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The Best Bluetooth Trackers & Key Finders For Forgetful People

We’ve all been there; right when you are in a hurry to go out you suddenly forget where you placed your keys, your phone, or your wallet. You’ve searched everywhere but you can’t seem to find it and that’s always a big bummer. The good news is that you’re not the only one that experiences this kind of bad luck and they have found a solution for it—the best Bluetooth trackers. That’s right, a tracker for your stuff!
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Bluetooth trackers are incredibly useful devices that prevent you from losing your prized possessions. Attach or clip them to your things and with the use of Bluetooth Technology, you’ll be able to find those missing buggers in a matter of minutes. It’s quite a handy technology; not just when losing your keys or wallets, but when you’re traveling as well. You can look for missing backpacks and luggage at the airport.

We’ve spent dozens of hours researching, assessing, and analyzing the best Bluetooth trackers and key finders that are available to buy right now. We’ve considered all the factors, from connectivity range to mode of attachment, and narrowed down the list of products for you.

The Best Bluetooth Trackers

Searching the world wide web for the best Bluetooth trackers will take forever—if you do it yourself. That is why we’ve curated the products for you. After hours of comprehensive research, endless product comparisons, and looking into user feedback, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 of the best Bluetooth trackers:

#1. APPLE AirTags

Mobile app: Find My app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: CR2032 (Lasts 1 year)

Apple is known for quality products that offer excellent functionality within the Apple Eco-system. So, we expect nothing less from its APPLE AirTags. The company is continuously widening its variety of consumer technology products outside of phones, laptops, and computers.

With the AirTag, you can just attach it to your key holder or slip one in your wallet, and you’ll; be able to track it on your iPhone via the Find My app. Yes, it’s the same app you use to find your phone or locate friends and family’s Apple devices.

The little tag device is equipped with a built-in speaker, and you can assign each tag like “wallet”, “phone” or the like, and you can just command Siri to find those missing objects. If it’s nearby, you’ll be able to hear the beeping sound. It is equipped with Precision Finding to give you the distance and direction as to where the tag is. However, this is only compatible with the iPhone 11 series up to the iPhone 12 series.

  • Easy to track and connect to already existing Apple app
  • No complicated installation needed
  • With built-in speaker 
  • Limited to Apple users only

#2. Tile Mate (2020)

No products found.

Mobile app: Tile app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: 1 Lithium Metal (Lasts 1 year) | Range: 200 ft./60m

The is one of the best overall Bluetooth trackers. It has great premium features, one of which is its capability to ring your phone within the 200 ft.-Bluetooth range from the tracker itself. It can activate your phone’s ring even when it’s on silent. All you have to do is double click on the button of the Tile – simple!

But when you’re outside the Bluetooth range, you’ll still be able to find your missing things. With its mobile app, you can check the last time and location it was with you and you’ll be able to get the directions to look for it. This is great not only for small valuables like keys, wallets, and phones but for your pets. You can just attach it to their collar and when they get lost, you can use the same “outside the Bluetooth range” method. You won’t have to worry if it gets wet because the Tile Mate is water-resistant.

The device works with your Alexa app or with “Hey Google”. The voice assistants will be able to ping your Tile Mate with ease. This is certainly worth purchasing if you’re outside of the Apple ecosystem or just prefer the form factor and functionality.

  • Not limited within the Bluetooth range
  • Works with voice assistant devices
  • Water-resistant
  • You need to set up a Tile account to use the device and app

#3. Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker

No products found.

Mobile app: Cube Tracker app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: Replaceable CR2032 3V battery | Range: 100 ft.

Most Bluetooth trackers come with a 1-year battery capacity. When it runs out, you usually have to buy a new device. And if you have a handful of them, you’ll need to replace them all, which adds up pretty quickly. However, with the , there’s no need to put the device to waste, as the battery can be replaced. The package even comes with an extra battery that you can install on your own when the time comes. This really should be standard across all of the best Bluetooth trackers.

The brand Cube offers different kinds of trackers, so it is important to highlight that the Cube Key Finder is not a GPS tracker. It uses Bluetooth to make a connection with your device and only makes use of your GPS location services to update the location information of your tracker. It only has a Bluetooth range of up to 100 ft. Outside of that, you can check the app for the last known or recorded location of your device. This means it won’t give live coverage of your items that are outside of the range. Something to keep in mind.

The Cube will ring when you ping it from the app. You can also do the same with your lost phone by pressing the button on the Cube to ring it up. Apart from that, the device has the neat feature of becoming a Bluetooth shutter for your phone when taking photos. Pretty nifty.

