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The Best Outdoor Security Cameras For Assured Home Security

You can never put a high enough premium on the safety of your home, so make sure you only invest in the very best outdoor security cameras you could possibly find in Australia. 📸
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The safety of your home is one of those things that can never be overstated, all the more so if you live with a partner and have kids running around. To make your household more secure and to deter potential malicious individuals from entering your home, it’s never a bad idea to have the best outdoor security cameras available.

That way, you can have a bit more peace of mind when you’re away from your residence, especially when the kids are home alone. Plus, in the unfortunate event of a break-in, you’ll have a lot of surveillance footage for the authorities to look through.

TL;DR: The #1 Outdoor Security Camera for Most People 👇
Price reduction
Arlo Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Camera
39 Reviews
Arlo Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Camera

If you’re looking to add extra security to just a couple of spots around your property then the Arlo Pro 4 can’t be beaten on value for money.

With night vision, a wide FOV, and a 2k resolution, you’ll be able to capture incidents in high quality.

And to top it off, Arlo is a trusted brand that you can not go wrong with.  😊

You’ll also be able to use the camera to get a good look at who’s at your front door before opening it. That’s a great feature to have given the ongoing pandemic since it’s best to keep your distance from people you’re unfamiliar with. That being said, if your home doesn’t have an outdoor security camera yet, there couldn’t be a better time to pick one up.

How We Researched the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

There are some fantastic security cameras out there, so finding the right one for your home can be a pretty tough task. Big brands are constantly coming out with quality products and Kickstarter campaigns are popping up left and right with some promising and highly innovative features.

We ended up deep-diving into famous online marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, and spent a lot of time researching well-known home security sites both local and international. We even made sure to check out household security solution websites in Australia to see which products came highly recommended, just so we make sure that we left no stone unturned.

In the end, we consolidated all the noteworthy devices we found and took into account what users and professional critics had to say about them. Then, after some thorough debating, we were able to narrow down our list to the seven best outdoor security cameras that you can buy in Australia. No matter which one you end up choosing, you can rest easy knowing each of the products on this list is a top-notch pick.

The Best Outdoor Security Cameras Available to Buy Today in Australia

1. Eufy Cam Wire Free HD Security 4-Camera Set

13 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • 2k video quality
  • Excellent night vision
  • Auto human detection system for no false alarms
  • Lengthy battery life
What customers say:

“Easy to install. Nice motion detection. Lots of modification and personalization possible. Apple home kit compatible easily. Just make sure that you first set up with eufy app and then through the app you can do the home kit. Also Keep in mind that home kit use will only record in 1080p and not 2k. If you want full 2k resolution you will have to ditch the Apple homekit attachment.” – Mio

For those unaware, the Eufy brand of household security devices is actually owned by Anker – a tech company recognised for its excellent cameras and security products. The Anker eufyCam 2C Pro Wireless Home Security System is a battery-powered home security solution that’s exceedingly easy to set up on account of how it doesn’t require a dedicated power outlet.

It’s completely weatherproof, so you won’t have to worry about it being caught in harsher elements and it provides you with crisp 2k video output for a satisfyingly clear image. Not only does it have its own local storage but it’s also capable of storing data in the cloud as well, and it incorporates facial recognition technology and can accept Alexa commands to boot.

Unlike most battery-powered cameras that suffer from the need to be charged on a regular basis, this device can last up to a half a year on a single charge, which is pretty insane. The motion recording feature comes in a bit late as far as capturing footage is concerned and the facial recognition accuracy could use some work, but if a long-lasting battery and top-notch recording quality are what you’re after, then the Anker eufyCam 2C Pro Wireless Home Security System can’t be beat. Assuming you can afford it, that is.

