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The Best Red Light Therapy Devices for Enhanced Recovery

People are always looking for solutions that will relieve them from all sorts of body pain. Sometimes, gels, oils, and pills won’t be enough. We tend to look for solutions that are somehow close to a professional approach and they’ve ended up discovering the best cold laser therapy devices. They’ve become a great option for non-invasive procedures. These devices relieve pain and injuries and boost and rejuvenate the skin (depending on the product).
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If there’s one thing we’re all proud of with this generation, it is the highly innovative and fast-developing technology—among others, of course. Especially in the medical aspect, we’ve been introduced to many advanced machines that helped make healing easier and more effective.

Red light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that makes use of low levels of light to relieve pain and inflammation. It is dubbed as “cold” because the low levels of light used by the laser are not enough to heat the tissues in the body. It is known by many terms such as low-level laser therapy, soft laser biostimulation, and the likes.

Handy devices for this type of treatment have been created to help relieve body and muscle pain within the comforts of everyone’s home. We’ve searched the market and found 5 of the best red light therapy devices.

The Best Red Light Therapy Devices

We spent dozens of hours searching the web for the best red light therapy devices money can buy. We have carefully selected what we believe is a collection of red light therapy devices that has something for everyone. We assess their price, quality, function, customer reviews and more to put together this list of what we believe are the best red light therapy devices.

#1. Geelium Red Light Therapy Device

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is designed to relieve joints and muscles from pain and at the same time, support increased mobility. It makes use of the same technology that NASA scientists have studied and applied for relief treatment.

This cold laser device gives the users a minute’s worth of doses. It has a safe medical-grade LED (3000 mW) that provides for a therapeutic red light wavelength of 660nm. It is shaped like a flashlight, which is only 5 inches long, making it the best cold laser therapy device that you can use on the go. The 1-minute limit will assure you that you won’t be overuse the device. Despite being a therapy/pain-relieving mechanism, prolonging unnecessary exposure may cause you more bad than good because of the red light. When needing more doses, you’ll need to restart the product.

The product comes in a zipped kit that includes a pouch, a charger, batteries, protective goggles, and of course, the laser itself.

  • Handy and extremely portable
  • Sets 1 minute limit of exposure at a time for safety precautions
  • FDA approved
  • Restarting device after every minute of use can be troublesome and disruptive

#2. Project E Beauty LED Red & Blue Light Therapy

Project E Beauty LED Red & Blue Light Therapy
24 Reviews
Project E Beauty LED Red & Blue Light Therapy
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  • ✅【2 Operating Modes】This red light facial device offers 2 operating...
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The Project E Beauty LED Red & Blue Light Therapy is designed with a deeper penetration feature as it can be used professionally and at home. The structure and design of this best cold laser therapy device will remind you of a shower phone. It has 12 pcs. of LED lights with a therapeutic wavelength of 650nm, one piece of LED light with an 808nm wavelength placed right in the middle. The latter is the one used for a more penetrating treatment for arthritis, knee, shoulder pain, while the former is used for shallow pain and wound healing. The recommended treatment is 15 minutes per usage and done twice a day.

This device can be used on the face but you have to make sure you observe safety precautions such as not to stare directly at the light nor can you use it to treat any pain near the eyes. Make sure not to use it in a dark or poorly lit room as eyes tend to be more sensitive to light in this setting. It comes with a USB line chord, a charger socket, and takes 2 hours to charge.

  • Can be used on pets
  • Deeper penetration feature
  • Longer recommended exposure
  • Although portable, it doesn’t come with a carry pouch.

#3. Yofalo Red LED Light Therapy

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is one of the best red light therapy devices because of its ease of use and effectiveness. It has a very simple interface and makes use of 3 buttons only—the On/Off, the Level of Power (intensity of Red Light), and the Timer (5, 10, 15, & 20 mins. The manufacturer placed a “Twice-Press” protection on the buttons’ system to avoid accidentally powering the device and emitting red light.

To turn the device on, you need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and you have to click again to start the treatment. You’ll see the 650nm laser come, but the 808nm light is invisible to the naked eye. This is equipped

It has four power levels to choose from—L1, L2, L3, and L4. The device will automatically shut down after the time set runs out and so if you need another dose, you’ll have to repeat the process of powering it on and setting the preference.

  • Equipped with an LCD screen
  • A protective system set in place to avoid accidentally emitting the red light
  • Automatically shuts off after the timer ends
  • No audible alarm or buzzer for when the timer sets off.

#4. DS Picnic Red Light Therapy Device

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We’ve been looking for a pain reliever device with wider coverage that can help us get through abdominal, but, back, and arm pains. We have that works as a pad instead of a laser pointer device. The LEDs are quite unique. Instead of lights, this device is equipped with 64 dual-LED chips. The 650nm and the 850nm lights are paired together in one chip. It is done this way to produce a more powerful and effective cold laser therapy device. So you have a total of 128 LED chips in just one device!