  • Replaceable battery
  • Feature-filled
  • Can be used as a Bluetooth shutter for taking pictures
  • Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE

#4. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Tracker & Item Locator

No products found.

Mobile app: SmartThings | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: User-replaceable CR2032 battery

Apple is not the only global consumer tech company that jumped into this growing market. Samsung has its own bluetooth tracker and it is the .

Among all things, it should be noted Samsung has two kinds of SmarTags, the classic (this product) and the SmartTag Plus. It differs in connectivity as the latter requires both the BLE and ultrawideband connectivity which is only available—as of currently—on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus, and S21 Ultra.

The classic version only requires BLE connectivity or also known as “Bluetooth Low Energy”. Similar to what we expected from Apple, Samsung was able to produce quite an innovative device. It does so much more than just locate your lost belongings. However, despite being an Android accessory, the SmartTag is only compatible with Samsung devices and not with other Android phones.

This is because the SmartTag makes use of Samsung’s SmartThings app. It’s the same app you use to connect your Samsung phone to smart devices such as Alexa or Google Home. It’ll also use the Galaxy Find Network when your tile is out of range.

  • Replaceable battery
  • Connected to Samsung’s Galaxy apps (SmartThings & Find Network)
  • Can withstand heavy weather conditions
  • Limited to Samsung devices

#5. Nutale Nut3 4pcs Key Finder Smart Tracker

No products found.

Mobile app: Nut app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: 1 CR2 | Range: 10-20m (indoors); 30-50m (outdoors)

The is indeed an intelligent device, which is why it is considered one of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market right now. What makes it great among others is that it’ll notify you when the item you’ve attached the tracker to goes beyond the range. It’ll create a beeping sound for both your phone and the Nut. This is to make sure you won’t leave your items behind accidentally, especially outside.

Indoors, you’ll have 10 to 20 meters worth of range, and 30 to 50 meters when you are outside. Beyond those, expect to hear a beep. It is just like when you’re not wearing your seatbelt when driving, it may annoy you but it’s a good reminder that’ll save your life, or in this case your brand new phone. Or you can put it on “Silent Mode” so it won’t beep. You can also look for your misplaced phone with just a double-click of the Nut. It’ll locate your phone with a ring, vibrate, and flash even if your phone is on silent mode.

  • Equipped with a smart bidirectional anti-lost tracker
  • It has a real-time location map
  • Comes in multiple color selection
  • Limited connectivity range

#6. Orbitkey x Chipolo Tracker

No products found.

Mobile app: Chipolo app | Speaker or alarm: Available| Battery: CR1620| Range: 150 ft.

The  is the ultimate key organizer with a Bluetooth tracker. It’s a smart device that’ll fit perfectly into your Orbitkey Key Organizer—it’s designed for it. But you can also use it with just the included tassel.

This device is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and it’ll be able to track your belongings within seconds. It has a wide range of 150 ft. and it features a loud ringer so you’ll be able to follow the ringing distinctly. When not used for tracking belongings, you can use this best Bluetooth tracker as a shutter trigger for your camera phone. You’ll be able to get that perfect shot without having to stretch your arms for an angle.

Orbitkey really do produce quality products and this is no different. Combined the tracking pedigree of Chipolo, you know you’re getting a quality product.

  • Compact and compatible with all Orbitkey products
  • Loud ringer
  • Serves as an alternative camera phone wireless shutter
  • The battery is only good 6 months before it needs replacement

#7. Chipolo Card (2020) – Loud Water Resistant Bluetooth Wallet Tracker

No products found.

Mobile app: Chipolo app | Speaker or alarm: Available| Battery: CR2 | Range: 200 ft – line of sight (60 m)

At first glance, you might think it’s a hotel room hotel card. The  takes the best Bluetooth Trackers to a whole new level. If you’re not into the tags, you may want to consider a flat and card-like tracker for your stuff. It’s quite easier to place in a wallet, phones, and even remote controllers. You won’t have to worry about your stuff getting bulky as the Chipolo card is extremely thin with only a thickness of 2.15 mm.

You’ll get a notification from the Chipolo app when you leave your wallet or your other belongings behind. It’ll trigger when you go out of range from the device. You can connect the tracker to either Alexa, Siri, or Google to do the tracking for you. Or you can ask the help of the Chipolo community to help you find your lost belongings.

Say no more about the annoying beeping sound, with the app, you can choose different ringtones and decide how you want your Chipolo card to ring when you look for it. It has one of the loudest speakers with a decibel level of 95dB. And just like the first Chipolo product, you can also use this device as a wireless shutter for your camera phone.

