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The Best Selfie Sticks for Picture-perfect Snapshots

Capture every memorable moment in style with the help of the best selfie sticks in Australia. 📸
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A selfie stick will allow you to take amazing shots from different angles without asking those around you to hold the camera. Also, it will save you the hassle of carrying heavy tripods when traveling. But most importantly, these gadgets can help you take panoramic pictures while keeping the background within the camera’s frame. Selfie sticks can particularly come in handy when taking group selfies with your buddies.

As such, you’ll be able to fit your mates in the frame without leaving anyone out. Moreover, most selfie sticks have advanced features that will enable you to take high-quality photos without straining your wrist. Some are even fitted with LED lights that will allow you to take pictures in low-light conditions. Besides, a large percentage of selfie sticks on the market can connect to your device wirelessly through Bluetooth, so you won’t have to deal with pesky cables.

TL; DR: The #1 Selfie Stick for Most People 👇
Price reduction
Apexel Selfie Stick
1,205 Reviews
Apexel Selfie Stick

The Apexel APL-D3 has a 2-in-1 design in that you can use it in tripod or selfie mode. To top it all up, you can connect it to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth. And because it is compatible with a range of smartphones, it’s definitely worth buying!!

However, selfie sticks feature different types of mounting systems and also vary in terms of performance. They can support the weight of GoPros, smartphones, and compact cameras, so it will all depend on the design of your selfie stick. This buying guide lists some of the best selfie sticks currently available in the Australian market. Additionally, we’ve highlighted a few factors that should be considered when shopping for a selfie stick.

The Best Selfie Sticks to Buy Today in Australia

1. Best Overall Selfie Stick: Ottertooth Selfie Stick Tripod

692 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Remote shooting for hands-free operation
  • 360° ball joint for different shooting angles
  • Customisable phone holder for maximum versatility
  • Foldable for easy portability
What customers say:

“I love that it comes with a little remote to click a button and automatically takes the photo through Bluetooth! It’s so convenient and you can fold it down to take it literally anywhere!”–Kiya Stella

Topping our list of best selfie sticks is the Ottertooth Selfie Stick Tripod due to its user-friendly design. This unit is very easy to set up, so it won’t waste your time, and neither will it frustrate you. It features a 7-section rod that is made of high-quality aluminium alloy to increase durability.

And because the rod is telescopic, you won’t have a difficult time adjusting it to the preferred length. You can fold the selfie stick to 22 cm, thus allowing for easy storage when travelling. With a maximum length of 102 cm, this selfie stick will allow you to take pictures from different angles without leaving anything out of the frame.

The phone holder is equally adjustable, making this an ideal choice for different sizes of smartphones. Depending on the size of your phone, you can adjust the width of the clamp from 5 cm to 10 cm. One of the things that we liked about this selfie stick when we were testing it is that it has a universal 6.35 mm screw mount that is compatible with virtually all camera holders with matching female adaptors.

If you attach the right clamp, you can use this selfie stick with a GoPro or action camera. The 360° ball joint will enable you to customise your shots according to your photography needs. Both the rod and the phone holder are sturdily built to prevent camera shake while you are taking selfies or recording videos.

The included remote can prove helpful when taking group photos in tripod mode. With this accessory in place, you won’t have to put anyone behind the camera. As such, all your friends will have a chance to be in the photo.

What’s more, the remote connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has a working range of approximately 10 metres. And because the selfie stick only weighs 200 grams, you can take it with you just about anywhere. Also, it is foldable, making it even more convenient for those who like to travel.

  • Wireless connectivity
  • The tripod has non-slip feet
  • Quality construction
  • Could be better if the rod was lockable

2. Best for Most People: Apexel Selfie Stick

Price reduction
1,205 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Rotating phone holder for easy angle adjustment
  • Aluminium alloy construction for maximum corrosion resistance
  • 65mAh remote battery for uninterrupted wireless shooting
  • Offers both selfie and tripod mode
What customers say:

“We’ve been impressed with the quality of the selfie stick. It feels solid yet light enough and the finishing is great.”–Jean Charles Leroy

Next on the list is the Apexel Selfie Stick. Like the product just before it, this selfie stick utilises Bluetooth technology and can connect to all compatible devices without needing a cable. The phone holder is designed with your photography needs in mind and allows you to make angle adjustments up to 360°.