Imagine the deep penetration it can make in your skin. It can even be used for fat reduction as it can penetrate the subcutaneous fat layer and vibrate the fat cells. It has the capability to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and even help users relax when experiencing insomnia.

It has longer limit duration options (15 mins, 30 mins. And 60 mins.) and the modes will differ in temperature (39 Celcius (102.2F), 40 Celcius (104F), and 41 Celcius (105.8F)).

  • Overall body coverage
  • Longer exposure (max. 1 hour)
  • 64 Dual-LED chips
  • Must be plugged into a 2.5A supply to avoid getting burned

#5. ROSA RUGOSA Red Light Therapy Device

The is well-known to be one of the best cold laser therapy devices in the market right now due to how long-lasting it is after 2 hours of charging. It can last you up to 4 days. It is equipped with a rechargeable 26000mAh lithium battery and the package includes a USB charging cable and a power adapter. It comes with a carry case with a handle that looks like a first-aid kit.

It’s also a smart device with an LCD screen. To turn it on, you’ll need to hold the power button for 3 seconds, and press once against it to start the laser treatment. It is equipped with four (4) 808nm LEDs, so has a decent penetration capability. It comes with protective glass so make sure you wear it every time you do the laser treatment and even when using it for the face.

  • LED screen
  • Small and handy to use
  • Safe for pets
  • The case will gradually get hot especially by the head

Red Light Therapy Devices: Buyer’s Guide

Using cold laser therapy devices at home or for personal use can be dangerous. We have to always make sure that we only buy and use those that of high quality and equipped with enough safety measures and systems to keep your eyes and skin safe from over-exposure—among other things. If you still want to consider other products aside from the best cold laser therapy devices listed above, we’ve curated a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right one that’ll be worth the purchase:

FDA Approved

Not all products will have FDA approvals, even the best red light therapy devices may not have that seal. Those with approvals are more pricey compared to those without. This is because these products undergo numerous tests from professionals to prove and ensure their safety, therapeutic benefits, and qualify potential risks.

Although, choosing products with FDA approvals is only an optional factor to consider. If you have used the product before or you’ve known someone or some professionals who use it without encountering any issues or side effects then you’re good to go. But, you should raise your level of cautiousness when using it. This means no overexposing your body beyond the time limit or having to use protective glasses to avoid accidental exposure to the eyes.


Research shows that the most effective wavelength ranges for red light are somewhere within mid-600 nm and mid-800 nm. If you’ve noticed most of the products listed above are somewhere mid 600nm (650nm) with a combination of mid-800 nm (850 &830nm). This is because these wavelengths have the greatest effect on the cellular respiration process.

The 850 nm wavelength is usually called the “near-infrared” with is recommended for relieving issues regarding tissues, joints, and muscles. The mid-600 nm wavelength, on the other hand, is for skin rejuvenation and surface smoothing.

To have a deeper penetration capability, some brands place 2 or more Red LEDs with 850 nm wavelengths. And surround the head with 12 to 13 pieces of 650 nm Red LEDs. There is no uniform standard as to how many of these should be used but the products will differ in their treatment duration options. You could take them as safety time limits of exposure.

Size and weight

The size and weight will matter if you plan on carrying your best red light therapy devices around, like in your gym bag, work bag, or inside your car. But if you’re planning to have it for home use only, then it wouldn’t be such a big factor to consider.

Although, it’ll play a part depending on who is using it. For the elderly, a big and heavy product might be difficult to handle. A pad or a portable size laser therapy device will be more suitable.

Exposure doses

The exposure doses differ from every product. Some will have a timer increment of 5 mins., 20 mins., 30 mins., and others will have even have up until 60 mins. However, there are those who experience a bit of burning or hot sensation after 30 mins. of exposure. The number of mid-800 and mid-600 nm wavelengths Red LEDs will likely play a great part in that. Of course, the more LEDs the more heat that you get and so the longer you have it on, the hotter you feel.

The time or duration of the treatment sessions is a primary factor in having an effective result with red light therapy devices. Unfortunately, the optimal lase dose remains unknown. This is why some devices recommend a certain number of minutes per session and are done ed twice or thrice a day. This may depend on the type of pain you are in and where the pain is located.


Non-invasive procedures and treatments are becoming quite popular these days. It’s more effective and provides long-lasting relief compared to pain killers, gels, and oils. These devices are great for treating your pets at home, as you can’t put gels and oils on them.

All kinds of lasers are the new medical go-to and many are looking for a closer to a professional approach for relieving so many kinds of body pains. The best cold laser therapy devices will offer you a high-tech manner of pain relief. However, you should always use these devices with caution and make sure not to overuse them like painkiller tablets.

Results of the treatment will vary from person to person, depending on many factors such as the type of pain or illness. When in doubt, never hesitate to consult your doctor or a professional before exploring or experimenting with such devices. Make sure to keep your eyes protected at all times.

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