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Best Cordless Hair Dryers in Australia

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The best cordless hair dryers are portable, lightweight, and capable of drying hair to a similar standard seen with traditional hairdryers. There are of course some trade-offs when you buy a cordless hair dryer like less airflow, limited run time, and lower temperatures, but the best ones do a good job of minimizing this.

How We Picked The Best Cordless Hair Dryers

The fact is, there aren’t many on the market in Australia. We spent a large portion of time simply finding suitable hair dryers that are applicable to this list. In total, we found 10 cordless hair dryers but after comparing them head to head and removing the losers, we were left with 4 that we felt were worthy of review.

After running through the specs and feature lists, we’re happy to bring you this list of the best cordless hair dryers in Australia.

1. FMXYMC Cordless Hair Dryer

FMXYMC Cordless Hair Dryer
  • Cordless Hair Dryer : This free standing hair dryer is powered by battery...
  • 400W Cord /Hot Air : The travel hair dryer has a built-in 15600mAh...
  • Healthy Design Concept : The hair of infants and pets is relatively...
  • Professional Hair Care : 57 °C thermostat protects hair from heat damage...

The FMXYMC Cordless Hair Dryer is our number 1 pick for the best cordless hairdryer due to its excellent specs, build quality, and value for money. It may not be a household name but don’t let that fool you. This cordless hairdryer does everything you need and more.

It has a 15600mAh high-capacity battery that can deliver 400W of hot or cold air! The large battery can keep the hot air flowing for up to 20 minutes or cold air for up to 6 hours! That’s some serious power!

It has varying temperature outputs making it suitable for almost all hair types including those of infants and pets. There’s a built-in thermostat that prevents the temperature from rising above the safety threshold of 57 degrees Celcius.

There’s also a negative ion function that adds an extra layer of protection and results in softer, healthier-looking hair.

  • Large battery
  • Runs for up to 6 hours
  • Varying outputs
  • Negative ion function
  • Lacks attachments

2. BAOFUR Cordless Hair Dryer

BAOFUR Cordless Hair Dryer
  • Cordless Hair Dryer With Charging Base : This hair dryer is powered by...
  • 400W Cord /Hot Air : Professional hair dryer provides 400W hot air and cold...
  • Healthy Design Concept : The hair of infants and pets is relatively...
  • Professional Hair Care : 55 °C thermostat protects hair from heat damage...

The BAOFUR Cordless Hair Dryer takes the number 2 spot on our list of the best cordless hair dryers thanks to its all-round quality and aesthetic design. It didn’t make the top spot due to a smaller battery.

However, what it lacks in the battery it makes up for in other areas. There is a 360-degree rotating nozzle that delivers a more focused stream of air, making hair styling so much easier. There’s also a very intuitive control system that uses one button to easily adjust the settings on the fly.

Just like the FMXYMC Cordless Hair Dryer, there is a negative on function which protects the hair and creates a more lush, healthy, and softer-looking head of hair.

This is perfect for anyone who wants portable, yet high-quality cordless hair dryers to take away on holiday.

  • Light weight
  • Rotating Nozzle
  • Great Aesthetic
  • Pricey

3.  Zhibai HL9 Cordless Hair

Zhibai HL9 Cordless Hair
  • ✅Advanced Digital Motor The 100,000-turn digital motor is 5-6 times that...
  • ✅Quick-dry ZHIBAI custom-made high-speed hairdryer uses air pressure...
  • ✅Noise-reducing Professional sound adjustment, reducing noise and...
  • ✅4 precise heat settings High: fast drying and styling Medium: regular...

The Zhibai HL9 Cordless Hair takes the 3rd spot on our list of the best cordless hair dryers due to its versatile functionality, excellent build quality, and magnetic styling attachments.

It looks great and is backed up by a 100,000 turn digital motor that improves airflow efficiency and does it while maintaining relatively low levels of volume. There are 4 precise heat settings, ranging from low to high. The temperature is managed by an internal intelligent thermostat which limits the temperature to safe levels.

It’s incredibly portable and lightweight, with excellent features and magnetic styling attachments. At just 580 grams it’s easy to hold and won’t weigh down your suitcase!

Magnetic styling attachments

  • Magnetic styling attachments
  • 4 heat settings
  • Lightweight
  • No carry case

4. PELCAS Cordless Hair Dryer

PELCAS Cordless Hair Dryer
  • PROFESSIONAL HOT & COLD WIND - PELCAS hair dryer support hot and nature...
  • PORTABLE & CONVENIENT - The portable wireless blow dryer is powered by...
  • RECHARGEBLE - The handle is equipped with 5000mAH batteries. You can...
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Design with three-position one-touch sliding adjustment...

The PELCAS Cordless Hair Dryer ticks every box you want ticked when buying a cordless hair dryer. It’s fairly priced for a rechargeable hair dryer and comes with some useful features.

On a single charge you can get 3.5 hours of airflow on cold, and up to 20 minutes of hot airflow, which is enough for most people. It’s easily charged using the charging base, which itself is connected to an outlet. It will charge the hairdryer in approximately 3.5 hours, which puts it on par with other cordless hair dryers on this list.

There is a single slider to control the different modes, which is done simply by sliding the switch up and down to select your preferred heat output. The sir flow can be focussed through the styling attachment to ensure an even spread of heat that protects your hair and scalp!

  • 5000mAh battery
  • Includes Styling Attachment
  • No carry case

Cordless Hair Dryer: Buyer’s Guide

There are some considerations you should pay attention to before you buy a cordless hairdryer. We’ve listed the most important ones below:


there’s no point in buying a cordless hairdryer if it can only run for 5 minutes at a time. Different hairdryers vary in this regard but we wouldn’t recommend anything that runs for less than 15 minutes. Most cordless hair dryers run from 15-20 minutes on a single charge, and take around 3.5 hours to be fully charged.

Weight and Size

Portability is certainly one of the most important considerations. If the hairdryer is too big or cumbersome you simply will not use it, and it defeats the point of buying a cordless hair dryer.

Different Modes

Depending on your specific needs or planned usage, you will want to buy a cordless hair dryer that offers flexibility. Some offer up to 4 different temperature settings while others only have hot or cold. If you have sensitive hair, then buy one with multiple settings to find the right one for you.

Aesthetics & Ergonomics

You want a cordless hairdryer that looks good and feels good to use. There are a few different design archetypes in this product space, so find one that works for you. Also, pay attention to the ergonomics of the product to ensure it will be comfortable to hold and use long-term.

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