This way, you can set your smartphone at various angles to take the perfect selfie. On top of that, it allows for both vertical and horizontal phone placement. This means you can take pictures in portrait and landscape mode. The rod has a maximum reach of 68 cm, so it is a bit shorter than the Ottertooth Selfie Stick Tripod.

On the plus side, this makes it more stable. Thus simplifying your work when taking wide and low-angle shots. If you are looking to take scenic selfies, ensure that you extend the rod to its maximum length. The handle opens up into a sturdy tripod that can assist you when recording videos or taking photos with a group of friends.

We recommend this selfie stick to content creators and travel vloggers because it is lightweight, portable, and compact. When folded, it can even fit inside deep pockets. Since the phone holder is adjustable, it can accommodate most iPhone and Android smartphones.

However, some phones may require you to remove the cover before attaching them to the selfie stick. Also, you can tighten or loosen the phone holder using the quick adjustment knob. This gadget comes with a wireless remote that enables you to control the phone shutter from a distance.

More on the remote, it features a built-in 65mAh rechargeable battery that will provide you with extended service. Furthermore, there is a slot in which you can store the remote when you are not using it. This will free your hands when the unit is in selfie mode. Aside from the remote, you will also get a USB charging cable.

  • 2-in-1 design
  • Durably built
  • Compatible with a range of smartphones
  • The phone holder is not detachable 

3. Best Multifunctional Selfie Sticks: Simorr ST20 Portable Selfie Stick

No products found.

The is one of the longest selfie sticks on the list, but that does not mean that it is not stable. All seven sections of the rod are sturdily built to ensure you get the best results when taking selfies. The same applies to the phone holder, so don’t expect this selfie stick to wobble during usage.

It allows you to make length adjustments from 30 cm to 130 cm. To add to this, it comes with a well-built tripod that is designed to offer maximum stability in all photography applications. Besides, you can switch between selfie and tripod mode with the push of a button.

The quick-release phone holder allows for easy set-up. This feature will enable you to detach your phone with ease when receiving calls. With this selfie stick, you can effortlessly take multiple shots without straining your arm. Plus, it is lightweight and is, therefore, ideal for travel.

But that is not all; the phone holder is foldable, so the selfie stick won’t take up a lot of space inside your bag. You will be happy to know that you can customise the clamp based on the size of your phone. The Bluetooth software on the Simorr ST20 is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

And like most Bluetooth selfie sticks on the market, it has a communication range of approximately 10 m, which is great, especially when fitting a large of people in the frame of the camera. The upper section of the clamp can be adjusted up to 360 degrees, while the lower joint allows for 180-degree angle adjustments.

On the downside, the phone holder on this selfie stick is not removable, meaning you cannot attach other camera holders. All in all, the Simorr ST20 is an excellently built selfie stick that you fully rely on when snapping selfies or shooting videos.

  • Adjustable shooting angles
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Not compatible with compact cameras

4. Best Value Selfie Sticks: YuzHenya Selfie Stick

74 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Extendable rod for wide-angle shots
  • 6.35 mm screw interface for compact camera mounts
  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Wide range compatibility
What customers say:

“Really impressed with this selfie stick. It’s so handy and flexible. Can be used for camera and phone as well. Just rightly priced. Highly recommended!!”–Nicky

If you are after value for your money, you should consider buying the YuzHenya Selfie Stick. It is not only compatible with smartphones , but can also hold GoPros and compact cameras. This unit is similar to the Ottertooth Selfie Stick Tripod in that both models feature a universal mount adaptor for user convenience.

The rod can be extended to 92 cm and will allow you to take high-quality selfies at different angles. When folded, this selfie stick can reach a minimum length of 20 cm. You can also set the phone holder to sit in a horizontal or vertical position.

As if that is not enough, the clamp is both adjustable and rotatable, so you can customise it depending on how you want to position your phone. This device is not only ideal for taking selfies , but can as well come in handy when recording videos or streaming live. It will keep your phone in the correct position at all times, thereby providing you with great shots.

The materials used in making this selfie stick are not only durable but also lightweight. Moreover, the rod is crafted from premium grade aluminium to prevent rust and other forms of corrosion. The tripod is designed in such a way that the selfie stick won’t topple over even when a compact camera is attached to the holder.

