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The Best Rice Cookers for Easy to Cook Fluffy Rice

Cooking rice may seem easy, but it can be overly frustrating if you don’t use the right appliance. With the best rice cookers in Australia, you will get perfectly cooked rice regardless of the type of grain that you are cooking. 🍚
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Rice is one of the most consumed foods in the world. It offers a long list of nutritional benefits and is equally delicious when properly cooked. To get the best results when cooking rice, you should invest in a high-quality rice cooker. These appliances are a must-have, especially if you cook rice regularly. Rice cookers have great features that can help you avoid guesswork when preparing your favourite grain of rice.

Unlike traditional rice cookers, most modern-day rice cookers are micro-computerised to make your work easier. As such, the advanced microchips on these units will automate the cooking process, allowing you to do other things whilst the rice is cooking. If you’ve cooked rice before, then you must be aware that getting the correct ratio of rice to water is of utmost importance. Too much water will give you overcooked, mushy rice, while too little of it will result in undercooked rice.

TL;DR: The #1 Rice Cooker for Most People 👇
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68 Reviews

TEFAL ‎RK732 Rice and Slow Cooker

The ‎Tefal RK732 is more than your average rice cooker. It doubles up as a slow cooker and also utilises fuzz logic AI technology for precision temperature control!!

Additionally, it can hold 10 cups of uncooked rice, meaning it can cook up to 20 servings. To top it all up, the cooking pot is both non-stick and removable.

Well, you won’t have to worry about either when using a rice cooker since most models come with measuring cups that will help you with the measurements. Those that lack this accessory have calibrated cooking pots. Plus, some rice cookers are extremely versatile and can be used for other cooking applications. To help you find the best rice cooker, we have handpicked some of the top-rated rice cookers that you can purchase in Australia.

The Best Rice Cookers in Australia

These are the best rice cookers for different budgets, cooking needs, and kitchen sizes:

1. Best Microcomputer Rice Cooker: Philips Daily Collection Grain Master

Price reduction
82 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Has multiple cooking modes
  • Features a keep warm function
What customers say:

“The bowl is easy to clean. The grain master is so easy to operate and my (average grade) basmati looks fantastic !! Really recommend!”–Anja

Topping our list of best rice cookers is the Philips Daily Collection Grain Master Rice Cooker due to its ingenious cooking process and excellent build quality. This is one of the best rice cookers that is currently available in the market, so it can be a great addition to your appliance collection.

It employs fuzzy-logic technology during the cooking process, making it a suitable option for all users. This rice cooker can automatically adjust the cooking temperature to the most ideal level, so the rice won’t get burnt. The microchip on this unit will cook the rice in six distinct stages. That way, every grain will be cooked just the way you like it. The 5-layer cooking pot allows for uniform distribution of heat, meaning your rice will cook evenly.

Thanks to its steam loop design, the rice won’t lose its natural flavour and fragrance during the cooking process. With up to eight pre-set cooking modes to choose from, you can prepare a variety of dishes with the grain master. It can cook brown rice to perfection and can as well be used for cooking quinoa, multi-grain rice, porridge, lentils, etc. The inner pot can cook 8 cups of rice at a go.

When using the ‘standard cook’ function, the rice will be ready in approximately 45 minutes, while the ‘quick cook’ function only takes 25 minutes. It is important to note that the cooking time may vary depending on the grain type. The Philips HD4514/72 has a ‘keep warm’ function, thus making it even more convenient. With the help of this feature, the rice will be kept warm inside the machine without it overcooking.

And the best part about it is that the rice cooker can switch to this function automatically after the rice has been cooked. The control panel has a straightforward design and will provide you with a frustration-free user experience. Furthermore, all the buttons are conveniently labelled to ensure you apply the right function when changing the settings. One drawback of this appliance is that condensed steam drips back into the rice.

