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The Best Ironing Boards for Smooth, Speedy & Stable Ironing

Using an iron with an ironing board is still the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle-free. So start pressing and always look your best with any of these top ironing boards you can buy in Australia. 👔
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Having a firm and flat surface is key to removing wrinkles and unwanted creases on your clothes. Sure, a table, kitchen counter, or even your floor can provide that. However, it would be very inconvenient and uncomfortable. Not to mention that it’s potentially damaging to both your clothes and the surface itself. A bed or a carpeted floor works well too, but it can’t create those sharp creases. So still, the best way to iron your clothes is through an ironing board.

However, with the many ironing boards in the market and each having its advantages and disadvantages, how would you know which one to get? What features should you look for? Trying to find the answers to these questions can be challenging. So to save you the trouble and make your search easier, here’s a list of the best ironing boards to buy in Australia.

👇 TL;DR: The Number 1 Ironing Board for Most People 👇
Sunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board
45 Reviews
Sunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board

The Sunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board is a large ironing board with excellent stability and retractable iron rest. It offers excellent value for money and is designed and engineered right here in Australia! 🇦🇺

How We Researched the Best Ironing Boards

We have searched local major stores and scoured the internet to find the best ironing boards in the country. This includes Target, Myer, The Good Guys, and leading online marketplaces such as Amazon. After hours and hours of research, we were able to come up with a list of more than 20 top-selling ironing boards in the market. But we didn’t stop there.

To narrow down our list, we dove deep into what customers, critics, and other blogs had to say about every product. We also did an extensive comparison among all of them, considering their features, efficiency, design, and value for money. We then analyzed and discussed it among ourselves and trimmed down our list to only the top 6 ironing boards in Australia. So whichever one you choose, you can rest easy knowing it is of quality and one of the most trusted products around.

The Best Ironing Boards to Buy in Australia

  1. Best Overall Ironing Board: Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Easy-Store Ironing Board
  2. Most Stable Ironing Board: BestSunbeam SB8400 Couture Ironing Board
  3. Best Value for Money Ironing Board: BoardSunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board with Steam Generator Iron Tray
  4. Best Large Ironing Board: Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board
  5. Best Built-in Ironing Board: OrganizedLife Built-In Ironing Board Cabinet
  6. Best Table-top Ironing Board: Folding Table-Top Ironing Board for Small Spaces

1. Best Overall Ironing Board: Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Easy-Store Ironing Board

175 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Adjustable to seven height positions
  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Compact
What customers say:

Solid build, fantastic quality. Seems expensive [but if] you purchase (and if treated correctly) will last for years and maybe a lifetime. Simple and a no brainier for a quality item!!” – Phil

The Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Easy-store ironing board is a full-size board (130 x 38 cm board size) with a 100% cotton top layer and a 3D spacer mesh. This allows steam to flow freely across the board, making ironing so much quicker. It also has a highly-absorbent padded felt layer, which spreads moisture rapidly, and a waterproof yet breathable base layer that prevents dripping and helps wick away excess moisture. All these reduce the chances of having damp spots on your clothes.

Now, what’s great about this board is that it addresses one of the biggest problems on conventional ironing boards: their noisy and awkward legs. Made with a unique stand design, both sets of its feet nest neatly together at only one end of the board when folded. So unlike others, it is less like to snag on door frames or other items when moved around. This also makes it more compact when you need to store it away.

Other features we like about this board are the built-in heat-resistant silicone iron rest, the large handle at the back, and the bracket included in the package for easy handling and storage. There’s also the multi-layer cover with DripShield Technology that it comes with, which will come in handy when you need to iron a lot of clothes or when using a garment steamer. We like that it can be adjusted to 7 different height positions too, from 84 cm up to 99 cm.

Sure, the Joseph Joseph Glide Plus Easy-store ironing board isn’t exactly the most affordable ironing board in the market. But with its durability, quality, and so many features to offer, it’s highly worth it. With this, you won’t need to buy another ironing board for a very, very long time.