  • Easy to insert instead of hooking the tracker to your items
  • Customizable alarm ringtone
  • Splash proof
  • It may not be able to give a very precise location

#8. SwiftFinder Key Finder Locator

No products found.

Mobile app: SwiftFinder app| Speaker or alarm: Available| Battery: 1 CR2| Range: 130 ft.

We’ve seen quite a number of designs of our best Bluetooth trackers. Most of them have ready-made holes for easy hooking to your key holders and the like. But they may be a bit thick to swiftly hook to your keyholders or your bags’ zip holders. With the , the hook is extended outside the tracker’s structure. It has a thinner hook handle, so you can easily attach it to your things—it’s the ultimate smart tag!

It’s quite loud as well, as it produces a whopping sound of up to 85 dB. This will enable the device to efficiently lead you to your belongings. It has a long-distance range of up to 130 ft. Its system is equipped with a two-way smart finder as well where you can ring up your phone by double-clicking the tracker. It also has a “Community Find” feature where you can share your device and let the SwiftFind community help you find your things faster.

  • Easy to hook to your keyholders or zipper handles
  • Equipped with a two-way smart finder
  • Loud speaker sound
  • The updated app name may not be on the directions/manual

#9. TrackR Pixel – Bluetooth Tracking Device

No products found.

Mobile app: TrackR app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: 1 Lithium Metal | Range: 100 ft. (outside)

The is the cutest Bluetooth tracker! It makes for a great key holder accessory, as it also lights up helping you see. There’s no exact battery life duration indicated but rest assured the app will let you know when it is time to change the battery and you can even order a replacement right from the app. How neat is that?

The TrackR has a Global Crowd Locate feature wherein you can receive an alert that your missing item has been found or spotted. You can also use this best Bluetooth tracker to ring up your phone, even when it is on Silent Mode. You can connect this device to your Amazon Alexa and let the voice assistant find it for you via the Find My Phone Skill. With the flashing LED you’ll be able to find your missing belongings even faster!

  • Order and replace your battery on the app
  • Equipped with Global Crowd Locate feature for community help
  • Flashing LED will help you find your stuff faster
  • You need to have the app running at all times which may drain your battery

#10. Innway Card – Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Finder

Innway Card - Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Finder
1,014 Reviews
Innway Card - Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Finder
  • THIN AND DURABLE - The Innway Card is 1.5 mm thin, making it easy to fit in...
  • RING YOUR INNWAY - Use the Innway app to make your Innway Card ring when it...
  • FIND YOUR PHONE - Press the Innway button on your Innway Card to make your...
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Care for the environment by choosing a rechargeable...

Mobile app: Innway app | Speaker or alarm: Available | Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Polymer | Range: 30 m

If the Chipolo Card looked like a hotel room card, the Innway Card - Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker, on the other hand, looks like a sleek credit card. It’s ultra-thin, it only measures around 1.5mm, and it can fit conveniently inside your wallets, purses, tablets, or even inside your phone case. Imagine yourself always being fascinated when you ring up a credit card-looking object.

But don’t be fooled by how thin it is as it can perform as well as the other best Bluetooth trackers on this list. Despite being super thin, it has a built-in alarm speaker inside and a button that you can press to look for your phone. If you’re within the 30-meter range, you can use your phone app to ring up your Innway Card to look for your misplaced items.

Among all of its premium features, what stood out is its rechargeable battery. It’s the only device on this list that offers such a feature. It’s the brand’s way to protect and care for the environment. It uses a unique charger that you can clip on your card. Charge it for only 2 hours and you’ll be good for the next 3 to 5 months.

  • Ultra-thin tracker device
  • Equipped with a two-way smart finder
  • Rechargeable battery
  • The app needs to run in the background for the card to efficiently work

Best Bluetooth Trackers: Buyer’s Guide

Getting the best Bluetooth trackers is somewhat an essential and critical decision to make. This is because you are entrusting your things to these little devices. If it doesn’t work efficiently or doesn’t locate the exact locations of your belongings then you may consider your items as good as lost—and we don’t want that to happen. Busy as we are, it has been quite natural to lose or misplace your items every now and then. If you still want to explore other products apart from those mentioned above, we’ve written down the important factors you should consider when buying the best Bluetooth trackers in the market right now:

Mobile app

Most Bluetooth trackers will come with a mobile app. It’s how most, if not all, devices are managed. What you have to look into is, first, its availability on Google Play or the App store—depending on the OS of your smartphone.

Not all trackers will have universal compatibility, just like the AirTags for Apple and the SmartTags for Samsung. There might be other third-party brands out there that only produce accessories for certain phone brands or OS.