  • The cooking pot is both anti-scratch and non-stick

  • Innovatively designed

  • Easy to operate

  • Does not have a condensation catcher

2. Best Value Rice Cooker: TEFAL ‎RK732 Rice and Slow Cooker 

Price reduction
68 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Fuzzy-logic technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart features
What customers say:

“This has been really useful for us here in lockdown Melbourne in Winter. I’ve been making soups, curries, dahl and rice. I’ve even been just steam vegies. I haven’t had it long but I have been using it a lot.”–Maia

The TEFAL Rice and Slow Cooker has almost the same features as the Philips HD4514/72. However, this model has a larger cooking capacity and can cook up to 10 cups of rice at the same time. This makes it ideal for large families. The inner cooking pot is removable and is also durably built to give you long-lasting service. It is spherically shaped so that the heat can circulate freely as the rice cooks.

On top of that, the insert is multilayered to allow for quick and even heat distribution. In addition to the cooking pot, this rice cooker comes with a steamer basket, measuring cup, soup spoon, and spatula. Plus, all the accessories are dishwasher safe. The ‎Tefal RK732 has pre-set settings for both brown and white rice. Nonetheless, its use can apply when making porridge, soups, and other foods.

The most impressive thing about this rice cooker is that it can double up as a slow cooker. But that is not all; it features a reheat function that will allow you to warm chilled overnight rice. To make it even more efficient, the fuzzy-logic AI system can adjust the cooking temperature and time automatically. This will, in turn, provide you with perfectly cooked rice that is equally tasty.

There is also a quick cook function that can help you hasten the cooking process. The hinged lid opens fully, so it won’t get in your way when serving the rice. And since the base has non-skid feet, the rice cooker won’t move about even when placed on smooth-surfaced countertops. The housing is made of high-quality material for durability purposes.

If you are looking for a programmable rice cooker, the RK732 is one of the options that should top your list. As you have seen, it has several features that you can use in different situations. Besides, it is reasonably priced compared to most microcomputer rice cookers. Nevertheless, it does not have a timer function.

  • User friendly

  • 10-cup capacity

  • Precision cooking

  • No LED display

3. Best for Small Kitchens: Panasonic 5-Cup Rice Cooker 

Price reduction
86 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Compact design
  • Versatile
  • One-touch control system
What customers say:

“…Very pleased, quiet, quick, easy to clean and good size for storage. Good quality pot feels like it will last. Recommended.”–Serendipity

If you have limited space on your kitchen countertop, the Panasonic 5-Cup Rice Cooker may just be the perfect appliance for you. This is the smallest rice cooker on our review list and can only cook 5 cups of rice. Its capacity should, however, not fool you since it is just as efficient as the larger models. And like the first two rice cookers, the SR-DF101WST utilizes a fuzzy-logic AI control system for precise temperature adjustment.

That being said, the onboard microcomputer will fine-tune the cooker accordingly, allowing the rice to cook without burning. The non-stick insert prevents the rice from sticking, so you won’t have a hard time cleaning this appliance after you are done cooking. This unit is equipped with a 500-watt heating element, which can easily be controlled through the one-touch panel.

There are four cooking programmes that you can use when preparing a variety of rice grains. It even has a mode for cooking liquidy foods. The included steam basket can assist you greatly when using the steam function. Once the rice is cooked to your preferred level, the keep warm function will ensure it stays warm for about 5 hours. This means you will no longer have to deal with chilled rice.

The lid features an easy-to-use locking mechanism that you can disengage with the push of a button. This rice cooker comes with an Australian plug, so you won’t have to buy an adapter to enjoy the amazing features that it offers. The other feature that is worth mentioning is the dome-shaped lid—its unique design prevents condensed steam from dripping back into the cooking pot, thereby preventing the rice from getting mushy.

When it comes to the build quality, the thermoplastic polymer from which the casing is made is heat resistant and durable. You can detach the power cord during storage to save up on space. Due to its limited capacity, we recommend the SR-DF101WST to users who’ll be cooking rice for a small number of people.