Still, ensure that you align the camera with the tripod’s centre of gravity to keep the unit stable. Upon purchase, you will get a rechargeable Bluetooth remote and a charging cable. The selfie stick also comes with a user manual that will guide you through the set-up process. As such, it will make everything a whole lot easier for you.

  • Delivers quality pictures
  • Sturdy construction
  • Compact design
  • Short reach

5. Best Selfie Stick with LED Lights: Mcbazel Selfie Stick

No products found.

If you are on a tight budget and unable to buy ring lights, the may just be the right product for you. Featuring two LED lights, this selfie stick is unlike any unit on the list. It will provide you with just the right lighting for your selfies, so you won’t have to worry about the shadows.

To make it even more convenient, you can adjust the brightness to the most ideal level. As a result, you will have an easy time taking photos in poorly lit environments. The rod has a maximum reach of 96 cm, so it is approximately 4 cm longer than the YuzHenya Selfie Stick.

It’s sturdy, lightweight, and compact, making this an excellent choice for everyone who is looking to improve their photography skills when it comes to taking group photos, selfies, and short videos. The other feature that is worth mentioning is that each light has a separate switch, so you can use one or both LEDs.

More to this, the lights are powered by a 50mAh battery that offers uninterrupted lighting. Additionally, the phone holder features two-way rotation axes that will allow you to make 360-degree horizontal camera adjustments. But it doesn’t end there; you can also adjust the phone holder vertically up to 270 degrees.

The only disadvantage of using this selfie stick is that the clamp does not allow for width adjustments. That said, it may not be compatible with certain phone models. This is one of the lightest selfie sticks on our review list, weighing approximately 164 grams.

It can be neatly folded down to 22 cm, thus saving you more storage space. The telescopic sections of this selfie stick are meticulously engineered to allow for smooth operation when making length adjustments. And if that’s not enough; the rod won’t bend provided that you give it proper care.

  • Remote capture
  • Foldable design
  • Innovatively designed
  • The clamp is not adjustable

6. Best Selfie Stick for GoPro Cameras: Luxebell Selfie Stick

56 Reviews

Why we like it:
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability
  • Lockable rod for maximum stability
  • Rubberised handle prevents slippage
  • Simple design for quick and easy operation
What customers say:

“A good selfie stick to pair with my Go Pro :)” –Greg W

Are you in search of a selfie stick for a GoPro camera? If so, look no further than the TELESIN Vlog Selfie Stick. This equipment is specially designed for holding smartphones and GoPros, so it can be a great addition to your photography kit.

It is compatible with the GoPro Hero 8, 9, 10, 11, and Max. The extendable rod is made of high quality aluminium for durability purposes, while the handle extends out to form a portable tripod. This selfie stick has other amazing features that will help you snap the best photos.

First off, it comes with a remote control that can work with the just mentioned GoPro versions. More on the remote control, it supports both Android and iOS smartphones, making it convenient for everyone. Furthermore, customising the length of this unit is very easy, so you won’t experience any problem when adjusting the pole.

The mounting system is made of corrosion-resistant material to ensure the unit stays in top-class conditions even when used outdoors. Plus, the mounting screw has a simple design and also features a large knob that will provide you with a reliable grip. Ensure that you secure the screw firmly before extending the rod to its maximum length.

  • Durably built
  • Versatile
  • Easy to set up
  • Could be better if the handle had grip

How We Researched the Best Selfie Sticks

We started our search for the best selfie sticks by visiting local online storefronts such as Myer, Kogan, and Harvey Norman. From this, we were able to identify the top-rated selfie sticks in Australia. Additionally, we went through the reviews on these sites to better understand what each selfie stick had to offer based on customer experience.

Also, we scoured Amazon Australia and selected selfie sticks from reputable brands. We found multiple products with good reviews but only went for those with 4+ star ratings. And because we care about your photography needs, we further compared the selfie sticks, taking into account Mount compatibility, Weight, Connectivity, Build quality, Length adjustment, Portability, Ease of use, Stability, Accessories, and Ergonomics.

After sifting through the list, we were able to strike out selfie sticks that were of questionable quality. That said, we did not only rely on customer reviews and ratings during the selection process. We then ranked the products based on our findings and independent customer feedback, so rest assured the gadgets listed above are indeed some of the best selfie sticks in Australia.