  • Both legs nest neatly at one end of the board
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Reduces damp spots
  • Solid and very sturdy
  • Quite expensive

2. Most Stable Ironing Board: BestSunbeam SB8400 Couture Ironing Board

Price reduction
20 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Dual leg design
  • Retractable iron rest
  • Glider wheels
What customers say:

Very happy with my purchase of this board recently. Strong, stable, quality, wide ironing board. Opens and closes quietly, and wheels an added bonus to save lifting and returning to storage area.” – Karen

Need extra space to speed through your ironing? Check out the Sunbeam SB8400 Couture Ironing Board. It has an extra-long and extra-wide board that can fit entire trouser legs as well as large shirts, making your ironing faster.

Compared to the Joseph Joseph Glide Plus, it has a bigger board, measuring 135 x 45 cm. Its dual leg construction also gives it more durability and heavy-duty strength. So rest assured it will not fall or tip over when you are ironing. However, all these features make this board significantly heavier. It weighs 10.2kg while the Glide Plus is only 6.4kg. To address this, it is built with sturdy glider wheels to help you move it from one point to another with ease.

This ironing board has a reversible, padded cover, which is 100% cotton and machine washable. There’s an extra-thick 500g felt padding as well for a smooth fit. And, more importantly, to retain heat and prevent dampness on your clothes. You can also choose between a print or a non-stick EasyGlide cover.

The Sunbeam SB8400 Couture Ironing Board has a retractable iron rest and a handy rail where you can conveniently hang your clothes. It also has a removable tray, which is perfect for steam irons. Lastly, it allows you to adjust its height from 75cm to 95cm.

  • Extra long and wide board
  • Allows users to choose cover design
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Glide wheels for more mobility
  • A bit heavy
  • Quite pricey

3. Best Value for Money Ironing Board: BoardSunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board with Steam Generator Iron Tray

45 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Handy rail
  • Glider wheels
  • Extra-large board size
What customers say:

I wanted a wide and strong board on which I can actually press hard to get those wrinkles out and this board serves the purpose.” – Sherdil

Here’s another board from Sunbeam. The Sunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board with Steam Generator Iron Tray is lighter and cheaper than the Sunbeam SB8400. With a board size of 135 x 45cm, it also offers the same extra-wide space for your ironing needs. This way you can fit your pants, large shirts, and dresses and make your ironing faster.

Like the previous Sunbeam product, this board also features a strong and sturdy dual leg construction. So you can rest easy knowing it won’t fall or tip while in use. It also has a retractable heat-resistant iron rest, handy hanging rails, and a steam generator iron tray. Plus, it comes with a reversible, padded, and 100% cotton cover, which you can easily wash through the washing machine.

What’s great about the Sunbeam SB7400 Chic Ironing Board with Steam Generator Iron Tray is that you can adjust its height from 75cm to 95cm. On top of that, it comes with glider wheels as well. This makes storing and moving easier and quicker. While it is lighter than the Sunbeam SB8400 at 9.6kg, it is still quite heavy. So having wheels is necessary.

  • Longer and wider board for ironing
  • Choose printed side or non-stick EasyGlide cover
  • Sturdy glider wheels to move with ease
  • A little heavy

4. Best Large Ironing Board: Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board

598 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Lightweight
  • Longer board size
  • Thermo reflective cover
What customers say:

Very happy with this ironing board. I’m tall and it rises to a good height. There’s a good amount of surface area, it’s not a small board. This is a quality product well designed” – Gofindjp

If you are looking for a light ironing board that offers a good amount of surface area to press your clothes, then consider the Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board. Weighing only 4.76kg, it is lighter than all the previous ironing boards we’ve included in this list. Measuring 140 x 38cm, it is also longer compared to all of them but narrower than both the Sunbeam boards. So you have a lot of room for ironing your clothes, even your sheets.

What’s unique about this board is its thermal reflective cover. This reflects the heat of the iron, helping it glide easier and reducing the amount of time you’ll need to spend ironing. In fact, the company claims to make the task quicker by as much as 33%. And who doesn’t want that, right?