  • Lightweight

  • Simple design

  • It has pre-set cooking programmes

  • Doesn’t have a timer

4. Best Large-capacity Rice Cooker: Russell Hobbs RHRC1 

137 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Condensation catcher
  • Easy clean-up
What customers say:

“I like the roomy non-stick bowl. Once you clamp the lid down, it’s set and forgot, until the rice is done. The rice does not froth out of the steam valve, only steam. This is good.”– Christine.Marshall

With a capacity of 1.8 litres, the Russell Hobbs RHRC1 Rice Cooker can hold 10 cups of uncooked rice, making it yet another excellent option for large families. And since it comes from a brand that is known for manufacturing top quality kitchen appliances, you can rest assured that it will serve you for an extended period. The housing is made of stainless steel, while the plastic parts are constructed from a heavy-duty polymer.

Also, the generously-sized cooking pot has a non-stick surface, making it super easy to clean. Upon purchase, you will get additional accessories that you can use during and after cooking your rice. The Russell Hobbs RHRC1 can cook and steam at the same time, providing you with the fluffiness that you need. What’s more, the lid locks tightly, so the steam won’t escape. As a result, the rice will cook at an optimum temperature without drying out,

The auto cook function will simplify your work when cooking white, brown, or multigrain rice. This unit will preserve the aromatic fragrance of your rice and will also prevent the rice at the bottom of the cooking pot from sticking. The lid is fitted with a handle to limit slippage when closing the cooking chamber.

This appliance is not as complex compared to most rice cookers in the market. It only has one switch, so you won’t have to worry about anything after setting it up. After the unit has finished cooking the rice, the thermostat will switch to the ‘keep warm’ function. You can only disable this function by turning off the rice cooker.

The steamer function will provide you with great results when cooking vegetables, dumplings, baby carrots, etc. This is a standard rice cooker, so it does not use fuzzy-logic technology. All features considered, this is a powerful rice cooker that you can count on when cooking for multiple people.

  • Dual function

  • Fast-cooking

  • Well-designed base

  • The rice can dry out if the machine is left on keep warm mode for too long

5. ‎Best Mid-range Rice Cooker: Breville Cup LRC210WHT 

Price reduction
80 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Automatic cooking
  • It is easy to operate
  • See-through lid
What customers say:

“I did my research and I wanted a simple to use cooker which also could steam vegetables/fish etc. works like a dream and happy with the results thus far.” –Gay Bennett

The Breville Cup Rice Cooker features an automatic cooking function, so all you have to do is add the correct volume of water and the amount of rice that you want to cook. It regulates the cooking temperature on its own, so you won’t have to check the rice from time to time.

Like all the rice cookers that we have included in our review list, the LRC210WHT has a keep warm function. This unit has indicator lights that will let you know the cooking mode that is in use. The 8-litre cooking pot is designed in such a way that the rice won’t stick or burn even when cooking at maximum temperature.

This rice cooker not only has a removable power cord but is also fitted with two side handles for user convenience. As such, you can carry the rice to the table using this appliance. Furthermore, the housing stays cool, so it won’t burn you. The see-through lid is made of toughened glass to prevent breakage and also has a vent hole that regulates pressure while the rice is cooking. Thus, the lid will stay in place throughout the period that you will be cooking.

With the Breville Cup LRC210WHT, you can cook all grain types of rice without experiencing any problems. Ensure that you use the measuring cup when filling up the cooking pot to avoid burning or undercooking the rice. This appliance can as well be used for steaming fish and other types of seafood. On the downside, it only has the basic features of a standard rice cooker.

