transfer power to the blade with the help of two gears.

One of the gears has a spiral design while the other is set at a 90-degree angle, allowing for optimum power transmission. These types of circular saws are known to deliver less RPM and more torque power.

How We Researched the Best Circular Saws

Coming up with this list was no easy task since virtually all power tool companies make and sell circular saws. However, that did not stop us from finding top-rated circular saws in Australia’s market. We initiated our search by visiting popular online stores such as Amazon and eBay. As a result, we found a long list of products and helpful customer feedback, which allowed us to see each circular saw through the eyes of the consumer.

We analysed each product carefully, taking into consideration the overall build quality, user safety, design, power source, etc. This step was very important in our search because many low-quality power tools hide behind big brand names. We were able to cancel out some of the products from our list, leaving us with only three circular saws.

To expand our list, we had to source more products from local power tool dealers in Australia. We scoured e-commerce storefronts owned by Melbourne Tool Sales, Toolmart, Bunnings, Mitre 10, and Sydney Tools. This enabled us to find more products, but we only ended up choosing three after going through the reviews left by professional critics, bringing the total number to the six best circular saws in Australia.

What to Look for When Buying Circular Saws

Power source

As earlier mentioned, circular saws use a variety of motors. Most are battery-powered while others run on AC. When buying these tools, you should see to it that you choose a circular that won’t give you problems when it comes to the power requirements.

With corded circular saws, you can cut work materials extensively without worrying about losing power, as opposed to cordless models that can run out of juice. However, the latter offers great manoeuvrability and is also portable. The beauty of having a cordless circular saw is that you can carry it to wherever the work may take you.


This entails a long list of factors such as ergonomics, ease of use, weight, available accessories, etc. If you are planning on buying a circular saw, ensure that you go through the specifications to better understand the product that you are buying.

To get maximum results, you should go for lightweight circular saws with ergonomic handles. This will give you maximum control over the tool when making cuts.

Blade size

Blade size matters a lot when choosing a circular saw since it determines how deep you can cut a given work material. Like the motors, saw blades vary in terms of performance. In addition to this, some blades are task-specific, meaning they can only deliver good results when used for the prescribed purpose.

To elaborate, smaller blades are designed for light-duty tasks while large diameter saw blades are more suited for heavy-duty tasks. It is important to keep in mind that saw blades can be reinforced to match different tasks. Most blades have tungsten carbide tips, so they are less likely to chip.


Baseplate, commonly referred to as shoe, is the attachment found at the base of the saw. It aligns with the workpiece and allows you to move the tool with ease as the saw rotates. The baseplate can prove helpful when cutting the work material at an angle, but it is equally useful when making crosscuts and rip cuts.

Aluminium, steel, and magnesium are some of the materials that are commonly used in making circular saw baseplates. They offer both stability and durability. Only go for circular saws with a sturdily built baseplate to avoid possible complications during usage.

Dust nozzle

A good circular saw should have a dust nozzle that can direct the sawdust away from the work area. There are dust nozzles that can accept standard vacuum machines, providing you with a dust-free environment. You should also consider the placement of the nozzle since this can affect manoeuvrability.

A poorly placed nozzle may get in your way as you move the circular saw. Some units have dust blowers that will blow away the sawdust, thereby providing you with a clear line of cut. This feature will allow you to adjust the saw blade accordingly in case it moves in the wrong direction.


The motor units found in circular saws have different amperage ratings. Ensure that you use the right power accessories to protect the motor from damage. Users should be more careful when operating corded circular saws since so many things can go wrong.

Bevel capacity

If you are after versatility, you should buy a circular saw that can make cuts at varying angles. A large percentage of circular saws in the market can be adjusted from 0° to 45°. Some models can, however, be angled to 55°. Also, there are circular saws that have a positive stop for increased accuracy.

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