  • 1080p video recording quality is crystal clear

  • Year-long battery life is a cut above the rest

  • Having a combination of both local and cloud storage comes in very handy

  • Alexa support is a cool feature to have

  • Misses the first few seconds after motion capture trigger

2. Arlo Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Camera

Price reduction
39 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Exceptional video recording quality
  • Coloured night vision
  • Compatible with various third-party integrations
What customers say:

“A huge step up from my old Arlo 2. WIth use of the flash, the night vision is awesome. Motion detection is vastly improved with use of activity zones (you don’t get the false alerts of trees blowing in the breeze) and is really sensitive at short range (it went off when a butterfly flew past).” – Sean Mitchell

Arlo dabbles in all sorts of home security devices, including doorbells and floodlights, but it’s their cameras that really put the brand on the map. The Arlo Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Camera is what really caught our eye, with its magnificent 2K recording quality, built-in siren system, and its openness for integration with external systems like Samsung and Apple setups.

Not only does the Arlo Pro 4 have great night vision, but it displays dark footage in colour and it’s completely wireless and so easy to install you could practically do it blindfolded. Regrettably, it shares a similar weakness with the Ring Spotlight Cam in the sense that it doesn’t have an SD slot for local storage.

This means that you’ll either have to pony up for a separate device to store your videos, or you’ll just have to give in and shell out $2.99 a month for the subscription service. You’ll want to do yourself a favour and subscribe since not doing so robs you of some of the best features the device has to offer, such as smart alerts, advanced object detection, and event history.

As long as you don’t mind recurring subscription fees and the complete lack of free video storage, the Arlo Pro 4 Wire-Free Spotlight Camera is the perfect pick-up for sticklers of video quality. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with some pretty cool advanced features as well. As long as you subscribe to their plan, of course.

  • The camera’s 2K resolution recording quality is a cut above the rest

  • Having coloured night vision does wonders for your after-dark surveillance

  • Including a built-in siren is always a nice plus

  • It integrates well even with third-party setups

  • You’re pretty much forced to grab yourself a monthly Arlo Smart subscription

  • Some of the accessories can be pretty expensive

3. Reolink 5MP PoE IP Security Camera Outdoor

Price reduction
48 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Really affordable
  • Solar Panel is a fantastic idea
  • Local and Cloud storage
What customers say:

“Excellent image quality. Easy to set up and connect to the viewer app on Android and Windows – no need for a subscription or cloud storage. Motion detection works well, but difficult to find a setting that eliminates false alarms ( e.g. moving tree shadows on windy days, and bugs) while having a reasonable detection range..” – Nickb

Staying in line with the budget options, the next entry on our list is another incredibly affordable security camera by Hong Kong-based tech company Reolink. While they certainly have quite a few impressive products to choose from, we went with the Reolink 5MP PoE IP Security Camera Outdoor – a cost-effective, no-nonsense, wireless home security solution that works on a reachable battery.

One of its most attractive features is its packaged Reolink Solar Panel that pretty much eliminates the need to climb up a ladder and take the camera down for recharging. Of course, that’s assuming that you live in an area that gets a decent amount of sun. It renders in decent 1080p resolution, you’ve got a siren and two-way talk, and you can choose between local storage via a Micro SD card or cloud storage through an affordable subscription.

Having a choice between the two is a big plus, in our opinion. It doesn’t offer anything fancy in the realm of extra features and its app may prove to be finicky at times, but the Reolink 5MP PoE IP Security Camera Outdoor is a phenomenal option for people looking to save a few bucks on home security.

  • Having a solar panel charge your battery is an amazing feature to have for an outdoor security camera

  • Gives you the option between local and cloud storage

  • The cloud storage options are light on the wallet

  • A low-cost home security solution

  • The app can be finicky at times

  • It’s fairly bare-boned when it comes to features

4. Ring Spotlight Cam

127 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Superb video quality
  • Has a powerful siren
  • Great night vision
What customers say:

“The camera is great and everyone just thinks it’s a motion detecting floodlight which is perfect for keeping an eye on guests staying at our holiday house and also perfect for security when we are not there. Overall, I’m very happy and now intend to buy 2 more camera’s for our main house security.” – Wayne at Thredbo NSW

If the previous two entries on this list are a little too rich for your blood, then the Ring Spotlight Cam might just be a little more your speed. This single-camera battery-powered home security solution couldn’t be easier to set up and, just like the Eufy entry above, it records footage in magnificent 1080p.