  • Removable cooking bowl for easy cleaning

  • Made of BPA-free material

  • Cool-touch handles

  • The glass lid can break if not given proper care

6. Best Budget Rice Cooker: Kambrook Express KRC150WHT 

47 Reviews

Why we like:
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Simple operation
What customers say:

“Ideal size for a small family and easy to use. It produces very quality rice. We enjoy our rice from that cooker.”–Kandiah Arulruban

We recommend the Kambrook Express Rice Cooker to those on a tight budget but are looking for a decent appliance. This rice cooker is extremely affordable and also has great features that can help you prepare perfectly cooked rice. It is equally easy to use, thanks to its one-touch design. Like the Breville LRC210WHT, this rice cooker boasts a transparent lid and well-designed side handles.

You can steam veggies, green beans, fish, and other foods using the included steam trivet. This rice cooker has a cooking capacity of 1 litre and can hold 5 cups of uncooked rice. Since most rice grains double in volume after they are cooked, it means this unit can hold up to 10 cups of fluffy cooked rice. Despite its size, it features a 400-watt heating element that will provide you with enough heat steam and cook simultaneously.

Moreover, this appliance comes with all the basic accessories that you may need for cooking rice. And because it’s lightweight and compact, it can also be used as a serving pot once the rice is ready. Plus, it won’t only cook the rice but will also keep it warm until you are ready to serve. This unit does not take up much counter space and is also easy to store. The inner pot not only has a non-stick coating but is also removable.

Attached to the base are non-skid feet that ensure the rice cooker is locked onto the surface on which it is placed. Additionally, it is counterbalanced, so don’t expect it to topple over when serving the rice. But it doesn’t end there; this equipment is stylishly designed and comes in a white colour that can blend well with most kitchen appliances and décor.

  • Removable lid

  • One-touch control

  • Space-saving design

  • Small capacity

How We Researched the Best Rice Cookers

There is an abundance of rice cookers in the market, so finding the best options was somewhat challenging. With that said, we had to come up with a selection strategy to help us narrow down the search. We started by looking up reputable brands that are known for making premium-grade rice cookers. Additionally, we did further research to identify the common features that a good rice cooker should have.

The next step involved finding the products that fit the criteria that we had come up with. We visited both local and international e-commerce storefronts frequented by Australians to find the best-selling rice cookers. During the selection process, we factored in customer reviews from reputable online retailers such as Amazon, Kogan, Appliances Online, Harvey Norman, and eBay.

We found thirteen products that were of good quality, so we had to eliminate some by comparing the features and overall functionality. Also, we considered the build quality, price, and design of each rice cooker. This made our work easier as we were able to strike off seven products from our list, leaving us with 6 of the best rice cookers that you can buy in Australia.

Rice Cooker: Buying Guide

Before buying a rice cooker, you need to familiarise yourself with the different types of rice cookers that are there, what to consider during purchase, and the features to look for. In addition to this, you should compare brands to ensure you go for nothing but the best. This will help you find an appliance that not only suits your needs but is also durable.

Besides, there is a surfeit of rice cookers on the market, so finding the most ideal product can be a daunting process. Nonetheless, this buying guide can assist you in finding some of the top-quality rice cookers that are currently available in the Australian market.

Types of Rice Cookers

There are different types of rice cookers that you can go for based on your budget and needs. Moreover, rice cookers vary in terms of functionality and capacity, so ensure that you pick the right appliance. Here are the common types of rice cookers that you can consider buying:

Standard Electric Rice Cooker

This is the most common type of rice cooker. The heating element on a standard rice cooker is placed beneath the inner cooking pot. Additionally, this type of rice cooker only has basic features, so they are very easy to use.

These units perform exceptionally when it comes to cooking small quantities of rice. And will provide you with great results when preparing white rice.

Induction Rice Cooker

Induction rice cookers are more complex than electric rice cookers in that they generate heat through a magnetic field. An induction rice cooker dissipates heat uniformly, so the rice will cook evenly.

The induction heating process allows for accurate temperature adjustment. As such, this type of rice cooker can prove helpful when cooking grains of rice that require precision heating throughout the cooking process.

Gas Rice Cooker

If you are not a fan of the electric models, you can go for gas rice cookers. These appliances can run on liquid propane or natural gas. Gas rice cookers are ideal for commercial applications because they can cook large quantities of rice at a go.

