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Best Budget Gaming Chairs 2021

Game in comfort without the breaking the bank with the best budget gaming chairs! 🎮 🪑 😀
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Creating the dream gaming set-up extends far beyond your GPU, headsets, monitor, keyboard and mouse. You need to be comfortable and have excellent ergonomics…well this is where a quality budget gaming chair comes in clutch. If you’ve spent the big bucks elsewhere, worry not. These chairs won’t break the bank (or your back!)

With so many of us spending many hours each day in front of a computer at work and then more hours gaming in the evening, it’s important to your health that you invest in a good budget gaming chair.

So without further ado… let’s take a look at the best budget gaming chairs.

What are the best gaming chairs?

We spent dozens of hours trawling the net to discover and assess which budget gaming chairs are the best gaming chairs. We looked a customer reviews, reviews from specialist experts, as well as independent research to bring you this list of the best budget gaming chairs.

#1. Furgle Gaming Chair

Furgle Gaming Chair
  • 【Quality Materials & Ergonomics】Designed with one-piece high-density...
  • 【Accessory upgrade】3D adjustable rotating handrail with thick padding,...
  • 【Multi-function & large size】 Enjoy the Rocking function, which can be...
  • 【Endurance & Safety】Complete and sturdy metal frame and heavy-duty...

The Furgle Gaming Chair is a bit on the pricey side compared to the rest on this list, but it’s definitely worth including because it’s still technically a budget gaming chair and a very good one at that! In fact, in our opinion, it wins the award for the best value for money gaming chair in Australia!

We love the design and comfort this gaming chair offers. It’s a combination of a modern and sleek racing-style gaming chair with the comfort of an ergonomically designed office chair!

It’s also very well reviewed by Australians and is one of the most popular gaming chairs on Amazon Australia, with almost 600 reviews globally, with an average rating of 4.2.

And with good reason! Despite being in the budget category, the material choices are good quality and the aesthetics. The Furgle Gaming Chair uses a combination of a high-density elastic sponge and PU leather for absolute comfort. There are also lumbar and neck support cushions that can be strapped on for extra support. This really is a comfortable gaming chair!

As well as having excellent padding, it’s highly adjustable. The chair can recline from 90 degrees all the way down to 170 degrees. So if you want to take a little nap between rounds, you can! The armrests can be adjusted vertically as well as rotated. This means no matter your preferred picture or arm position, you’re good!

To top it all off, there’s even a retractable footrest to help provide great comfort and support literally from head to toe!

Overall, this is certainly the best budget gaming chair, but it does cost a bit more than some others.

  • Amazing comfort
  • Highly adjustable
  • 3 Awesome designs
  • Out of some budgets

#2. Alfordson Gaming Chair

Alfordson Gaming Chair
  • ★DESIGN CONCEPT: The ALFORDSON supreme racing office chair is born for...
  • ★HIGH GRADE MATERIAL: A stylish chrome base with TUV certified casters,...
  • ★EXCELLENT COMFORT: Combined with retractable padded footrest that suits...
  • ★STURDY CONSTRUCTION: It features a sturdy chrome base with up to 150...

The Alfordson Gaming Chair is highly-reviewed on Amazon, garnering a 4.2 rating out of a perfect 5 from nearly 200 global users. For a very reasonable fee, users are generally very happy with Alfordson’s budget gaming chair.

Alfordson gaming chairs are always included in most, if not all, Australian best gaming chair reviews, whether their premium line or its budget-friendly gaming chair. It’s a known brand in the gaming community for offering quality gaming chairs for a very reasonable price.

One of its most attractive features is its racing-style design and bold colorway. It’s ergonomically designed (with a metal frame) to maintain a neutral balanced posture and reduce any back pain.

This low-priced gaming chair is fully adjustable, from its height, its armrest, to its tilt rock tension. You can adjust the chairs angle to three different ones: At 90 degrees, for a comfortable work mode; at 130 degrees for cozy reading mode or for chill gaming; and at 150 degrees for when you need to lie down for a bit to take a bit of a rest or a break.

It’s well-padded; both having lumbar and headrest cushions. So you can comfortably enjoy playing for an extended period of time. Although commonly bought as a gaming essential, this great budget gaming chair, thanks to its sleek faux leatherette wrapping, can also be used as an office chair.

So you can enjoy this comfortable chair while doing work—also for an extended period of time. It would still look professional during zoom calls too, especially with the black colour variant.

  • Striking Design
  • Very Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Too narrow for bigger folk

#3. AUSELECT Gaming Chair

AUSELECT Gaming chair
  • 2021 New Design: AUSELECT PC Chair features a car-seat style design, which...
  • Better Experience & Purchase with Gift Gaming Mouse Pad: Our gaming racing...
  • Perfect for Gaming: AUSELECT gaming chair were dedicated to make the best...
  • Selected Material: Breathable Skin friendly and wear-resisting PU leather...

Similar to Alsfordson, the AUSELECT Gaming chair is also widely know in Australian gaming circles for its excellent value for money. As of this writing, Amazon actually dubbed this gaming chair as its #1 Best Seller.

It also sports a racing-like design, headrest, and lumbar support. It’s a bit thicker than most of the other gaming chairs on this list. Its tilt locking mechanism ranges from 90° to 135° angles, which isn’t as much as other chairs, but 135 degrees is still a lot of range and added comfort.