It includes one battery in the box, but it can handle up to two batteries so you can always get another one to extend battery life. Plus, that way you’d be able to charge one while the other keeps the camera alive. Depending on how many batteries you’ve got running the device, it can last anywhere between 6 – 12 months per charge.

The camera features above-par night vision that’s good for more than 9 meters and it even includes a surprisingly loud siren and two-way audio as some handy extra features. And while it’s strictly required to actually function, the Ring Cam’s cloud service subscription starts at a very affordable $3 which is fairly light on your wallet.

If you’re searching for an incredibly easy to install outdoor security camera that sports high definition video recording, some interesting extra features, and a price tag that won’t break the bank, the Ring Spotlight Cam might just be your guy.

  • Both the device itself and the cloud storage subscription are quite affordable

  • Recording in 1080p really makes a big difference clarity-wise

  • Installing the camera is a piece of cake

  • The dual-battery design is both practical and useful

  • Lack of video prebuffering may lead to a delay between being notified and having the video available for viewing

  • Having a cloud subscription is necessary for viewing your saved footage

5. seQuro GuardPro CCTV Camera System Set

1,071 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Easy installation
  • App accessibility
  • Fantastic range
What customers say:

“This product is fantastic for the price. So good I bought two systems. Easy to install and supplier was very helpful when I needed to replace a faulty camera without delay. Does everything I expected and more. Clear picture quality during day and night IR. The remote viewing feature over the internet is amazing.” – Gwish

seQuro is a tech company that specializes in home surveillance and security, with its GuardPro cameras being its main line of products. What makes the sequro GuardPro CCTV Camera System Set such a great choice is its extremely simple do-it-yourself installation procedure and easy to set up security cameras.

Accessing the devices is effortless as well since you can do so via an app that’s available on both Android and Apple devices. The effective range of the cameras is very impressive, as it reaches up to more than 300 meters without any annoying interference, and the package includes a touchscreen display that also acts as a digital video recorder.

It isn’t perfect, however, as the 720p resolution isn’t great and the expandability of the system is fairly limited since it won’t accept anything that’s not seQuro. All things considered, if an all-in-one DIY security system is what you’re after, it doesn’t get much better than the sequro GuardPro CCTV Camera System Set.

  • One of the easiest to set up DIY home security solutions around

  • You’ll have everything you need to get started in a single package

  • The footage can be accessed via the Android and Apple apps

  • Includes a mobile touchscreen display that’s also the DVR

  • The video resolution is lackluster

  • The system is only compatible with other seQuro products

6. TP-Link Tapo Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera

Price reduction
3,834 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Super affordable
  • Supports local storage
  • Spectacular night vision
What customers say:

“This product is easy to install and gives an all-around system that you can add to which only a few years ago would have cost thousands to install. Very happy with features quality and price.” – Anonymous Amazon Customer

Anyone who’s used to buying entry level to mid-range computer peripherals is likely familiar with TP-Link – a tech company that has been in the business of creating networking devices and computer accessories since the mid-90s. So who’d have thought that they’d be so good at coming up with affordable home surveillance solutions as well?

The TP-Link Tapo Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera is a wonderfully well-priced security device that packs a siren and two-way audio, as well as long-range night vision, all at a price point that the average joe can afford. Compared to the Ring Spotlight Cam’s night vision range of approximately 9 meters, the Tapo can reach up to 30 meters with no problem.

And for people who shudder at the thought of having to pay a monthly subscription fee on top of buying the camera just to store your footage, you’ll be glad to know that this little guy has a Micro SD slot for local storage. Not only will you save money on the device itself, but you’ll cut some major costs on recurring cloud payments.