The Leifheit Airboard Deluxe XL Ironing Board has a removable iron rest that you can position anywhere on the board. It also has angled legs that can accommodate ironing while being seated. If you prefer standing up, you can also adjust its height from 79cm to 98cm. Some users, however, pointed out that its minimum height may still be too high. For instance, a 5’3” person needs to keep it at the lowest setting to stand. So there’s no way to use it while sitting down unless he/she is using a very high stool.

  • Easy to use, move, and carry
  • Iron rest is removable and can be positioned anywhere on the board
  • The Board surface is longer than most
  • Pricey
  • Minimum height may not be low enough for some

5. Best Built-in Ironing Board: OrganizedLife Built-In Ironing Board Cabinet

1 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Mirror on the door
  • Space-saving and stylish
  • Has hooks for hanging

Do you prefer a wall-mounted ironing board? If so, then you can’t go wrong with the Organizedlife Built-in Ironing Board Cabinet. It is ideal for small apartments or for those with limited space in their homes as you only need to hang it against your wall. No need to keep carrying and moving it away after use.

Aside from being space-saving, this ironing board is also very convenient and multifunctional. When closed, it serves as a mirror. To use it for ironing, you simply have to open the cabinet and fold down the board. And when you’re done, you can easily fold it back up. No need to carry or drag a heavy board with you. On top of that, it has hooks where you can hang your clothes and keep them wrinkle-free.

The Organizedlife Built-in Ironing Board Cabinet, however, offers a smaller surface area for ironing. With an 85 x 32cm board size, it is shorter and narrower than most ironing boards on our list. So it may take you longer to finish large pieces of clothing. Like other wall-mounted boards, it also requires installation before use and its height cannot be adjusted. Not to mention that it is expensive, too. But on the flip side, it offers a better, neater, and more stylish way to store an ironing board.

  • Space-saving and convenient
  • Can be used as a mirror when closed
  • Neat, more organized, and stylish way to store ironing board
  • Expensive
  • Requires installation before use
  • Fixed height

6. Best Table-top Ironing Board: Folding Table-Top Ironing Board for Small Spaces

670 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Metal iron rest
What customers say:

This ironing board is stable,and with the iron rest it makes it work efficiently. When finished you can fold it up and put it away in a closet or out of the way. I am very happy with this ironing board.” – Gwennbuz

The Folding Table-Top Ironing Board for Small Spaces is a portable ironing board with shorter legs and smaller surface area. So if you have limited space in your apartment or if you are looking for an ironing board that you can easily carry from one place to another and have no trouble putting away, then this is a good choice.

Unlike traditional ironing boards, this board can be folded, making it easy to store and perfect for travel or office use. It also weighs only 1.71kg, so you’d have no problem carrying or moving it around. And even with its small size, it comes with a metal iron rest for safety when you are rearranging garments.

What’s great about the Folding Table-Top Ironing Board for Small Spaces is that aside from being handy, it is also very easy to use and set up. With it, you can still get the ideal surface to press your clothes without having to deal with large and heavy equipment. Just put it on a tabletop, counter, or anything stable, and you’re good to go. When you’re done, you can easily fold it and put it under your bed or desk.

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Does not take up valuable space when in storage
  • Padded feet to protect tables and counters
  • Cheap
  • Small board surface

Ironing Boards: Buying Guide

Ironing boards are common household items, which makes them very easy to find. However, since they are available in a wide range of models and brands, it can be difficult to know which one to buy. And if you don’t know what to look for, the choice becomes even harder. So to make your search easier and help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you need to know about ironing boards.

What to Look For When Buying an Ironing Board


The type is the first thing you should consider when choosing an ironing board. Depending on the available space in your home and your needs, you can either get a traditional folding type, a wall-mounted one, or something portable.

For instance, if you have limited space and if you want to keep it out of sight, then consider getting a wall-mounted board. It is typically installed within a drawer or wall cabinet, and it’s fixed in one place. This makes it easy to use and put away. It’s also more space-saving. However, it will require installation and is usually more expensive. And since it is fixed, there’s no option to adjust the height.