Selfie Sticks: Buying Guide

Buying a selfie stick can be a daunting process. This is primarily because the market is flooded with these gadgets, so knowing which one to go for is often challenging. And the fact that they are not built equal makes it even harder to find the most ideal selfie stick for your photography needs.

To find the best selfie stick, there are several factors that you should consider. Additionally, you also need to check if the brand you are about to buy from excels at making selfie sticks. All this can be time-consuming and equally frustrating, and that is why we created this buying guide to enlighten you about some of the things that make a good selfie stick.

What to Consider When Buying a Selfie Stick

Although they perform the same function, selfie sticks differ in terms of design, features, durability, and overall performance.

If you are looking to get high-quality selfies and videos, ensure that you pick a selfie stick that is efficient, easy to use, and reliable. The below-listed factors can help you in your quest for the best selfie stick in Australia:

Maximum length

The main reason why people use selfie sticks is that they allow you to position the camera beyond the length of your arm. This will, in turn, enable you to take wide-angle shots, thus allowing for maximum coverage of the subjects and background.

That being said, you should check if the rod is long enough for the types of shots that you want to take. Selfie sticks with a maximum length of 76cm are often preferred since they allow you to extend the rod without sacrificing stability.

You can go for a selfie stick with a longer rod, but just keep in mind that the unit is less likely to be stable with each length increment.


This is probably the first thing that you need to take into account when shopping for a selfie stick. Besides, compatibility covers a range of factors, so it just about determines everything at the end of the day.

Before buying a selfie stick, you need to determine if the mounting system is compatible with your device. Some selfie sticks are specifically designed for GoPros and other types of cameras, meaning they are practically unusable if you have a smartphone.

When purchasing a selfie stick for smartphones, ensure that you select one with an adjustable clamp that can accommodate different sizes of phones. Additionally, the clamp should be non-abrasive to safeguard your devices against scratches.


You should buy a selfie stick that is made of lightweight material, as this will allow you to shoot continuously without experiencing fatigue. Also, you will be able to switch scenes without putting pressure on your wrist.

The selfie sticks that we have listed above weigh between 155g and 266g, making them ideal for everyone.


Most selfie sticks can connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. This can be done wirelessly or through an auxiliary cable. Both will provide you with great results when snapping photos, so you can use either, depending on the model of your smartphone.

However, most people prefer a wireless connection, especially when recording videos with selfie sticks, since it results in high-quality audio. This is because auxiliary cables often create static due to electrical disturbances.

Build quality

Many manufacturers use either stainless steel or aluminium alloy in the construction of selfie stick rods. The former is preferred due to its high tensile strength, while aluminium is liked because it has great weight to strength ratio.

Even though stainless steel selfie sticks are less likely to bend or break, most tend to be heavy and may weigh you down. Nonetheless, both materials offer excellent corrosion resistance, so you won’t have to worry about rust. You also need to consider the quality of the ABS plastic used in making other parts of the selfie stick.


Some selfie sticks come with additional accessories that can assist you in various ways when taking selfies or recording videos. A good number of these devices feature wireless remotes that will allow you to control the camera from a few meters away.

If you intend to use the rear camera of your phone for taking selfies, you should consider buying a selfie stick with a mirror attachment. This will provide you with a direct view of the phone’s display even when it’s facing away from you.

Ease of use

One can easily assume that all selfie sticks are easy to operate. However, some units are poorly designed and may frustrate you during set-up or when making adjustments. We recommend that you buy a selfie stick with a simple design such as the ones that we have listed in this guide.


The best selfie stick is one that you can take with you to wherever the fun may take you. As such, ensure that you buy a unit that is foldable, as this will allow you to fit the selfie stick inside your pocket or backpack with ease.

And as stated earlier, the selfie stick in question should be lightweight. Some brands may also provide you with a carrying bag for added convenience.


In addition to being foldable and lightweight, a good selfie stick should have an ergonomically designed handle for user comfort. Plus, some selfie sticks have rubberised handles, so they won’t slip even when your hands are wet.


We bet you wouldn’t want to use a shaky selfie stick with flimsy sections. It’s not easy to know whether a selfie stick is stable or flimsy just by looking at the pictures on Amazon.

As such, you should do additional research and compare brands before settling on a particular option. Luckily, we have already done that for you, so all you have to do is pick a selfie stick that matches your preference.

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