Send & Receive Free Faxes Online With a Free Fax Number

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Nowadays, online faxing is becoming an attractive option over bulky old fax machines. You can manage the transmission of sensitive documents with an online fax solution. Fortunately, several great options are available.

You can send a fax without a fax machine, but it needs a fax number. Nowadays, free fax services offer a free fax number. Fortunately, numerous options are available in the market. See these options for your assistance.

CocoFax: A Free Trial for 30 Days

CocoFax allows you to send and receive free faxes online. You will get free fax to email from CocoFax. With this faxing solution, you can manage the transmission of essential faxes to different countries. 

It has more than one million satisfied customers all over the world. People are throwing their fax machines because CocoFax offers everything. After creating a free account, you will get a free fax number and a trial for 30 days. 


Among other online fax services, CocoFax has the upper hand. You can get the advantage of free apps and online dashboard. Several online platforms, such as Digital Trends, Life wire, Toms Guide, PCMag, recommend the use of CocoFax. Here are some steps to follow:

Step 01: Sign up with CocoFax and get a free fax number and a free trial. Open your email account and tap on “Compose an email”. 

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Step 02: Start composing your fax document and fill the critical fields, such as the fax address of the receiver, subject, and email body. Make sure to end a fax number with @cocofax.net.

Step 03: Attach the fax document that you want to send as a fax. Some supported formats are jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, and doc. Feel free to upload different documents at a time. CocoFax can merge all these documents before sending them.

Step 04: Check everything before hitting a “Send” button. Now, you are done, and CocoFax will start its work.

CocoFax offers different options for fax communications, such as a web browser, a web app, and other facilities. You can send and receive faxes through your smartphone.

Send PDF Documents

For maximum security, CocoFax converts your fax attachments into pdf. If you want to send pdf in fax, you can easily use-friendly services of CocoFax. It offers different methods to send these documents, such as a web browser and email. 

Feel free to use your Yahoo, Gmail, or other email clients to manage this transmission. If you don’t want to use your email clients, feel free to use a web browser, and sign in to CocoFax. It will help you to send faxes through a dashboard.

In the dashboard, you will find a “Send” fax button and click on this button to open a new window. Make sure to type in a fax number in the “To” field. You have to type in the subject field and the body. It will help you to complete a fax message.

Attach documents that are essential to send and click on the “Send” button. For your international clients, you can use CocoFax. After the successful transmission of faxes, you will get a notification in your inbox.

Receive Faxes Online with CocoFax

CocoFax allows you to send faxes with Mac, Android, and Windows. With the use of this fax service, you can get the support of Google products. You can send a fax from Google Drive and Google Voice. It is one of the best services to manage to fax.

Fax image 4 

A user-friendly control panel allows you to manage everything with security. It is an affordable and secure service. Make sure to share your free fax number with your clients and get received faxes in your inbox.


Currently, different methods are available to send faxes. You can manage things easily with the use of a reliable method. If you want the best way, CocoFax can be a safe choice. With this online service, you can send and receive faxes.

It helps you to replace a heavy fax machine and a fax modem. No doubt, CocoFax helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can manage your faxes without extra effort. Some people think that online fax services are insecure because of cyberattacks.

Remember, CocoFax offers encrypted and HIPAA compliant faxing solutions. With this solution, you can protect your relevant documents from a third party. A free trial for 30 days will help you to save money. Moreover, you will get a free fax number from this online fax service.


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