Sure, it has its faults. It isn’t battery-powered so you’ll need to have a power supply, you won’t have the option for cloud storage, and it really doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as some of the other entries on this list. But if a budget home surveillance solution is what you’re after, the TP-Link Tapo Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera is one of our favourites.

  • A fraction of the price of some of the other cameras on this list

  • Fantastic resolution despite the budget price tag

  • Utilizes local storage which is great for people who don’t care for cloud subscriptions

  • Its night vision range beats out a lot of the premium competition

  • There’s no option for cloud storage in case that’s what you’re after

  • It’s not battery-powered so you’ll have to hook it up to a power source

7. Genbolt 5MP WiFi Security Camera Outdoor

57 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Insanely high resolution
  • Siren sounds like a dog barking
  • Impressive range for the night mode
What customers say:

“You think this is a budgeted camera? I would say it’s literally a complete solution to your home security! It’s a high definition camera comes with floodlights and siren. The dog bark siren is great design that will not annoy neighbours. In fact, my neighbour’s dog also barks back! lol.” – Guizhao Wang

Claiming the final spot on our list is another modestly-priced camera developed by Chinese CCTV company Genbolt. Their 5MP WiFi Security Camera Outdoor boasts a spectacular 5MP camera (2560x1920p resolution), wireless connectivity, and a coloured night mode that’s effective for more than 15 meters.

It’s weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about it taking a beating in harsher climates, and it features floodlights and a siren in the form of a dog bark that work together to ward off intruders day or night. The camera is flexible enough to work with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS operating systems without any trouble and the AI-based humanoid detection attempts to limit false alarms by spotting only human-like movements.

The 5MP WiFi Security Camera Outdoor is not a battery-powered device, so it’ll have to be perpetually plugged into a power source and the motion detection is a kind of hit-and-miss, but where else are you going to find a 5MP security camera for a price like this?

  • A 5MP camera on a budget security device is pretty nuts

  • The dog-barking siren is actually a cool and fairly effective feature

  • The coloured night mode sports some impressive range

  • It comes at an attractive price point

  • Needs to be plugged in to function

  • Motion recognition is kind of finicky at times

Outdoor Security Camera: Buying Guide

Setting up the right security system for your home can be a pricey endeavour and finding a quality outdoor security camera that suits your property’s needs can set you back quite a bit of coin. While we’re unshakably confident with our choices in this list, there are still tons of great cameras out there worth your time.

Whether you decide to invest in something we chose or plan on purchasing a different device entirely, there are a few factors to consider before finally taking the plunge. It’s important that you’re fully aware of the needs of your home and area prior to making a decision that could potentially affect yourself and your entire household.

What Do You Need An Outdoor Security Camera For?

One of the more overlooked questions you should ask yourself before purchasing an outdoor security camera is regarding your purpose for setting up the device in the first place. One of the first things that come to mind is to protect your home from potential break-ins and malicious intruders.

So you have to do your homework and find out if this is a common threat where you live, or are you more prone to dangerous animals wandering into your yard to rummage through your garbage? For the latter, you’re probably better off choosing an outdoor camera that offers powerful floodlights and a frightening siren to scare the animal off.

Where you plan on setting up the camera is vital as well. Positioning the device overlooking your likely well-lit front porch means that it isn’t particularly important for the camera to have its own dedicated light source while using the device to monitor darker areas like your backyard would require excellent night vision and probably some competent floodlights.

Why You Should Buy Outdoor Security Cameras

According to Knoema, Australia has a home burglary rate of 674.9 cases per 100,000 population, putting it as the 7th highest in the world. Of these break-ins, 70.8% have possessions stolen, and 11.8% result in a confrontation. (Source)

Outdoor security cameras are an excellent deterrent as well as an excellent source of evidence. If you are concerned about home security then it’s hard to look past the advantages outdoor security cameras can offer.

What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Security Camera

The most important thing about buying an outdoor security camera is the features that’ll make it effective in your particular home and setup. Here are a few things that you will want to familiarize yourself with:

The Importance of Video Resolution

Video resolution is undoubtedly one of the more important aspects of a security camera since that often directly correlates to a clearer image and you’ll definitely want crisp footage when you’re monitoring your home.

