5 Must-Have Gadgets for College Students

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College isn’t easy. Ask any student and they’ll certainly claim as much. That being the case, there’s no shame in trying to find ways to make it easier, gadgets included. There are many nifty tools out there that can make a student’s life a whole lot easier, and in this article, we’re going to cover the five that every college student should have somewhere in their arsenal.

A Kindle or Similar E-Reader

The age of physical paper textbooks is unfortunately not at an end yet, but it is in its twilight years. While you may not be able to access all of your textbooks online, any heavy book you can remove from your bag is a literal weight off of your shoulders. An e-reader weighs very little, can last weeks on a single charge, and can contain dozens or hundreds of books for your educational needs or recreational entertainment. It’s simply a much more convenient way to access many books, and they are generally designed to strain your eyes as little as possible no matter what the lighting conditions are. Taking all of that into consideration, there’s no student that wouldn’t benefit from a good e-reader.

A High-Quality Portable Power Pack

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Depending on your schedule at university, you may not have an opportunity to go back to your dorm or home to charge your electronics for several hours. And considering how important those electronics are in day to day life and education by now, having them die on you halfway through the day isn’t desirable. While your many classrooms likely have power outlets, you may not always have a chance to sit near them, or if you arrive later than other students, chances are they will take them before you can. That being the case, you should consider a portable power pack as a necessary college gadget.

Depending on the quality of the power pack, you can provide power to your many electronics for several hours on a single charge, an invaluable asset during, particularly long school days. A power pack with many accessories, such as a four-way USB charger or extended cord, can also go a long way in making your electronics much easier to keep charged.

Headphones, Earpods, Etc.

While such a gadget may not seem like an essential part of a student’s arsenal, they have a lot more use in day to day college life than one may think. Perhaps you need to watch a video for the class in your downtime, but the area you are in is too loud, or you don’t want to disturb other students. Maybe you have to ride the shuttle to and from campus, and you’d like a little music to keep you entertained during the trip. There’s a multitude of reasons to have a good pair of headphones while you are attending college, which is why we consider it an essential gadget for students to have. It’s a nice quality of life item in general.

Backup Drives, USB, and other Storage Devices

A lot of work will be done online in college. You’ll have to write a lot of papers, and those papers will often need to be submitted online. If something happened to your computer before submitting, you could lose hours or days of hard work. That’s why it is always prudent to back up your work, and often. That’s why you should consider getting a backup device of some sort, be it a hard drive or a USB drive, keep important work on. Nothing is more painful for a student than losing hours of hard work, especially if it was writing a lengthy essay or dissertation. 

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to get a hard drive that holds an absurd amount like 2 terabytes or anything, but if you do, you’ll have even more free storage space ready to go. And with the ability to store just about anything digital that you want on these hard drives, it’s always useful to have.

Online Writing Services

This gadget isn’t really a gadget so much as a valuable tool students can make use of. You’ll undoubtedly have to write a whole lot of essays over the course of your academic career, and that many essays are sure to be a hassle. If you need essay writing help from professional writers, there’s a ton of services online such as AdvancedWriters designed to help you edit a paper to perfection or simply write one from the ground up, though the latter is a lot more expensive. Even so, it’s definitely something that college students should keep in mind as an invaluable tool during their education. If you have more time than you do money, an online writing service can make writing essays a lot easier and much less stressful.


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