On the other hand, a traditional folding board is great if there is more than one person who will be using the product. It can be set up from room to room and is usually fully adjustable, so everyone can use it. It’s also cheaper and ready to use after purchase. But when not in use, it can be troublesome, especially if you are short on storage space.

There are also portable ironing boards, which are smaller, lighter, and a lot cheaper than both traditional and wall-mounted boards. They are great for travel, RV, office, and when there’s very limited space. However, they can be unstable at times, and their surface or board area may be too small for your needs.


The wider the ironing board, the easier and more effective your ironing will be. So when shopping around for the best, consider getting the widest board, if possible. As a guide, a full-size ironing board measures at least 4 feet long and 12-18 inches wide (121 x 30-45 cm).

If you have limited space, you can get table top or built-in ironing boards. They are light and take up far less storage space than traditional folding boards. Some have hooks at the back, too, which allows them to be hung on doors or wardrobes.

On the downside, a small ironing board means you’d have to reposition and move your clothes more.

  • Weight: If you are going with a portable or traditional ironing board, then choose something lightweight. This is so you can transfer it from one place to another with ease and less effort.
  • Sturdiness: The best ironing board should be sturdy and stable for it not to collapse or tip over while you are ironing. It should have strong legs and a solid base.
  • Adjustable Height: Most people would prefer to stand up while ironing, and others like sitting down. If you have lots of clothes to iron, you may also find yourself wanting to take a seat even if you prefer standing up. So to make sure you and the other people who will use the board will always be comfortable while ironing, get one with an adjustable height.
  • Iron Holder: A hot iron holder or a dedicated area where you can put down your iron is an absolute must when buying an ironing board. This is so the iron would always be within your arm’s reach and, more importantly, so you can avoid accidents.
  • Cover: Another critical feature to look for when choosing an ironing board is the cover. It should have a tight and stretched surface for the iron to easily glide across it. The cushion layer should also offer some resistance. Meaning, it should not be too thin that you can feel the board’s metal but should also not be too thick that your clothes will sink in while pressing.
  • Board Body: A board, specifically its metal skeleton, should have holes that are wide enough to let the steam pass easily and prevent water from building up.
  • Other Features: Many modern ironing boards offer other features that can add convenience and efficiency while ironing. This can include a rack where you can hang clothes, a pedal-operated vacuum that can pull air through the board, and a “sleeve” or small board that you can attach to the board to make ironing sleeves and other small pieces of clothing easier.

What are the Benefits of an Ironing Board

Indeed, ironing is no easy task. But with the help of a good ironing board, this tedious job becomes a bit more bearable. Whether you go with a built-in board or one that can stand alone, an ironing board still provides the best way to keep your clothes wrinkle and crease-free. With it, you can achieve clean and crisp pieces of clothing you need for work, social events, and even casual outings.

An ironing board has a smooth, heat-resistant, and padded surface where you can lay flat your clothes and start pressing. It enables and allows steam and heat to travel through and out the other side, helping remove wrinkles and creases easier and quicker. It’s also firm, which helps create those sharp creases on your shirts, collar, etc.

What’s different about ironing boards is that their one end is slimmer. This is where you can wrap pant legs and sleeves, making it better and easier to iron such parts as well as the curved areas of a garment. Furthermore, it has a larger and better surface area, so you’d have no problem ironing large items.

Aside from keeping your clothes wrinkle and crease-free, ironing boards can be used differently as well. For one, it can be used as a food station when you have a small party. Just cover it with cloth and load it up with food and drinks. Since it is durable and able to handle the weight of books, laptops, and other items, you can use it as a shelf or table as well.

When it comes to buying an ironing board, or any household item for that matter, always go for the best. Not only will you get your money’s worth, but it will also save you from making a trip back to a store or ordering a new one just after a short while. So avoid the hassle and choose from our list of the best and highest quality ironing boards in Australia.

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