While this idea might tempt you into immediately going for the highest resolution security camera money can buy, this is a bit misleading since these devices don’t often film at their maximum potential. After all, modern security cameras rely on our home WiFi which isn’t always running at its best speeds. As a result, you might end up with degraded footage, in which case that 5MP gadget really didn’t amount to much.

That’s why it’s equally important to invest in a camera with flexible video resolution. That way, the device is better equipped to handle WiFi fluctuations, leaving you with overall better recording quality even if the resolution isn’t exactly high definition.

Night Vision

As previously mentioned, the area you plan on surveilling should play a big part in the kind of camera you end up buying. Darker areas of your property like the sides of your house or your backyard probably wouldn’t be nearly as well-lit as, say, your front porch.

For places like this, it’s critical that you choose a model that features great night vision properties so that your footage comes out clear even without a nearby light source. The TP-Link Tapo, for example, has an effective night vision range of 30 meters, making it perfect for bigger yards that other models might struggle to monitor.

Motion Activation

What’s the point of a security camera if it doesn’t wake up fast enough to capture the things it’s meant to? That’s why you should properly look into how effective the device’s motion activation really is. Some devices suffer from a few seconds of lag before they begin recording, and this little bit of time can sometimes mean the difference between catching the culprit on tape or missing them entirely.

Two-Way Audio

A built-in mic and speaker have become the norm in modern security cameras, allowing people to listen in on what’s happening outside and make their voices heard from wherever it is they’re watching from. This can be a very effective way to deter criminals, as there’s nothing quite as shocking as hearing a person scream when you’re trying to sneak your way into a seemingly unknowing home.

It’s also a nifty way of communicating with whoever is in that area without having to go all the way out there, like if you want to call the kids in for supper while they’re playing in the yard. Some camera models include a built-in siren that acts as an alarm to surprise intruders. The Genbolt one sounds like a barking dog, which sounds pretty funny on paper but it’s actually rather terrifying for someone who isn’t expecting it.

Types of Video Storage

For security cameras, storage types fall under two different categories, local and cloud. Local storage entails the use of a physical storage medium, such as a memory card or hard drive, in order to house all the footage that your device records. Cloud storage, on the other hand, works by uploading your recordings to an online server where you can access them through an internet connection. Most brands will require you to buy into a monthly subscription to use this service.

It’s worth noting that the higher your camera resolution is, the larger the recording will end up being and, in turn, the more storage you’ll need to house them. This means larger (and more expensive) memory cards for local storage or more storage space in your cloud server.

Companion Apps

These days, most security cameras come with companion apps of various qualities, giving you the ability to conveniently access your camera’s footage from the comfort of your smartphone, PC, or laptop. Not all companion apps are created equal, however, as some are more polished than others and contain more useful extra features.

Having said that, you should definitely look into how well-developed the app is for the device you are eyeing and check if it’s even compatible with your smartphone or computer to begin with.

Wired vs Battery-Powered

Wired and battery-powered cameras each have their pros and cons. The latter is usually far easier to set up and can be placed pretty much anywhere you want, but you’ll have to take them down for a charge every now and then which can be a hassle. The Reolink Argus Eco might be an exception, though, since it comes with a solar panel that can potentially keep your device charged forever.

In contrast, wired cameras need to be set up near a power source, which is pretty limiting, but you never have to worry about them running out of juice all of a sudden/

Brand Names Carry Weight

There certainly are exceptions to the rule but it’s generally safer for a brand name that’s popular and tried and tested, versus trying your luck with a relatively obscure piece of equipment. You’ll probably end up spending more, but it’s a warranted expense that generally results in better quality, after-sales support, and longevity.

But if you’re dead-set on rolling the dice with a lesser-known brand, make sure to dive deep into the customer reviews and see what the people have to say.

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