A gas-powered rice cooker preps the rice in two phases—preheating over a flame, followed by pressure cooking.

Microcomputer Rice Cooker

Microcomputer-controlled rice cookers can automatically adjust the cooking temperature whilst the rice cooks. And unlike the standard models that cook the rice in a single phase, microcomputer rice cookers will cook your rice in different phases at varying temperatures, thus providing you with nicely cooked rice.

However, computerised rice cookers take a longer time to cook the rice. Some models have timers that will allow you to adjust the cooking time according to your needs.

Jar-o-Mat Rice Cooker

Jar-o-Mat rice cookers are somewhat similar to standard electric rice cookers in that the heating element is embedded below the inner cooking pot. Nevertheless, some models have the heating element placed on the side.

They have hinged lids that lock in the heat, allowing the rice to cook at a consistent temperature.

What to Consider When Buying a Rice Cooker


Rice cookers come with different sizes of cooking pots, so you should see to it that the appliance you are buying is of the desired capacity. If you are looking to cook multiple cups of rice simultaneously, you should consider buying large-capacity rice cookers and vice versa.

Most countertop rice cookers can cook up to 10 cups of rice at a go. However, some units can cook more than this, so it will all depend on the model of rice cooker that you choose.

Cooking time

Rice cookers use different methods of generating heat. As such, some models can cook rice to the desired level within a short time, while others may take longer. Most rice cookers take approximately 30-60 minutes to cook rice. This may, however, vary depending on the amount of rice being cooked and the type of rice cooker that you are using.


A good number of rice cookers come with colanders, recipe booklets, plastic ladles, measuring cups, etc. These accessories can assist you in different stages when preparing your rice, so it would be wise to buy a rice cooker that has at least one accessory.

A colander, in particular, can help you strain off excess water after washing the rice. As stated earlier, the measuring cup ensures you use the right amount of water during the cooking process.

Ease of cleaning

When buying a rice cooker, it is recommended that you go for one with a removable cooking pot because they are easier to clean. Additionally, you should consider the type of material used in making the inner bowl. Most inner cooking pots are made of stainless, clay, or ceramic.

Lid type

You can go for a rice cooker with a removable or hinged lid. The former is highly preferred because it allows for easy cleaning and will also simplify your work when scooping out the rice. Some lids are transparent, meaning you will be able to check the rice without interfering with the temperature.

Features to Look For When Buying a Rice Cooker

Non-stick cooking bowl

A coated cooking bowl ensures the rice does not stick onto the surface of the pot during and after cooking. Plus, coated bowls are very easy to clean.

Keep warm mode

With this feature in place, your rice will be kept warm for several hours after the cooking process is complete.

Fuzzy logic 

This feature is commonly found in micro-computerised rice cookers. It allows for automatic temperature adjustment, so you won’t have to change the settings manually when cooking.

Some of the rice cookers that we have reviewed above have this feature, so you can pick any that piques your interest. You can buy the Philips Daily Collection Grain Master Rice Cooker, TEFAL Rice and Slow Cooker, or Panasonic 5-Cup Rice Cooker.

Reheat cycle

This function allows you to reheat chilled rice after it has been cooked. This can be done without the rice sticking at the bottom of the cooking pot.

Multiple cooking modes

Rice cookers with multiple cooking modes can help you prepare a wide range of foods. They can slow-cook, steam, simmer, etc. If you intend to cook other foods on your rice cooker, you should purchase the multifunctional models.

The Energy Effeciency of Rice Cookers

As mentioned, rice is the most consumed food globally and diue to this it is important to understandf the most energy effecient method for domestic rice cooking. A study conducted in 2006 researched the energy requirements between rice cookers and pressure cookers and concluded the following:

Electric rice cooker was found to be the most energy-efficient among the different combinations of cooking appliance and the types of heat source used in the study. The energy consumption was much less (23–57%) compared to other methods.

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