It’s priced affordably but also made with premium materials like high-density shaping foam, wear-resisting PU leather, equipped with a heavy-duty frame and multi-direction wheel with a 360° swivel.

This type of budget gaming chair is great for taller gamers because it’s on the narrower side, has taller sides, and has a weight capacity of 200 KG.

  • Thick padding
  • It has a heavy-duty base
  • Equipped with updated PU wheel
  • Narrow

#4. Advin Racing-style Gaming Chair

Advin Gaming Chair
  • 【Ergonomic Gaming Chair】 Are you looking for a durable and comfortable...
  • 【Multifunctional Office Chair】 When you want to relax, you can tilt...
  • 【Excellent Material】 Our gaming chair is made of high-quality PU...
  • 【Strong + Stable】 It can bear 120KG and is suitable for most people....

The Advin Gaming Chair already screams comfort and style. It sports a race car style design, with a headrest and lumbar support but it’s thicker compared to the others in this list. It doesn’t look like a budget gaming chair at all.

The number one priority of any budget gaming chair is making sure you’re not sacrificing your comfort. The Advin budget gaming chair is ergonomically designed and built with great adjustability, so don’t worry about comfort! It uses techniques like segmented paddings making sure users have contoured support.

The armrest is padded and it has an extended footrest. So along with the adjustable headrest and lumbar support, the Respawn 110 provides optimal comfort. Not to mention, a reclining control with infinite angle lock for maximum 4D adjustability.

The seat is 19.25″ to 22.5″ and 21” wide, with a weight capacity of 120 KGs. The range for the reclining angle is from 90 – 145 degrees. It also swivels a full 360°.

The all-black colourway looks great and is a nice change from some of the bolder options on this list of best budget gaming chairs.

  • Very comfortable
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Sleek and minimal aesthetic.
  • Not suitable for larger people

#5. Alfordson Mesh Office Chair

Alfordson Mesh Office Chair
  • ★DESIGN CONCEPT: The Alfordson supreme mesh chair is born for...
  • ★HIGH GRADE MATERIAL: A stylish chrome base with TUV certified casters,...
  • ★EXCELLENT COMFORT: Combined with retractable padded footrest that suits...
  • ★ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It features angle & height adjustable headrest, and...

The Alfordson Mesh Office Chair provides a different but fresh take on gaming chairs.

It doesn’t have the racing car design seen elsewhere on this list of best budget gaming chairs. But it does still offer amazing style and comfort.

It has a 360° of swivel and the arms can be flipped upwards. This is great when you want more free space when playing games. It looks more like a high-end Hermen Miller rather than a typical gaming chair, but it’s great for gaming regardless.

Unlike the rest as well, the Alfordson Mesh Office Chair is not all leather. It uses a combination of mesh back abd head support with a highly breathable foam padding for the seat itself.

It can recline all way down to 150 degrees, has a retractable footrest and an S-curve design for the ultimate ergonomics. It maye not be a traditonal gaming chair, but if you ant something a little less racey, then this is your giy!

  • Highly Adjustable
  • Different Aestehtic
  • Comfortable

  • Non-adjustable arm rests

Budget Gaming Chair Buying Guide

Buying a budget gaming chair requires careful consideration of certain factors which can make or break your experience with the chair. Take the guesswork out of the equation and guarantee yourself a budget gaming chair you will absolutely love.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The function should always be prioritised over form when it comes to gaming chairs. Comfort and ergonomics are at the top of this buying guide because they play the largest role in the level of enjoyment. Without proper comfort and ergonomics, you will get neck aches, headaches and general discomfort.

Almost all budget gaming chairs offer at least some level of ergonomics with many of them offering a good level of customisation and adjustments.

Make sure you are aware of what is adjustable and how adjustable it is. For example, some brands offer 4D armrests. Essentially meaning they are highly adjustable, but this term is used differently among different brand so make sure you know exactly what they mean.

Also, keep an eye out for included lumbar pillows and neck cushions.


The chosen materials of a budget gaming chair play a large part in the quality and durability. There is a range of materials used across gaming chairs, but with the budget chairs, you are usually limited to synthetic fabrics. Leather is of course reserved for premium chairs due to the cost of the material. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Leather: The most durable but also the most expensive. Not seen with any budget gaming chairs. Easy to clean.

PU Leather: A synthetic compound comprised of low-quality leather and a polyurethane topcoat. Still relatively durable but less so than real leather. Easy to clean. Found occasionally on budget gaming chairs.

PVC Leather: Another leather imitation comprised of PVC and additives.  It’s an excellent cheap material choice because it offers good aesthetics as well as durability and ease of cleaning. Seen a lot fo budget gaming chairs.

Fabric: Less durable and harder to clean than the above materials, but the fabric does offer more breathability and some people prefer the texture. Some people also rate them to be more comfortable but this is a personal preference. Seen on some budget gaming chairs.

Mesh: Even more breathable than Fabric, but harder to clean as well. It is found across the price range but more commonly on premium gaming chairs. Budget gaming chair mesh can warp over time compared to more premium chairs.


Chairs often come in multiple different sizes so make sure you are buying the appropriate size for you. The sizes are not consistent across the different brands so make sure you check the specs of each chair and size.


The look and style of your budget gaming chair should certainly be considered. There is a wide range of colours and styles to pick from, so choose one that looks good in your home. There is also a wide range of styles with some chairs including RGB and others being very minimal.

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