The second sub-factor to look into is the interface of the mobile app. As observed, based on user feedback, the overall experience is influenced greatly by the app’s interface. Whether how user-friendly it is or how smooth it runs. The biggest problem we will encounter is the app’s requirement to keep running in the background. This will most likely drain our phones’ batteries.

Bluetooth Connectivity Range

The connectivity range of Bluetooth trackers will vary. Some will provide a smaller range but this may already include the walls as a factor. For example, your Bluetooth tracker will have a strong connectivity range of 10 to 30m, even when there are walls present. Others will give you a wide range of up to 200 ft. or more, but the exact connectivity will depend on signal-hindering factors, like walls. So you might see reviews attesting to false information about the wide connectivity range, when in fact, it only has a strong 30 or 20m distance range.

When looking into connectivity ranges, imagine your day-to-day situations and schedules. There are those who only need the trackers for keys and wallets as they seem to be the hardest items to find when you are heading out. So you might need a strong yet short connectivity range that’ll be perfect for indoors. But if you’re the generally forgetful type, and you tend to lose stuff every now and then, you may want to get the wider connectivity range.

In relation to the app, other brands will equip their devices and apps with the last location detected before you went out of range with the tracker. So if you have a longer distance range capability, you’ll be able to locate the nearest last location to where your item might be. It’s a good factor to consider when you are planning to hook trackers on your pets.

Battery Life

There are Bluetooth trackers that are only good for a year—more or less. After that, you’ll need to replace the whole device; and if you have a few of them on your belongings, then you’ll be replacing a lot of them. Nevertheless, the best Bluetooth trackers in the market will offer users the option to replace the battery only and not the device. What you need to take note of is the type of battery the device uses; How easy is it to buy a battery replacement of such a type?

The more eco-friendly brands offer a rechargeable battery instead, but they may be a bit pricey compared to the others. Also, you may not know when you are supposed to charge it. If you’re going for this type of device, make sure the app has a notification feature that’ll remind you when the battery is low and that it already needs charging.

Sound and/or Alarm availability

Just like the mobile app, most, if not all, devices are equipped with some kind of built-in sound or alarm system that’ll beep, ring, or play music when they are pinged from the app. You’ll find most of the best Bluetooth trackers have built-in speakers. However, you will still be able to encounter cheaper products that can only produce the item’s location but won’t be able to ring it. The key feature of Bluetooth trackers is that you will be able to look for it via “Marco-Polo” style or “Cold-and-Warm”.

What you need to ensure is the loudness of the sound or alarm. There are those that only ring as loud as the timer on your digital wristwatch. It’ll be very hard to locate, especially if you have very thick walls.

Second, there are those that can automatically beep or alarm when you go out of range from the device. It’s an added feature that not all products have. If you want that kind of reminder, then consider those products that offer such a feature. The premium ones will offer a silent mode that’ll disable the auto-beeping because it may become annoying at times.

Third, another premium feature you might want to consider is the customizable ringtones. It’s quite an enjoyable experience to have and you can choose a less annoying alert tone.

Two-way smart finder feature

Many of the best Bluetooth trackers that were mentioned on this list offer a two-way smart finder feature. This means that you’ll be able to ring up your phone with the tracker itself—just with a click or two of the button on the device. It’s a great feature considering we can’t put a tracking device on our phone because we need an app to manage that. Instead, the tracker will be the one to activate the alarm via the app to ring up your misplaced phone even when it’s on silent. How? Some will use your phone alarm clock, others will make use of your flashlight and vibrate modes.

Mode of Installation

Generally, Bluetooth trackers are made to look like keychain accessories. So you can just easily hook them up, but the thickness of the device will matter a lot as it may be difficult to hook up a very thick device on your keychain. Some will have the hook as an extension of the device, so it’ll be thinner than the rest of the body.

Others will come with a tassel, a string, or a clip. The highly innovative ones are made to look like credit cards and so you can insert them directly into your wallets, bags, and passport sleeves.


The best Bluetooth trackers can be a lifesaver and, for many of us, a big time saver because it’s always when you’re in a hurry that you tend to lose your essential items. With the fast-developing technology, connectivity has become the answer to our problems—even for our forgetfulness or clumsiness.

Many have given these devices as a gag gift for a friend or a relative and they will always end up loving the device. It’s never too much to keep track of your things because you’ll never know when it may come in handy. But you have to make sure you’ll be able to rely on the best devices because you don’t want to find yourself in a hopeless situation where you may have lost your belongings for good because your tracker is faulty. Choose only the best Bluetooth trackers in the market and feel secure even when you’re on the go!

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